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  1. my friend (ati 5770 desktop) get crashes in AE too...lol..


    Yeah, I will suggest him between GTX460, GTX550, and Quaddro 600


    I am looking at corsair TX/HX 500watt series..or a xigmatek.. :)


    Oowwhh... okay, I understand now.. :D thanks!

  2. 1) what programs are you going to use? 2) depending on what your editing files and size you are going to use more than 8gb just opening the files. just working in 1080p i hit my 24gb limit in aftereffects often. but if its just connecting clips in some cheap program than speed is going to help you out more like a raid-o for a scratch disk or temp editing.


    as for a need of a workstation card, you don't really need it unless your absolutely need 100% color accuracy and no crashes. consumer cards are fine unless you are trying to make money (which equals time and quality). Aftereffects can use the hack to allow any CUDA card to help out. ATi is still left in the dust on all fronts because it still cashes alot of crashes for me.


    edit: i noticed the op has a Quaddro 300NVS listed. this is worse than on board. it's really meant to just display video. I would suggest a Quadro 600 $150. low power, low heat and good driver support. now once again if your using a cheap program than mostly any card will do (just not the NVS series).


    wow..thanks for the explanation.. It is not me who are going to use this computer, it is my friend.. He will be using aftereffects and premiere.. I think he will edit just some college tasks..


    And yes, I have experienced it with aftereffect, but it can limit the usage of RAM... I think he just need 8GB for now, it is more than enough for college... :D ATI cards? lol, it crashes many times in my aftereffects, it really pissed me off... .


    really? what does NVS mean in quadro series? thanks for your suggestion, I will talk to him about this...



  3. Sata 3 doesn't run at double the speed of sata 2, it just SUPPORTS faster speeds. You'd need a high end SSD to be able to reach post-SATA3 speeds.


    I agree that the 460 1GB or maybe even the 560 1GB (since that's in that price range) would be a wiser choice. Also I was going to recommend the H67s but it looks like you already considered them so good hunting!


    Those MSI boards are often very well priced so I really have nothing to change to this build, what other 600W powersupplies are there?? That one isn't bad though


    Thanks for the information...sorry, but I don't quite understand...The regular SATA 3 speed will not reach the sata 3 speed? you mean, if I want to reach the SATA 3 speed on sata 3 hdd, I need a high SSD working together with it?


    I have changed the motherboard to MSI PH67 - C43.. The H67 board...it is cheaper... :) I can't find Asus and Gigabyte H67 motherboard which have 4 slots RAM and PCI for Wifi card...so I choose MSI, the best H67 board I found at local store... the choice here is very limited for h67 board... :(


    By the way, should I change it to 500Watt power supply?.. The only upgrade he will do maybe just RAM and HDD upgrade, no SLI...

  4. so the quadro is not for editing video? the price are very high though... $250 for 300NVS with 64bit and 512MB memory..


    Doesn't the SATA III double the SATA II speed? correct me if I am wrong..... The price is quite different...

  5. there is no reason to go with workstation card. all software will work the same with any nvidia card. the main difference is that card is very old (probably a geforce 8xxx core).


    Please corect me if i'm wrong!


    I did tell him to take the geforce series, at first, I recommended him a GTX460 , but he said he want the quadro, I can't find any new quadro series which fit his budget... So I need a strong reason to make him take the geforce series, but I don't know the correct reason.. I know very little about workstation card.. I need your help and suggestion guys...



  6. I don't live in America, and the choice is not as many as in america, so it's quite hard to find one... Especially, there is no a website like newegg.. I have to search it one by one through google for specification and review..... It took much time.. :(


    It is quite a good board... I will change it! :D Thank you!

  7. I'm guessing the p64 in the msi was meant to be p67? :P If so it's a waste of money seeing as he's not overclocking so just get a h67 board. Can't comment on the graph card as I know nothing about workstation cards, rest of the build looks fine though :thumbsup:


    ahahaha..lol, it should be p67.. :P

    thanks for your reply, but most of the H67 motherboards I found are only have 2 slots of RAM and have no PCI slot for wifi card... He needs a wifi card and 4 slots RAM for future upgrade, can you give me the type of boards like that?

  8. Hi OCC.


    A friend of mine was asking me to choose the right specification for video editing.. He is currently taking a cinematography class...and he needs a new computer to do editing. I need your opinion and suggestion for the system.. He don't do gaming at all, so he just use his computer for editing... Here is the spec..The budget is around $1200.. Oh and no overclocking at all..


    Intel Core i7 2600

    MSI P67 - C43

    Patriot PSD3 8G 1333MHz Dual Channel 2x4GB

    WD Caviar Black SATA III 1TB

    Leadtek Quaddro 300NVS 512MB 64bit DDR3

    Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced

    Thermaltake Toughpower 600Watt


    Included wireless mouse and keyboard and speaker....


    Any thoughts and suggestion about this build? He is going to build this next thursday...


    NOTE: he wants 4 slots of RAM available in Motherboard and a PCI slots for wifi receiver card from TP-Link



  9. thanks for the reply and advice everyone, I have reduced the clock, and start trying it little by little...now currently in 750/1080, and I have tested it in crysis, and bf2142, no problem for 2h playing... I guess I was wrong, I am just randomly pick a clock speed from users out there who have their card overclocked...I think it will be the same as mine... And , sorry, but I don't think there will be any heat problem, I have read many users who have overclocked it 840/1140 without any heat problem, and I just got my vbios and driver updated, now the temp is lower by 5-6 degrees..even in 750/1080...The Vbios has fixed the clock speed of 5870, the GPU clock will be decreasing by itself if not in use to 405MHz..


    Thanks, Speedwaynative, I will try your suggestion :D , increasing it little by little, hope I can get it stable,..... So The Vantage cannot be used as stability test for OC?


    Hmm....Another question, I have seen the mobility 5870 OCed to 840/1140, The BIOS overclocking is locked by asus, so the overclocking is only via softwares... Actually, my system (my whole laptop) is the same as him.. and why is the reason of not every laptop can reach that speed even they are the same laptop model? I really want to know...



  10. Hi guys... First, I am sorry if I post this in the wrong section, I don't know where I should post this, in Video card section or OC section..


    I want to overclock the Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Graphic card..

    The default speed is:

    -GPU clock: 700MHz

    -Memory clock: 1000MHz


    I am using AMD GPU Clock Tool to overclock it.

    The most stable speed I have reached until now is:

    -GPU clock: 820MHz

    -Memory clock: 1080MHz..


    It runs very stable in idle condition. Adding more speed will cause Gray Screen of Death just 5 second after I apply it..

    The problem occurred when I play Crysis 2.0 and Battlefield 2142.. I only can play for the first 3 minutes. After that, the game will hang and the screen blank out..and I can do nothing with my laptop except turn it off manually by pressing the power button.


    Notes: the temperature is stable.. 97C for crysis 2.0, and 89C for Battlefield 2142. only 1-2C different from the stock speed's temp...


    I thought that my laptop couldn't handle the 820/1080speed.. but when I run the 3DMark Vantage, it was working fine, and with no error, and showing improvement in score and fps.. The temp is stable, 78C (load)... so the problem just occurred when I was playing games, besides that, it's stable and fine...


    Any idea about this problem? does anybody know how to solve it?






    Uploaded with ImageShack.us




    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

  11. Thank you for your reply guys...I do cleaning the dust every 6 months.. I see... so different thermal paste would not affect the temp too much..hmm.. But At last I am going to try the IC diamond or Arctic cooling.. Somehow I am afraid of using my laptop for gaming in a room without air conditioner.. The idle temp is just too high... I am afraid it will reach above 120C..


    I wish someday there would be a water cooling system for a laptop.. lol.. :D

  12. I run The IC Diamond on my CPU as well and it seems like very good stuff. To The best of my knowledge IC Diamond 7 carat and 24 carat are the same its just the size of the tubes... The 7 carat has 7 carats of micronized diamonds, and the 24 carat has...well... 24 carats of micronized diamonds in it. (if im not mistaken, one carat is 1/5 of a gram)


    thanks for the explanation! :D I will definitely, repasted it with ic diamond... Is there anyone has an opinion about arctic cooling mx3?


    anybody have the link about or where I can get the IC diamond? I can't find it on newegg...

  13. I read a review a while back that tested about 20 different TIM's and only 2 beat the ic diamond. Shin etsu was one (by a degree or less in most cases), and I cant remember the other.

    Mine has the 24 carat on it, it was a limited time free upgrade from the stock silicone stuff they put on. It came already pre-applied. I'm not sure which carat is better tbh.

    I think the sandy bridge chips run a bit cooler than the older i7's which will explain some of the cpu differences. Do you have dedicated coolers for cpu and gpu, or is it one cooler? Mine have dedicated coolers with dedicated fans as well.

    hmm... I see, I will definitely have a try on IC Diamond... :D


    Yeah, I heard about that, the clarksfield i7 is run hot, I am a bit proud of having it 45C on idle, and max 70 in load, while the other laptop with only one cooler and small fan get 85 on full load and 65 on idle...


    Mine have dedicated cooling system, the right hand one is for GPU, and the left hand one is for CPU..both of the fan max reach 4600rpm... http://blog.laptopmag.com/wpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/ASUS-G73jh03.jpg


    The only external cooling pad that I knows working with this laptop is this one, the thermaltake massive 23LX, I have ever try 2 other cooling pad from coolermaster, nothing give significant temperature reduction.... Do you use any external laptop cooling pad?

  14. My cpu and GPU (look in sig) typically reaches 85C with IC diamond thermal paste, on the same game with hardcore settings. The ambient temp is also within 1c of 20. My cpu rarely goes over 63C full load. Currently sitting at 37C idle.

    Laptop cpu's and GPU's normally get a bit toastier than their desktop counterparts. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about those temps. They seem within reason.


    85C on GPU load is very cool... IC diamond thermal paste? I heard about it so much, is it a very good thermal paste? there are many types, 7 carat and 24 carat.. which one is the best on your opinion? Hmm, which one is beter compared to Noctua NTH1 and Arctic cooling MX3? and wow 63C processor on full load....that's very cool... :D I know laptop's hardware are a bit toastier, my friend's toshiba with regular small cooling (asus G73 have 2 big fan on it's back), reach 80C in full load processor 720QM....

  15. I got my processor and GPU repasted with Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste... The processor quite normal, max 70C in heavy load and 45 in idle mode.


    The GPU is quite high..I am worried about it..


    Recorded with GPU-Z and HWinfo32


    Condition 1: Air Conditioner is on, temp 20C, Notebook cooling pad is on http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1135&ID=1980

    GPU idle: 59-60C

    GPU load (playing crysis 2 in extreme graphic setting and full HD resolution 1080p): 89-92C (GPU fan speed full 4600rpm)


    Condition 2: Air conditioner is on, temp 20C, Without notebook cooling pad..

    GPU idle: 67-68C

    GPU load (the same as above) :97C (the highest I've ever record so far) (GPU fan speed full 4600rpm)


    It is said that the Ati 5870M max temp is 120C, but I still worried about it, I almost can boil a water with it (97C)...I want to know from the other laptop user who do gaming in his laptop, Is your GPU temp is as high as mine in heavy load? is 97C on GPU is normal?


    And Is there any other way to reduce the temperature? I have repasted it, before I repasted it, the GPU can reach above 120C, that also because of a gpu fan malfunction... and yes, my GPU was overheated and dead.. Glad I get a full replacement for the GPU.. I don't want that happen again... is it a good idea to use Arctic Cooling MX3 thermalpaste?


    Please share your suggestion and opinion.. Thanks you..



  16. Can't say I expected anyone here to have that kind of career in mind, awesome choice though. I'm a big fan of anime/cartoons (not saying they're the same, just that I love both) so if you ever get into it, I'd definitely like to see your work. :D


    haha, really, I want to be teacher when I was a kid, But I realize that I am not good at teaching people... hahaha.. lol..


    Really? I really like them too, cartoons and anime... yes, they are not the same :D well, I am not a professional yet, I am still learning though.. :) I have my works stored here http://liclac.deviantart.com/

  17. It seems I can't upgrade my Ati Catalyst... I have ever upgrade mine, and every startup, there is a notification saying that catalyst host has stopped working. And sometimes my GPU (Ati Mobility 5870) load by itself, even in idle mode..

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