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  1. fold247

    hello all

    "Will Fold 4 Food" love it Nemo
  2. click log folder to search c drive post back let me know if you need more help
  3. http://www.newegg.co...1-363-_-Product best bet for a cheap great gaming card
  4. yes go to Add client click on it go to c drive x86 if your using x64 win os and click folding @home file and click add ..hope this helps
  5. No I was talking about building a 2n rig for folding out of spare parts " that you would have to pick up a wireless card/thumbdrive for the rig .
  6. The problem with laptops is heat you have to keep them cool. So if you fold you have to really keep eye on the temps . THE new pc you can still fold on it and game too thats what i due on my main rig.. Also my 2nd rig is made of spare parts with a little trade here and there with friends and you could build a cheap folder for almost nothing that would put out some good ppd my 2nd rig puts out 5k-6.5k ppd smp folding .. you might have to buy a wireless card/thumbdrive for it but they are super cheap .
  7. Just wanted to to say hi to all the OCC folders ....I f i can due anything to help out I will try....................... .
  8. fold247

    hello all

    Thank all for the warm welcome
  9. I find as5 will spread well using my finger..I just put the old 1/2 a pea size and spread it to cover the cpu then add heatsink it seams to work the best for me on my amd sytems ..On any Intel I don't spread it and works better than spreading it
  10. Can I have the DNA. please
  11. your short cut has to look like this >>>>>>> after the "...hit spacebar onetime then add -smp .Due not due it to the main shortcut in your folding folder only to your desktop short cut
  12. fold247

    hello all

    Thank you all !!!
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