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  1. Hi mate.


    When did you first notice this problem? Did something happen to the laptop before the problem or did it just randomly boot with no data drive?


    Is this an internal harddrive on your laptop?


    Generally speaking, unless a drive is badly physically damaged, you can still recover data off of it so I wouldn't be too worried about losing your data.


    hi, thanks for the reply. There is no problem at all since I bought this laptop. It just happened suddenly..I don't know what is going on. It happened yesterday night, just too sudden....


    Thanks God, This morning, I checked again my laptop. glad the harddrive can be detected again by windows... but I just worried what happened here, I am afraid the same problem will occur again..


    Yes, it is the internal harddrive, and this laptop has 2 harddrive by default... one for OS and programs, one for data files...


    Is there any clue what happened to my HDD and is there anything that can cause my HDD like this? and how to prevent it? thank you very much..






    edit: I did nothing to my laptop, I just leave it and go to bed... And I notice that yesterday night when my HDD wasn't detected, the BIOS take a long time to boot up.. Usually, the ASUS logo at the boot up ( BIOS) appears only 1 second then the windows logo appears... yesterday, it took more than 7 second until the windows logo appears

  2. Hey guys, please, I really need your help.


    I own an Asus G73JHA1, and it has 2 HDD Seagate 500GB by default, total 1TB. I don't know what is going on. My second harddrive (the one for my data files) are not detected... I need your help. I have many important data files there, and I don't have any backup yet, because I don't expect anything like this from a new laptop...besides, I don't have any backup media yet. I take care of my laptop very well, I am sure there are no damage at all with my hardwares.... I have checked from Piriform Speccy, Computer management, and my second harddrive really gone...I don't know what to do to resolve it. I have restarted my laptop, and still the same..


    I have attached a screenshot. There should be one more HDD there....but I found nothing..


    Please... is there anything I can do to resolve this problem without losing all of my data files?? The data there are really important, I can't imagine if I got a HDD failure....



    I run a command prompt action, and I type my data files letter drive, E:/ and it is said that "the device is not ready"


    Laptop usage: normal user, for drawing, browsing, rendering, and gaming...

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit






  3. Thank you so much to you all for replying and explaining me... :)


    Most of the time , all 6 cores are hardly used. Thats is why the 2600k comes close. If you have a 980x then just oc it to 4.5ghz and it will be a beast.

    If you have to upgrade , then wait for the Socket 2011 12 core cpu's .

    no I don't have 980x, I just want to compare it... :)


    so the 2600k is the fastest regular i7 processor now if we toss away the i7 X? (980x, 975x)

    all 6 cores are hardly used until now? I think all softwares right now have prepared themselves for 6-core processor... hmm....That's explaining why 2600k comes close.... thanks Nyt Ryda!! ^^



    If I had to build a new pc right now I would pick the 2600K over the 980x hands down.

    980X's price is overkill... of course I would take 2600k if I had to build a PC too... :)

  4. I know this is a very simple question, but I have read some reviews in many forums and benchmark websites... Some of them said, the i7 2600K beats i7 980X... Is that true?


    I have never thought that a hexa-core gulftown would be beaten by a quad-core i7 2600k... the speed is quite the same, 3.33 and 3.4Ghz.. I still don't understand this...


    Please forgive me for being such a fool and dummy, But I just want to know, please someone make this thing clear for me... >.<


    this is the example one of the benchmark sites I found...








  5. Hello guys, I want to ask.

    I got this process on my task manager. I am currently using Microsoft Security Essentials, up to date.. I scan the whole harddisk, and MSE found nothing..


    it called itself hid.exe I am wondering this is a virus or not. I read some information from internet, and it said that hid.exe is a trojan virus from RATSOU.B, but when I open this file location, It is found in my Asus GX800 Gaming mouse driver... Is this really a virus?? please help me, thank you.


    I attached the screenshot..






  6. He already owns a 5750. Why would he want to crossfire 2x6800?


    sorry I don't know.


    I have already seen a table that contains the list of AMD's GPU which can be crossfired.. but I forgot where, it has been a long time ago..

    5870 and 5850 can be crossfired, 5850 and 5830 are able too.. But I don't know if 5750 and 5770 is able to be crossfired.. may be you should check it out... it performs better than dual 5750...

  7. I would prefer X6, even the i7 950 seems perform higher performance than X6, but in the future, most of the programs would adapt to 6 cores compatibility..I think the X6 is a good choice. I just don't like the amount of memory slot in AM3 motherboard, only 4 slots...

  8. Hi there, I have an Asus Maximus II gene, and I have just changed my OS from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. The problem is I cannot find any chipset driver for this motherboard for Windows 7 64bit. The LAN, audio, and others are no problem, the only problem is the Chipset Driver. I have searched through google and asus support center, yes, I found the drivers except the chipset.....

    Is there any Maximus II Gene chipset driver for windows 7 ultimate 64bit? If there is, where I can find it?


    need help please, thank you..




  9. Hi guys,

    I am looking for a laptop with performance & affordability in mind. I have a budget of $1000, I would prefer buying Asus, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Dell or MSI. All other brands really don't work with me. I would like to have a core-i5, 1 gb Nvdia, 4gb Ram, HDD (size doesn't matter), 15.6" or more & has to be HD (screen size), Windows 7 (any edition), Bluetooth, HDMI out & Optical Drive doesn't matter as well. I want to play games like COD, WoW, GTA:IV.....


    So any good suggestions. It would be helpful of you all. :biggrin:


    Hi there,


    How about i7? This laptop from toshiba has versatile performance..




    This one from asus. I am an Asus User, I am very satisfied with their product, I would like to recommend Asus to any laptop user.



    Toshiba Qosmio, it is quite big, 18.4 inch



    Those are my recommendation.....hope you like it.. :)

  10. Hello everybody, I need you suggestion about notebook cooling pad for 17" laptop. My laptop is Asus G73JH, and I need a cooling pad. the i7 and 5870 get very hot if I use it in a room without air conditioner...


    I have just bought the Coolermaster Notepal Infinite



    and I don't think it is a good cooling pad with 90mm fan @ 2000rpm. The airflow is very small, and hardly can be felt.. So I have sold it to my friend who are using 14" laptop, now, I am looking for a new one.


    I have searched through the internet, and I found these... This is my choice, but feel free to give me other choices of brand and model.. Max budget is US$35. US$30 is better.


    Coolermaster Notepal X2



    Thermaltake Massive 23 LX



    (I don't know what makes the price is different than the Massive 23 ST, but I take the cheap one (LX))



    If you have other suggestion, feel free to post..


    Thank you



  11. Yes, eyefinity or SSD. With your system right now, you can almost run every game in the highest setting you throw in it. Everything you do there will be a waste, except SSD and Eyefinity...


    If you want to upgrade the GPU, I think you should wait for the 6xxx...but your 5970 is overkill enough for games nowadays, combined with 1055T running at 4GHz..

  12. Yeah I guess, but i was going to drop the graphics card back to a Gainward GeForce GTS 450 1GB Goes Like Hell Edition, because the gigabyte one and EVGA, and Asus were between $380-$700 AUD,

    but yeah, i might change my Graphics card to Gigabyte GeForce GTX 470, which is $389....


    Or if you want to stay with GTX460 it will be no problem. With 1200watt PSU, you can simply put another GTX460 SLI enabled later.... :) the choice is up to you, just see your budget, if you have more, then go for GTX470..but if you don't, go for GTX460...


    Gigabyte GTX Fermi 470, This is a very good video card...


  13. Yeah Last night i changed my mind on the type of PSU am now going with the AX1200 Gold Power Supply


    Yeah now that you mention it i probabaly should go with sata III hard drives, so am probably going to go with 5 of the Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB WD1002FAEX unless anyone else has ideas for other fairly cheap HDD, aNd with SSD a friend suggested i have an SSD for os etc, but then i look at them and they are out of my price range :(, might upgrade to one later on


    thanks for all the help :D


    Well..that PSU will fit your system better...


    You have the right choice for HDD, WD Caviar Black 1TB Sata III (6Gbps).... For SSD, yes, I really wanted to try SSD and have it one, but seeing the price makes me sick, I just wait for the price goes down... lol


    by the way, have you ever mind on GTX470?

  14. VIdeo Card: I would choose Point of View, Pixelview or XFX graphic cards.....


    for the PSU, goes for Thermaltake, Coolermaster, Corsair, or Xigmatek brands....


    and for the harddrive, are you taking the SATA II or SATA III? You had better take SATA III for the X58 board.. it will load your game and boot faster.. This is only my opinion, If I were you, I would like to choose the SATA III 640GB, the quantity is up to you for RAID, and take 80 or 128GB Solid State Drive... but it is up to you, this is only my opinion.... :D

  15. When I imagine that I also imagine CrossfireX scaling sitting at somewhere between bad and pathetic. :lol:


    hahaha..why do you think so? I can't imagine the development of PC games in the future. Will it be sold in 2 bluray disc?? it is crazy man! nowadays, 5970 single 2GB is very overkill for gaming...I can't imagined peoples crossfired it...

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