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  1. no i havent considered that, but i already bought dell sp2309w & so far i like it
  2. my monitor died past tuesday, so i bought dell sp2309w as none of my preferred models were available in my city & i couldnt wait for shipping from other city.
  3. my config is : amd phenom x2 550be, 3gb ddr2 @ 667mhz, sapphire hd5770 1gb ddr5, 650gb hdd. i wana buy a full hd monitor at least 23 or 24inch. i will play games & watch bluray movies mostly. i plan to get xbox 360 later. suggest me a monitor based on above. my budget is Rs 15k or USD $333 make sure the model is available in india. i shortlisted these 3: Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 http://www.all-monitors.com/monitors/manufacturers/pos/samsung_syncmaster_px2370 http://tech2.in.com/india/news/monitors/samsung-unveils-px2370-led-monitor-in-india/143152/0 dell s23e09w http://www.all-monitors.com/monitors/manufacturers/pos/dell_sp2309w dell st2410 http://www.all-monitors.com/monitors/manufacturers/pos/dell_st2410 if there is anything better than this then pls suggest me. also tell me if i should wait for any price cuts or launch of new models.
  4. Side panel of the card which has the ports was getting stuck in the motherboard, but later i pushed the card beside the motherboard, still it couldnt fit the slot in the desired way.
  5. weird thing is everest isnt showing temps of gpu only, except gpu every other component temperature can be viewed. just few mins ago, only the taskbar color changed, it changed like if i take out my gpu & start my pc with onboard graphics card without onboard drivers, but resolution didnt changed. am i panicking too much? or shall i do something?
  6. Yes i am sure i am doing it correctly, but no matter how hard i try, it denies to go in completely
  7. Bought Sapphire 5770 2day. this is my config is: amd phenom x2 550be, gigabyte ma78gm-us2h,3gb ddr2,500+160gb hdd. i put the card in but part of the left side pin is not 100% in , its just partially in, i can still see some part from outside (the last 3 or 4 pins) but the right side fitted perfectly in. what shall i do now? i cant put the card in completely no matter how hard i try. my friend told me that i should take the card out, else the golden pins will burn after the gpu fan stops working. Pls help me asap. if this is not the correct forum for this then i am sorry, pls move this to correct forum.
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