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  1. Mainly all I have working is 8800 GTS rest old SMP setup and the New ATI card I cant get to fold...shrug see people have some folding but I not got it to yet.
  2. If I could get 6790 ATI to fold ...... I'd still be low on points lol
  3. Hyper didn't even wave as he went screaming by. WTH ?? Gratz
  4. On taking over 2nd in OCC folding stats, surprised Bosco didnt put up a bigger fight .
  5. Judy_Dunbar

    I'm Baaaack!

    Welcome back Nemo
  6. Team # 12772 which is OCC
  7. What your doing in a week Road can do in a day if he wants :/ Good luck with that Hazard. It is a goal at least
  8. Be nice and drop me off a beer as you go screaming by. And gratz I believe my Nitrous bottle is empty :/
  9. Anyone else getting cant connect to work assignment server for last few days ? All 3 of the Linux SMP boxes are getting it.. shrug. So for now there shut down. Upgraded to 6.29 didn't help a thing.
  10. How long did it take ? Looks like I joined in Dec of 2003 I hadnt been folding to long before that. Now days it doesnt take as long to make BIG points. At one time I had 12 PCs folding and it seems like 300 points was ALOT !
  11. 6,003,339 sometime earlier today
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