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  1. I'm still lurking. It's a pretty cool idea and would be great if we were a hardware store or carpenters, but unfortunately we're a bunch of machinists. The hammer only comes out when something isn't working or fitting right. It usually doesn't end well.
  2. I haven't read much into the varying build materials of guns, and it hadn't even dawned on me to do so. You're saying polymer guns are better than metal guns? Are they lighter and more reliable?? Sorry, what I meant was that for your price range you'd be in the playing field for a quality polymer framed handgun. The debate between which is better is never ending. IMO you can't go wrong with either. I own both polymer and metal framed handgun's, and I'd trust my life to both types. They both have their pro's and con's, but at this stage of the game it pretty much boils down to preference. Yeah but whatever money I save by getting a larger caliber to start would assuredly be made up for by having to feed it more expensive ammo right?? Yes, it will definitely cost more to feed than a .22lr. Nothing compares to a .22lr when it comes to cost/bullet. In my area(IF you can find ammo right now) .22lr is roughly $20 for 500 rounds, while 9mm is roughly $20 for 100 rounds. Another option though, is to purchase a .22lr conversion kit for a larger caliber handgun. This allows you to practice and learn the trigger/weapon system for one handgun instead of trying to bounce between multiple handguns. I hear that, I think that Sig was taking care of a lot of the people who were having problems with the Mosquito. I currently have a Mosquito in my collection, and it's a nice plinker. It's still teething right now during break in, but it is very accurate. Unfortunately, Sig does recommend that you feed it premium ammo(I believe CCI mini mags if memory serves correct). Overall it is a fun little pistol, but IMO fit and finish are lacking as well as a few other details for the price.
  3. I know this question was asked earlier, but I didn't see an answer to it. The first really big question is, what do you intend/plan to do with said firearm? Once you determine a purpose for it, then you can start narrowing the playing field down. Also when most people recommend a firearm, they generally recommend what they like and what works for them. There's a reason that there are so many choices out there, because 1 model does not work for everyone. The best thing for you to do (after you figure out the purpose of your firearm) is to go to your local gun shop and handle as many guns as possible, and try to rent each one that feels comfortable to you. Also take whatever the gun store clerk says with a grain of salt and remember that he is trying to sell you a gun. It appears that you're leaning towards a .22lr, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. They're affordable and cheap to shoot, and you can really learn the basics without having to worry about things like recoil etc.. As some one already mentioned though, it's not a very good choice for self defense, but it is better than not having a firearm at all. Also your $500 max budget will easily cover a very nice .22lr, but you'll just barely be breaking into the tuperware guns(glocks, m&p's, xd's, etc). Most of the good polymer gun's start at that range, and if you are interested in getting one of those it is worth it to save up that extra hundred bucks to get a reliable firearm. I see you mentioned that if you did get a .22lr you'd potentially get a larger caliber in the future. If you end up renting a larger caliber and decide you like it, you might be better off starting with that first; and when that extra money comes around, use it to take some good classes through a reputable instructor. Either way, no matter which route you go, try to buy something from a quality manufacturer. Every firearms manufacturer is capable of producing duds, but the quality ones will stand behind their product and take care of you in the long run.
  4. From a non-graphic designer stand point, I do like that design Renigade. It's a different take on the original, but the CTS is a little too busy for me. Anyways, theres no need to argue gentlemen, this is purely a for fun thing that's going on a men's league ice hockey jersey. If there are minor imperfections, I can guarantee that if any one does notice, they really won't care.
  5. That turned out pretty nice, and was exactly what I had in mind. I think that would look pretty sweet on a set of hockey jerseys!
  6. I appreciate it. All I'm mainly looking to do is add Complete Tooling Solutions to the new one inside the circle where the red is, and refine it more. I'm just not capable of doing so. any fonts i should use because of the logo specifications? but as i see it, it would be a tight fit depending on how big the actual logo is going to be on the shirts of the players. but il make a few examples tommorow, and let you be the judge on that Yea, my design is flawed and will need to be reworked in order to fit the "complete tooling solutions" without it looking awkward. I was just using Georgia font as it was the only one I liked in the limited amount that I had to work with. The logo will take up a majority of the chest on the jersey. I'm guessing it will be roughly the same size, or larger as the old one. I appreciate it. All I'm mainly looking to do is add Complete Tooling Solutions to the new one inside the circle where the red is, and refine it more. I'm just not capable of doing so. If all you need to do is add lettering where the red is that is easy as pie . It can be done in illustrator quickly . Usually it's the design that takes forever to come up with . My teachers forced us to do a few hundred drawings than pick 10 and do it again until you got down to 3 that you showed the client. That's the time consuming part . That is mainly all I want to do, but I know it will have to be reworked slightly like I mentioned above so it doesn't turn out awkward. No colors needed, but I am open to a better polish/finish job. There is definitely room for improvement on my design!
  7. No no no. I meant the logomaker.com website Lol, my bad...either way, our company website is pathetic.
  8. I appreciate it. All I'm mainly looking to do is add Complete Tooling Solutions to the new one inside the circle where the red is, and refine it more. I'm just not capable of doing so.
  9. The logo on the left is the new one, which is intended to look old. The version on the right is our old/current hockey jerseys. The website is 100% horrible, I've made mention of that many times, but we're a local company and don't do any business etc through that portal. I told him to update it or take it down because it's that sad to look at or even make mention of. However, our company does quite well for our size. I'll just assume you're refering to the website, even though that can be taken both ways. Yes, the hockey jersey on the right is our old/original logo. The one on the left is my attempt with the almighty MS Paint to come up with a "throwback" look for our new jerseys. I understand that they're both crude, but we're machinists, not graphic designers!
  10. Hey all, I've been trying to find someone for awhile to help me out with finishing a logo for my men's league hockey team, and thought maybe someone here might be able to come to the rescue. I'm a complete noob when it comes to graphic design and what I've come up with so far is pretty simple, but I like it. The problem I'm running into is I don't have the software or know-how to put the finsihing touches on a logo. I was hoping maybe I can throw the logo up here and get some opinions or help with what I already have. I understand that it takes time to do this, and I would be willing to work out some sort of compensation depending on work done. All I'm trying to finish on this is adding the company name around the CTS inside the 2 circles, and maybe clean up the lines/finish it nicely. Something along the lines of this: Complete Tooling CTS Solutions Like I mentioned before this is for my men's league hockey team that is sponsored by our company. The old logo is pretty tired and we're looking for something fresh, yet with that throwback look to it. Also I need this to be able to work with a screen press. I attached the new "work in progress" logo and a pic of our old jerseys with the old logo. Please send me a pm if you're able to help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Matt
  11. Sorry to bump an older thread, but I didnt wan't to start another one with the same question etc. (I don't really want to hijack this one either) I'm looking at doing the same thing as OP, except from a windows 7 based pc. Just need a good recommendation for some software. I've tried Handbrake, but I just picked up the newest version and it's having trouble with some movies. (assuming copyright issue) Can some one shoot me a PM with an older version that will work, or recommend another program to get the job done? Thanks, mpj
  12. Got a couple nice finds in there. Are you at one of the GLR facilities?
  13. Hmmm.. my last serious injury was I split my face open from my lower lip to my chin. I got hit in the face with a puck while playing ice hockey. My jaw hurt more than my face though because it absorbed all the impact. I think the thing that sucked the most though was that it opened up all the way through and tore the muscle in my face, so after stitches etc. I had to wait for that muscle to heal up so that part of my face could move again. I had half a smile for awhile haha..
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