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    CPU: Intel i7 920 CPU @3.20 ghz (stock CPU cooler)
    RAM: 6 gigs corsair dominator 1333 mhz
    Video: Nvidia EVGA GTX 470 1280 mb (overclocked :D )
    Case: antec 900 case
    Power Supply: Thermaltake 875 watt
    Hard Drives: 1 TB Western Digital HD + 1 500 GB WD HD
    Optical: 1 LG Blu ray burner + 1 Writemaster DVDrw
    Monitor: ViewSonic 24 inch 1080p Full HD
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
  1. I also have been using xfire for a long time. Since 2004 to be exact. And I hope this doesn't mean they will ruin it. Viacom just built on top of what was already there and didn't ruin anything. But who knows with the new company...
  2. haha I just found an OOOOOOLLLLLLD demo disc laying around from this now defunct gaming magazine and it had a demo of Alice and Heavy Metal FAKK 2 on it. Installed both and played through the demos once again. Fun times... Can't wait for a new alice tho!
  3. I've been using firefox exclusively for years now... I'll wait for it to be officially released before I start mucking around with it... But I've disabled the bloatware that is IE ages ago and never looked back. Even my girlfriend only uses firefox on her laptop... so much faster!
  4. I use alternating passwords all the time. What I have is a set of about 5 different passwords which each contain lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers and one special character like: ? or ! Then every other month I'll switch my email password to be my bank account password and vice versa. It takes a bit to remember OHHH wait it's this password now... and every year I blow all the passwords away and start from scratch. The only password that is separated from the rest is the one to my wireless router.... and I never seem to remember it...
  5. Have you looked into the exact wattage your system requires? a 650watt power supply seems rather low with such a new graphics card... Just a thought...
  6. ^has a beefy computer but spends most of his time playing the game in his signature on his PS3
  7. I still like having a physical disc. That way I can loan it to a friend and they can loan me one of their games!
  8. Im using that PSU... and I have a GTX 470 and several case fans ... so I'm using a ton of power no issues
  9. In all honesty I would suggest getting an Antec series case like the Antec 900 instead of either of those. I have a GTX 470 in mine and have no problems whatsoever.
  10. Smoking deal... get it! And yes I'd recommend using DVI. I haven't looked back since switching
  11. Either one is a good buy. I have the gtx 470 and love it. But I like Nvidia... depends on your preference.... But yeah never wait because newer and better cards will always be coming...
  12. Well I wasn't specifically dogging on the the BT... I was just saying he's already been using it for a set amount of time... and thought maybe he should replace it for new build.
  13. ^^^^^ how have I "bugger" all posts? ^is ranked 65th place in the folding.
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