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  1. no problem... :)


    DDR5? I don't know about this.. I haven't heard about that.. I do googling and found this, maybe it can answer your question about DDR5 RAM




    Just remembering you, If you don't do overclocking, then, a regular p67 boards are enough, don't waste your money for some boards that are known for their overclocking performance and other useless feature...


    If you are running a regular high end desktop, 650watt should be enough.. but considering upgrade chance in the furture, 700watt is better..


    PSU can be said as the computer's heart.. you have to choose the right brand and choice for your PSU...

    the good brand is: Thermaltake, Corsair, Coolermaster, Tagan...


    The corsair and the coolermaster are the good one..I would like to choose the Corsair 850watt.. with that power, you can easily upgrade later whatever you want..even running dual GTX580 won't be a problem.. :)


    Maybe you are confused by the 80 plus gold, silver, and bronze... just read this, it will help..


  2. You're welcome.. :)


    that's true, so if you have built your desktop later and have 8GB of ram, make sure you run 64bit of windows or you will stuck at 3.5GB again.. Don't worry, HAF 932 is a very good case...


    Don't make a mistake with the motherboard... Asus P8P67 PRO is the good one, NOT THE P8P67 WITHOUT PRO.... don't make a mistake when you buying it..


    I just want to give my opinion, I have seen my friend using this board, and this board is a very good one... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128478


    both of them ( asus p8p67 and gigabyte p67 UD4) are good boards and they are on the same class and perfomance.. the difference is, the GIgabyte board has extra 2 USB 2.0 port.. for the way it looks, I prefer gigabyte board.. :) but it's up to you..


    so, I will explain about SATA.. Now, SATA we known is SATA II and SATA III. the SATA II has 3.0 Gigabit/second transfer speed. and SATA III has 6.0 Gigabit/second transfer speed. The faster the speed, you will load your game and your OS (boot up) faster.. that means, you get maximum performance for your game and you can turn on your computer until the OS ready faster...


    The western Digital harddrive have 3 types of performance... Blue, Green, and Black. The Blue and the Green one are not good for gaming... they are good for data storage. The Black one, has high RPM and faster transfer speed.. is is the best for OS and gaming...moreover the black one with SATA III connection, I am sure you will find no lag with the SATA III Caviar Black HDD.... for data storage, it is okay to use the green one.. You can find it from the label color on the harddrive.



    If I want to build a computer, I will take the SATA III black HDD for my OS and games, and application, and the green one for my data storage... the green one doesn't use power as much as the black one...


    So I think you don't need any SSD.. SSD speed is around 200 megabytes/second... haha... but the prices are not friendly


    Hope that help..feel free to ask if there are anything you want to ask.... :)


    Note: remember the difference between bit and Bytes.... 1Bytes=8bit.... if you see the "b" in lowercase, that means "bit" (3.0 Gbps).. if you see the "B" in uppercase, that means "Byte" (200 MBps)

  3. It wasnt cheap, but it was still a lot cheaper than going with an SLI/Crossfire setup. Personally, I would have SLI'ed 2 GTX485m's before xfiring 6970m's. The gtx485m's are a tad faster than the 6970m's.

    Yes every now and then I do some editing. I doubt I really needed 12gb, but the price difference from 8gb, to 12gb was minimal. For another 40 bucks, I could have got 16gb but that would have been pointless imo.



    ouch on the usb 2.0. Yeah 8gb is more than plenty for gaming, but I do editing sometimes myself, and have found myself using close to 8gb's already at times.



    I think he meant, get an external enclosure that has 3.0/esata support. That way, down the road, you will already have the support for it when you do decide to upgrade to a newer platform. The newer enclosures arent that much more expensive.


    The same as me, I almost reach 8GB all the time when editing.. lol..


    oh I see...hmm.. you right, maybe when I build a new desktop later for my job, I can use the esata and USB 3.0 from my external haddrive to my desktop! I have never thought about that! thanks!!! :D



    doesn't ur lappy have to sata ports inside? cause then u could use a longer esata to connect it to for back ups? but where would the drive get the power?

    you can't beat a desktop monitor, laptop ones aren't as good on the cheaper ones and most gaming ones :(


    I have SATA ports inside for my internal harddrive... but how can I take it out from the laptop?

    yeah, desktop monitor is the best... sometimes I get dizzy when playing games, because of the response time is very slow here... but I like the color... compared to Apple Monitor, my laptop monitor's color quality is almost the same as Macbook and other apple monitor. Color is very important for me since I draw and coloring artwork so much... :)

  4. that's a good motherboard... you can run SLI there.... :)


    by the way, I just realized, what windows are you using right now on your 3.5GB ram? are you running 64bit of windows or 32bit? from your problem, maybe you are running 32bit of windows which is not support RAM more than 3.5GB... check it.. press windows button + R, then type DXDIAG...just click yes if it asks you something. If you running 32bit windows, you will not be able to use RAM more than around 3.5GB...


    the GTX480 is in rebate in newegg now



    how about the GTX 5 series card?


    oh and for the harddrive, maybe you can consider a SATA III http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007603%20600003483&IsNodeId=1&name=SATA%206.0Gb%2fs harddrive... it is twice faster than SATA II... you can load your game and windows faster... or an Solid State Drive? an SSD is fast, very fast.. but considering the price and the capacity you get, peoples using it only for OS.. http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=636&name=SSD

    it is very expensive though.. I can't buy it even I want it that much...lol... :D

  5. Yes, you right, overclocking will increase your performance, but it consumes more power and produces more heat. I have never done an overclocking too before... I am afraid of damaging my hardware,, :) you can do overclocking and reduces the possibility of damaging your hardware. Do not use stock cooling for processor. Liquid cooling or water cooling is the best for overclocking. or you can get an air cooling from Corsair, Zalman, Xigmatek, etc..some of them are made to stabilize the processor temperature when overclocking...




    You actually can run up to 4 GPU (not video cards, because sometimes a video card contains 2 GPU. Ex: AMD HD 6990 and GTX 590)... You can consider it as an upgrade plan in the future...when you need more fps in gaming, buy another GTX470. Running more than 1 video cards is called CrossfireX (for ati/amd GPU) and SLI (for nVidia).. of course it will increase your gaming performance 85%... but you need more power and a case with great cooling (HAF 932 is a very good case though, I like it :D). but using SLI depends on what motherboard you are using..The SLI and Crossfire performance depends on PCIe Bandwith on motherboard. maybe you have ever heard about PCIe 16x, 8x... that's it..


    can you give me the link about your motherboard choice?


    I am running 8GB RAM, and you know, for casual gaming, it is more than enough... I do a lot of rendering in Adobe After Effects and drawing, so 8GB RAm is very important to me.... :)


    hey, actually, how much your budget for this build?

  6. Hi, welcome to OCC.


    Do you overclock? and are you planning to run SLI (dual graphic card)? if you don't then 650-700watt is enough...


    @premiumgfx: are you sure he should run triple channel kit? I think sandy bridge motherboard only support dual channel memory.


    you can get mushkin, gskill, or corsair 8GB kit (2x4GB). if you are planning to upgrade RAM, then wait until 8GB single kit to be released...so you can get the max amount of RAM on your motherboard...



  7. Why the 2600K? Do you need 4 extra threads? (I am pretty sure the K version doesn't have that virtual thingy, VTD or w/e its called anyways). Go for the 2500K instead and save yourself some money. Is micro ATX a need? if not rather go regular ATX since they usually have more power for the CPU which equals more overclocking.


    For HDD, just get a 640gb WD Caviar Black, and with the money saved on the CPU you could either get a better Mobo, or get a small SSD for windows.


    Will you be going SLI/Crossfire in the future ? If not, save some money and go for the AX 750, that thing is plenty, even for GTX 570 SLI. (I am pretty sure when it was tested on hardware secrets it was able to pull 1000 watts and still be around 78-79% efficency).


    Agree! 850watt is overkill if you don't do overclocking and running more than 2 video cards.. 750 or 775watt is more than enough...


    Instead of single 2 TB hdd, I would like to get a dual 1TB hdd. If anything happens to your hdd, at least you will not lose all of your data.. but it uses more power. or get one SATA III hdd for OS and application and another SATA II for data files.. or SSD for OS.. SSD is very fast you know.. :)

  8. Yeah I'm running a Sager NP2096 and really like it.


    As far as storage goes, i'd get a nice 2TB desktop drive and drop it in a usb 2.0 enclosure (maybe with esata and/or usb 3.0 for future usage). Usually it's cheaper to make an external drive yourself than the preassembled, then upgrading the drive is generally cheaper too.

    haha... no problem, I will get the preassembled one... It's easier to get.... Sadly, I have no esata port and USB 3.0... :( I'll just stick with USB 2.0... Thanks!

  9. If he's not overclocking then just get the i7 2600 rather than the 2600k and a h67 motherboard instead of a p67, will save some money.

    I believe the 460 is faster than the 550 at stock but it also uses more power, the overclock will close the gap a bit though.

    Rest of the build looks solid to me :)


    Thanks! :) Actually, what is the different between H67 and P67 chipset?


    So, did you mean, The GTX 550 uses less power than 460?

  10. Hi OCC.


    I am helping my friend with his desktop. He want to built a desktop.

    Usage: editing video, rendering video, motion graphics, gaming, but he doesn't do extreme gaming..


    This is the spec I recommended to him


    BUGDET: US$ 1250


    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K Sandy Bridge


    Motherboard: ASRock P67 Extreme 4



    Memory: Patriot PSD3 8GB KH 1333MHz


    Casing: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition



    PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 650watt


    HDD: WDC Green SATA II 1TB


    I want to ask about the VGA. The price are not too much different. Which one is better? the choice are between Nvidia GTX 460 1 GB STOCK and


    Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 1GB Factory Overclocked




    What do you think about this built?


    The System has not been built yet, we still are looking for the best part..feel free to tell me if there are any incompatibility parts.


    Is there any suggestion?


    Oh, he don't do overclocking, stock cooling is enough... :D


    Thank you..



  11. Since the laptop is relatively new, and money is a slight issue, I would just go with a ram upgrade for now. You would be surprised how big of a difference there is with more ram when it comes to dealing with design.



    I don't think his laptop has usb 3.0, which is why I mentioned esata instead. I have 2 usb 3.0 hdd's and its just as fast as an internal drive. Its an NP8170-S1, and yeah I love it. The specs are in the sig.


    Thanks sYstEmATiC! I think I will go for RAM upgrade... yeah, I do draw a lot and sometimes when I am working on a very big resolution project, my RAM usage is very high, moreover I have to open many programs at the same time.....



    oh yeah... stupid very slow usb 3.0 adaption for no reason, yeah the hdd is still the bottleneck, wasn't the 485m a tad bit expensive... i mean couldn't you crossfire two 6970m's and save a few? so do you do video editing and stuff cause 12gb is a lot for a laptop!


    so who made ur laptop mr.thread starter? brand? did you say asus? and by ur name i meant the threads name :P


    ya ur lappy don't got no usb 3.0 so esata it is!


    Even 8GB is more than enough just for casual gaming... That's what I feel... lol ^^


    Yes..mine is Asus G73JH-A1.. Actually, Asus allows their customers to choose the specific hardware for their laptop, but in my place, there is no option like that... Customers have to stick with the specification given from the distributor.. At first, I want a 840QM as the processor, but I only get 720QM series...I was a little disappointed..but after reading this thread answers about the 820QM vs 720QM is not worth enough compared to the price, I am glad I didn't find the 840qm series, or I would have lost more money on that 840QM.. $360.. I can use half of that money to upgrade my RAM to 16GB....hahaha.. lol


    There is no USB 3.0 for the G73JH series...but the G73JW series has USB 3.0... and after I checked out my laptop, I have no eSATA port.. so I think I just stick with the USB 2.0 Ext hdd...lol..

  12. depend on what everybody said here, RAM is the best upgrade so far and it is not too expensive.. Actually, SSD is interesting too... :) Unfortunately, it is still too expensive...


    Personally I'd leave the entire thing alone with the exception of the RAM - but DO NOT buy it through the manufacturer/vendor of the laptop. Go on Newegg or something and get a 4x4 GB kit of laptop memory for a lot less. Example: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820178335 x 2 = $160 - $20 MIR = $140 (assuming they only allow one rebate per household, they may allow 2)



    I second the notion that a desktop would probably be more cost effective if you decide to upgrade the whole system down the road.


    I understand... so it is the best to buy the RAM outside the laptop vendor...



    oh i thought you were buying a new one cause everybody who does names their threads like this... ur name actually matches what ye be doing....

    you can always check a sager computer and see what power block it has? where be ur living anyways?


    My name? what is it? haha..no, I just bought this laptop 6 months ago... sure, I will check it! thanks! oh and I am living in Indonesia.. I can't buy from newegg. It is very rare to see sager here..most of the laptop price are more expensive than the price at newegg and some other stores outside there.. Too bad.. :( I want sager at first, but I can't find the seller..


    The only thing I would invest in it, like everyone else says, is ram. A bigger secondary hard drive might not hurt if your dealing with multiple huge files, and a ssd for the main drive. As for you suggesting to yourself about an external hdd. I would HIGHLY advise you to make sure its got an esata port on it if you go that route, as transfering huge files over usb 2.0 is a royal pita.

    Upgrading the main components in a laptop, especially higher end ones, are not worth the price paid for the small performance increase (relative to price).

    As forb mentioned, I would consider a desktop for that kind of work, unless your situation requires the portability (like me :( ). Depending on your budget, if you have to have a laptop, Sager has some very high end notebooks with high end design cards and insane amounts of memory. Unfortunately you can easily surpass $4,000 usd on something like that.



    For reference, The sager in my sig came with a 220wt brick.


    I am not buying a new one... just upgrading it.. :) I own my laptop for 6 months.. there's no way I buy a new one... lol.. XD


    I want a desktop at first, desktop is more powerful than laptop, but I have to consider the portability.. My situation is the same as sYstEmATiC. That's why I choose laptop even I want a desktop. I am still a university student though, I need it for my college work until I graduate. When I get a job after it, I will buy a powerful desktop and workstation for it... :)



    by the way, sYstEmATiC. do you know any external HDD that has eSATA port?




  13. The SSD will make a great speed boost but since you're doing alot of rendering you'll probably need alot of space for the finished files right??

    Would just one 500GB be enough, I don't think the jump from 720-820 is $360 better. Maybe $100 tops!


    I would upgrade the memory yourself: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007609%20600006178%20600000399&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=20

    you can combine the 4x4GB sticks yourself for cheaper than $200 (and yeah after affects takes all you can give it!! it's crazy)


    Thanks for the reply

    hmm...so that's it.. the 820qm is not worth enough for $360..I see the review and it is said that the 820QM just a little bit faster that the 720qm. let's remove this processor from upgrade plan! :) I have 2 HDDs, 500GB each HDD.. and yeah, I need it for the finished file... Maybe I can use an external HDD for save my files...

    Thanks for the link... yeah. After effect is crazy... so RAM is important in rendering... should I upgrade it first? what do you think?



    don't bother with the old i7's, the slowest i7 2nd gen pretty much matches/beats the fastest 1st gen for a whole lot more, the 6970 is better?have you looked at a sager or a eurocom? whats ur price range?


    But If I want to upgrade it to i7 2nd gen.. I have to change my Motherboard...it means I have change all of the component.. And I am using Mobility 5870.. It is an Asus G73JH A1. The problem if I change the GPU, I am afraid the Power adapter won't be enough for that beast... I only have 150watts.... Sager and Eurocom is very hard to get in my country... I don't know my budget.. since I am going to upgrade later... not now.. but I am deciding what is the best so I can save up my money first.. :

  14. Hi OCC


    I am planning to upgrade my laptop.. I am using it for drawing, gaming, 3D modelling (maya, 3Ds Max), editing video (Adobe After Effects)..


    My current system:

    Intel Core i7 720QM

    Intel HM 55 Chipset

    2x500GB Seagate 7200rpm

    Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5

    4x2GB Kingston DDR3 1066MHz


    I am planning to upgrade later.. But I cannot decide what is the best upgrade for my usage..


    the choice is:

    1. Processor

    720QM --> 820QM... I have to add extra US$360. Is it worth enough to add extra 360$ in 820QM based on its performance?

    720QM: 1.6-2.8GHz, 6MB L3Chace

    820QM: 1.73-3.06GHZ 8MB L3Chache


    2. RAM. RAM is very important in rendering in after effects.. it always use almost all of my RAM.

    I am planning to upgrade it to 16GB 1333MHz (Max amount). Price: $200


    3. SSD

    I don't know about this one,,, I need your explanation about this one. How big does SSD affect my system?


    Help me to decide what is the best to upgrade and if you have any other opinion, just tell me.





  15. The amount of memory you can use on your system(or any system) is usually determined by the motherboard, operating system, & cpu.

    I would guess the limiting factor in your case would be that your motherboard was manufactured to use up to only 8 gigs

    of memory even though your processor and os are able to utilize more. you would have to check your motherboard specifications to be sure.

    Motherboard manufacturers will often limit the amount of ram you can install to reduce their manufacturing costs,

    especially on their less expensive boards.

    As far as harddrives go, knock yourself out! You can run multiple 1.5 tb harddrives, or larger if you wish.

    I'll leave your upgrade question to someone more experenced with Intel, as I prefer AMD myself.


    thanks, I understand now about that... thank you for the answer!

  16. Hi..


    I want to ask about upgrading RAM on i7 720qm platform.. I see it in http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43122&processor=i7-720QM&spec-codes=SLBLY it is said that the i7 720qm max memory is 8GB DDR3. But a friend of mine just bought a laptop with i7 740qm, both of the processors aren't quite different.. the seller said that the memory can be upgraded to 16GB of max... (4 slots) which one is true?

    and what is the maximum capacity of HDD for this processor? Can I upgrade it to 1.5TB?


    and one more question, is it worth enough to upgrade the processor from i7 720qm to i7 840qm? http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43125&processor=i7-840QM&spec-codes=SLBMP


    usage: gaming, editing and rendering with Adobe After Effects CS5, Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max, drawing..


    Thanks for the answers..



  17. I have 2 favorite cases until now, even though I am using laptop now..


    The first one is Silverstone Raven RV-02, this case is too expensive, but this is the best!! :)



    The second one is NZXT Phantom, it has very good cable management...



    those are good cases for me..

  18. I would like a gaming system that would be able to play games like Dragon age 2. I came across this at TigerDirect and thought it looked like a good starting point or should I start from scratch ?


    AMD Six-Core 4.0GHz Overclocked Barebone PC


    This Bundle Includes:


    * Asus M4A89GTD PRO AMD 890GX CrossFire Motherboard

    * AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz Processor Overclocked to 4.0GHz

    * 8GB DDR3 1600MHz System Memory (4 x 2048MB)

    * Cooler Master HAF 922 Chassis

    * Ultra 750-Watt Power Supply

    * CoolIT ECO A.L.C Liquid Cooling System



    If this is a good choice what video card would you suggest I would like to stay under $200


    Thanks for the help


    hi there,


    how about AMD Radeon 6850 from XFX?



    or Sapphire 6850 Toxic ?



    If you feel that's not enough, you can crossfire it later... 6800 series can hold almost every game in high resolution until now...



    For your system, why don't you choose the better manufacturer for the PSU? Corsair, Thermaltake, Coolermaster, Tagan, Xigmatek are better I think.. :)


    hope that help.. :)

  19. Hi, getting ready to put a new system together was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction for motherboard purchase i would like to have as much ddr3 ram as possible and 2 pci express slots and if 1366 is the newest socket id like it to feature that.


    Thanks again, also if you think you might know how to make something better let me know 3,000$ can limit




    talking about RAM slots, the X58 based motherboard only support max 24GB DDR3 memory triple channel with 6 slots available.


    with $3000 budget, the choices are:


    Asus Rampage III Formula



    ASUS P6X58D-E



    EVGA X58 FTW3



    ASUS P6T7 WS



    or you can take the ASUS Extreme series, which will allow you to overclock it easily.


    there are some MB based on my personal opinion. Maybe the others have better personal opinion.


    The latest socket are 1155 with Sandy Bridge Processor...


    With $3000 you can take the Gulftown 980X, or you can wait for the Sandy Bridge extreme edition from intel. But I don't know when it will be released..


    hope that help.. :)