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    cpu: E8400 4ghz
    motherboard: gigabyte p35-ds3l
    ram: 4gb 800mhz
    gpu: 9500gt
    hd: 120gb western digital
    monitor: 24" dell st2410
  1. nathank711

    What´s the actually best video card?

    how is 4 gtx480s for folding
  2. nathank711

    MSI Contest

    My old gigabyte p35-ds3l I like the MSI because the brand has its own overclocking program; the MSI Afterburner. It is a very good overclocking program.
  3. nathank711

    Overclocking my rig

    I agree motherboard temps don't matter too much. Why don't you push it all the way to 4.5ghz with your new fan set the voltage to 1.375v-1.450 if its a C0, 1.325-1.375v if its E0 stepping.
  4. nathank711

    Q9550 stock cooler to 3.00GHz

    okay. its very easy, go to bios, and go to Ai Tuner. then set the ai overclock tuner to manual. type in 353 for the fsb. you should have your 3ghz there. if you want to go higher set 376fsb. That gives you 3.2ghz, which is probably the highest you want to go with stock cooling. Also, after the fsb adjustments, lower your dram frequency. You want your ram to run at its stock speed or lower for stability after overclocking. so if your mem runs at 800mhz stock, anything within the 667-850mhz range would be fine.
  5. nathank711

    Overclocking my rig

    70C is fine under stress testing. Your cpu won't reach 70C under normal circumstances including gaming, etc. Even if it hovers at high 60Cs during gaming, it won't damage your cpu. I have E8400 oc'd to 4ghz with stock cooler, and it is doing fine.
  6. Its not a rumor. The samples were already given out and the article mentions motherboard manufacturers already worrying over this. Even Wikipedia updated its Sandy Bridge article to mention its feeble overclocking. On the contrary, this article is limited to the LGA1155 P67 chipset. I expect the LGA2011 X68 chipsets to support overclocking. Bit-Tech's page is a little bit more detailed http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2010/07/22/intel-to-limit-sandy-bridge-overclocking/1
  7. I came across this article a couple days ago, and it shows that intel sandy bridge cpus would only have a 2-3% headroom in overclocking. It only seems like a deliberate attempt in trying to dissuade enthusiasts from getting more performance for their money. http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/intel-sandy-bridge-processors-wont-be-overclockable-20100726/
  8. nathank711

    Clocking the E7500

    I found windwithme's tutorial on oc'ing the e7500. He does 4ghz with 1.232v 500fsb x 8multiplier and the maximum he does is 4.5 http://forums.legitreviews.com/about23031.html
  9. nathank711

    cpu for 460gtx

    I overclocked my e8400 to 4ghz by dropping 445fbs and no other changes, except +2 v on my crappy 667 ddr2 ram and also changed to slower timings. Mine is a E0 revision yours might be a C0 tho. Try checking with CPU-Z and see what revision you have. if its a C0, it definately needs more voltages to reach 4ghz.
  10. I agree. My friend worked for a lab back in 2008 when the qx9770s were going for a thousand each, and the lab had two of those running in every one of their computers.
  11. nathank711

    Intel Price Cuts

    no its the LGA775 socket. here's the link. http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=42807
  12. nathank711

    GTX260 or 5770 ?

    sounds like you aren't really interested in dx11, but I still think its better to get two 5770s in crossfire. It is almost exactly the same performance-wise with a single 5870, if not a teeny bit better. its on sale now, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131328
  13. nathank711

    My First Build

    Solid. might think about an ssd for the os if your willing to spend more money.
  14. nathank711

    My First Time Build

    The HD5670 is comparable to a HD 4770. I don't think it's necessary to run 2 4670s. It will perform better gaming wise, but a single HD5670 is excellent for blue ray, hd videos and other normal uses.
  15. I would say go for the cheaper solution, there aren't that many games or processes that utillizes more than 3 cores anyways. If you can't unlock, oh well, Just overclock the hell out of the 3 cores.