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  1. Ok I felt like breaking the self-commenting fiasco lol

  2. Hope you win a few things mate!

    Yeah I'm on break and getting ready for a scorching summer here in Adelaide.

    Can't wait for Christmas actually! I'm heading up to Melbourne, Australia for a church conference this year - it's going to be awesome. So thankful to God for Jesus. What about you? Apart from your build project what are your plans for the Christmas brea...

  3. Nothing better than a hands on project my friend! Sounds good. Make sure you enter the Christmas Contest and maybe you wont have to get a new graphics card after all ;)

  4. Hi mate how's your computer fairing these days? Still holding up?

  5. Finished Uni for the year. Looking forward to being more active on this site..

  6. is currently going to be inactive for a few weeks :( Got a tonne of uni work to do...

  7. 137 isn't taken yet mate...

  8. Hey sorry about not being able to make it into IRC on the 16th.

  9. Hey mate can you go into IRC Chat? (on OCC top menue)It will be easier to talk to you through there. Cheers

  10. I guess I better just say "Hello" to get rid of that "Why not say hello?" taunt below..

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