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  1. Judy_Dunbar

    Folding on a HD 6000 series GPU?

    Might try here also... V7.1.50
  2. Judy_Dunbar

    Hyper moving on up, to the Eastside

    Mainly all I have working is 8800 GTS rest old SMP setup and the New ATI card I cant get to fold...shrug see people have some folding but I not got it to yet.
  3. Judy_Dunbar

    Hyper moving on up, to the Eastside

    If I could get 6790 ATI to fold ...... I'd still be low on points lol
  4. Judy_Dunbar

    Hyper moving on up, to the Eastside

    Hyper didn't even wave as he went screaming by. WTH ?? Gratz
  5. Judy_Dunbar

    Gratz Water Hazard....

    On taking over 2nd in OCC folding stats, surprised Bosco didnt put up a bigger fight .
  6. Judy_Dunbar

    I'm Baaaack!

    Welcome back Nemo
  7. Judy_Dunbar

    >Water Hazard <

    Team # 12772 which is OCC
  8. Judy_Dunbar

    >Water Hazard <

    What your doing in a week Road can do in a day if he wants :/ Good luck with that Hazard. It is a goal at least
  9. Judy_Dunbar

    >Water Hazard <

    Be nice and drop me off a beer as you go screaming by. And gratz I believe my Nitrous bottle is empty :/
  10. Judy_Dunbar

    cant connect to work assignment server

    Anyone else getting cant connect to work assignment server for last few days ? All 3 of the Linux SMP boxes are getting it.. shrug. So for now there shut down. Upgraded to 6.29 didn't help a thing.
  11. Judy_Dunbar


  12. Judy_Dunbar

    I'm A Freakin Millionaire!!

    Gratz !!!
  13. Judy_Dunbar

    Apostolics hits 5,000,000

    Gratz !!
  14. Judy_Dunbar

    6,000,000 Club

    How long did it take ? Looks like I joined in Dec of 2003 I hadnt been folding to long before that. Now days it doesnt take as long to make BIG points. At one time I had 12 PCs folding and it seems like 300 points was ALOT !
  15. Judy_Dunbar

    6,000,000 Club

    6,003,339 sometime earlier today