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  1. I think we are pretty fortunate here in Australia. For Australian citizens, the tertiary education system works on something called HECS-HELP. This is a government run, interest free, loan program which pays for ALL your uni fees.

    Eventually you end up paying off your loan bit by bit through the tax system, but that's only after you begin earning 49+ grad a year. The more you earn the more they take out and if you die no on has to pay the debt - they simply cancel it.

    USA sounds a lot more difficult. How do you guys pay your fees? Scholarships? Crazy savings?


    We also had the same thing happen here for Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering students - they made the first year classes pretty difficult and the workload quite heavy in order to weed out the uncommitted. We had a pleasant surprise when our contact hours halved in second year haha.


    Seriously though - classes are gonna be easy if you're taking easy classes. Once you get into the hard stuff (IE: real physics) that'll be the real test.

    By real physics, do you mean Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism etc?

  2. It's been a while since I was last here! Study = crazy.

    I hope you guys are all fairing well. I Miss this place...


    • CPU: i7 930 @ 2.8 GHz
    • Motherboard: ASUS P6X58D Premium
    • RAM: 3x2 GB DDR3 Patriot 1600 MHz
    • GPU: HD 5850 1 GB
    • Storage: Seagate Barracuda 500 GB
    • Chassis: Lian Li Lancool K-62
    • Cooling: Thermaltake Contac 29
    • PSU: Coolermaster GX 550W
    • Display: ASUS VE246H 24" LCD
    • Audio: Logitech Z4
    • Keyboard: Logitech Internet 350 Keyboard
    • Mouse: Logitech RX300

    Country: Australia

  3. I tried calculating and the results were pretty obvious that I needed a 700W PSU.


    With a AMD Athlon X4

    My Motherboard

    The 6950pi

    1 4GB DDR3

    DVD RW

    7200 RPM 3.5" HDD


    This http://educations.newegg.com/tool/psucalc/index.html said that I needed 514W.


    Safe to say, I need that FSP Aurum Gold. I'll just call my brother to buy one for me from Cebu.


    Thanks a lot for the help guys!

    I wouldn't put too much trust in PSU calculator values - they usually state a wattage higher than necessary. I have found this one to be a bit more reliable but it still has the same issue.

    They usually state the MAX power consumption possible which is a rare occurrence and then add a few watts on top of it to "play it safe".


    Sounds good my friend hope you get it before the new year. Merry Christmas!

  4. ^^ I have ignored the same question about his PSU as I thought that his PSU must be good enough to power up 2x 4870 easily, which are power hungry card. So, it won't cause any problem while adding one or two SSDs in it.

    The reason I ask is because the OP wants to know if its worth getting SSDs or a new graphics card - if it's a new graphics card then it's appropriate to ask for PSU info. :cheers:

  5. :withstupid: Where did you hear that the X58 chipset came out 6 years ago? It is only a little over 3 years old (since November).


    What is the main purpose of this computer? If it's just playing a bunch of games then why do you need 16 GB of RAM?


    You have a right to do whatever you want with your money but it just seems like a bit of a waste to me. Better to invest the extra money in something else you actually need IMHO.


    But apart from that you seem like you have most things worked out. :thumbsup:

  6. Pairing GS600 with 6950 is dangerous.



    You need at least a 700Watt PSU. May be look at GS700 as a cheap upgrade.

    Better option: Corsair TX 750 V2 @ $105.

    Not true my friend. Look at my system....do I need a least a 700w PSU? The 6950 is a revision of my card and requires a bit more power - but in the end the system will pull a maximum of 400W.

    His system will run fine on 550W but will limit upgradability.


    He doesn't need a 700W psu but it's still a good idea to get one (ie more PSUs available, more connectors, better efficiency) especially if he goes for the FSP supply which is a great PSU.


    @OP I think it's a no brainer - if both PSUs a priced the same then get the FSP Aurum Gold 700W. It would be worth the wait getting it from Cebu IMO.

  7. Ok so I want to argue for the existence of objective morals by appealing to the inadequacy of personal relativistic morals.


    Objective morals = morals which, under the same set of circumstances, applies to all people, across all times and at all places. When you talk about morals in this sense you are appealing to something outside of yourself - an object.

    Subjective morals = morals which are based merely on opinion/personal preference and thus do not apply to all people equally under the same set of circumstances. When you talk about morals in this sense you are talking about yourself - the subject


    The fact of the matter is we all live life as if we believe morals are objective. I can prove this to you by cutting in line in front of you or stealing something from you. If given the opportunity, you will try to stop me or protest at my actions. This shows that we as people believe morals are not mere opinions because if that were true, you wouldn't protest nor try to stop me.


    In other words, by protesting you are saying that your moral view is not only your own but applies to me (or who ever else is acting immorally by your standards) as well. But if morals were subjective then it would mean that if my moral view allows me to steal your stuff, by definition, it is moral for me to do so and you shouldn't stop me - your morals don't apply to me.


    What this shows is that the logical conclusion of personal relativistic morality leads to the absurd consequence that we cannot protest if someone does something we think is wrong. Thus the assumption that personal moral relativism is true in invalid leaving only one alternative: that objective moral truths exist.


    Sorry for a slightly long post but does that make sense? :dunno:

  8. For now, I'm still eyeing this PSU:




    Double EDIT:


    Found this being recommended at some local forums I've been lurking. Anyone here using this?




    Here's something cheaper and of the same manufacturer. Sorry for the review, I couldn't find something better.




    Personally, I haven't read about FSP before until now. Though, I'm not that literate when it comes to PSUs and computer parts in general. So, I absolutely need some help regarding this one.


    Which PSU are you looking at over at silverstone website? - the link given goes to page which shows a large number of different PSUs


    I haven't heard of FSP before either. The FSP 80+ Gold 750 w PSU looks promising especially given this postivie review. It has 4 +12 volt rails, each rated at a lower maximum current which means you have to be careful how you distribute the power to your CPU/GPU but as stated in the review given, if you set it up right then you will have sufficient power to every component.


    How much for the FSP 80+ Gold 750w?

  9. ^^ Oh you missed the meaning of my post. I said that that is the best solution. The word 'probably' is not needed there. ;)

    Ok so if we remove "probably" we have:


    "This is not the best solution but it is the best available solution. One of my friends taught be this idea more than 1 year ago. At that time he used the same technique to swap his cards."


    Still doesn't say that you think it's the best solution :lol::P

  10. No dx11 for 5870 so if you want dx11 do not get it. Athough a lit of new releases are still using dx9 and dx10.



    5xxx radeon card is DX11, remember when it's first released most manufacturer include DiRT2 game to showcase the DX11 capabilities

    My 5850 has DX11 just like the 5870.


    @OP: You will be buying a new PSU right? What you looking at getting? I'm guessing one that is at least 650W. If so then you won't have any problems getting a 2x 8 pin PCIe plug for the 5870.

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