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  1. Thanks, I'm going to try the hotfix, but the thing is that fps drops occurred even after a fresh reinstall of windows, I checked no unusual processes running in task manager. I have just ran a few benchmarks and it seems that I may have some overheating issues: GPU - up to 82°C CPU - up to 67°C That is kind of over the top isn't it? And can it cause random fps drops?
  2. Hey guys, I would really appreciate if you could hear my story out and if you know how suggest me something. I made this build last summer and I have been using it for nearly a year now: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-880GM-UD2H Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T GPU: XFX HD5850 Hard drive: Western Digital 1TB Memory: Patriot 2x2GB 1333MHZ Power supply: Chieftec 750w Case: Cooler master Gladiator 600 Running on stock coolers and nothing is overclocked. Using Windows 7 64bit. The thing is I could play any game maxed out easily (Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Just Cause 2, Dragon Age Origins 2, Mass Effect, etc.) Nearly everything was running perfect. Until recently everything began to stutter, I reinstalled my Windows thinking that it may help but it has gotten even worse. I am running the newest ATI drivers, everything is up to date but the thing is when I'm playing fps drops from 60 to below 30 for like 5 secs and then goes back up again it is really frustrating and annoying. The sad thing is that it happens on games that I could play with a low budged build, like in League of Legends or a 2006 game - The Witcher. It doesn't matter if I change the graphics setting or anything the same thing with my fps happens. A complete devastation was when I got 15fps in Wither 2... First I thought that my system can be overheating, but I checked the temperatures they are pretty normal, the drivers are up to date. Maybe I could have damaged the HDD when I was cleaning it with a wet cloth? Maybe there's not enough RAM? Maybe there's a virus? Guys, how can I find out what the hell is happening? And why my system is under performing that badly? Please leave comments, suggestions, or even anything, I would really appreciate it.
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently on my eleventh year in my education course and in this year I have to do a project in my chosen class. And of course I've chosen Informatics, I should consult with my teacher what I will be doing with the project for the rest of the year... And something just came into my head lately, our school doesn't have an "electronic grade book" (sorry if I don't know how u guys call it, my main language is not English). I think that's a neat idea and if I would manage to pull it off it would pay me quite nicely. So guys, where should I start, I have basic html and php knowlage. Would it be possible to connect this so called grade book with a CMS like joomla? Where should I start? Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, I finished my build and I'm ub3r happy with it... xfx 5850, 1055T x6... I can max out everthing I tried, even fraps it with no problems... But i came in to borderlans and it struggles... I mean it doesn't have better graphics then bad company, dirt 2, metro, but fps drops to ~30 sometimes, and that kind of noticeble, I mean my friend gets more fps with a 2 times slower system... I'm using newest cata 10.6 drivers... Another problem I encountered is that sometimes in bad company i get a fps spike for no reason, sometimes when I join a server, and sometimes just for no reason, my fps drop to ~3 for a couple of seconds, and then backs up agian to normal. And by the way, there were 2 times (when I watched youtube lolz), cataclyst poped up and set that it encountered some errors, but now it is fully working and something like that, and bam blue screen, crash, pc rr, btw the card isnt overclocked. Guys can you help me? Is this driver related? Or the card is damaged in somekind of a way? thx
  5. So the story behind this is that my friend had a 8800 or a 8600... anyway it burned and now he's sitting on a 6700 or something like that And he is going to change it, what should he get? His pc is kind of old, and he cant spend a lot of money on it, so I think we are looking at a mid 9000 series or early 200 series :/ He knows that he wont be able max out games and stuff, but he mainly wants to play wow/bad company and other newer games on maybe medium graphics. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys for all your feedback, and I decided to buy http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150491&cm_re=5850-_-14-150-491-_-Product it was a great deal in my shop http://www.kilobaitas.lt/PCI-E_16x/XFX/XFX_HD5850_PCI-E_725M_1GB_ALIE/HD-585X-ZNFV/CatalogStoreDetail.aspx?CatID=PL_433&ID=327063 A lot of people say its not that noisy and hey it's 5850.. what do you think about that guys?
  7. Yeah sapphire would kick butt, but its out of my price range ;/
  8. Hey guys, tomorrow I'm going to shop, and hopefully I''ll buy a new graphics card, because now I'm sitting on my motherboards integrated one. I had Asus HD 5770 CuCore for some time and performance wise it was epic, but the noise it was producing it was just insane, I couldn't hear my self think. So I don't want that to happen ever again ;D Allso i don't wanna go over ~900LT >>> 330USD (note that prices from my shop are different like from newegg). So I'm thinkin' about XFX 5850 http://www.kilobaitas.lt/PCI-E_16x/XFX/XFX_HD5850_PCI-E_725M_1GB_ALIE/HD-585X-ZAFV/CatalogStoreDetail.aspx?CatID=PL_433&ID=327062 I'm just scared because it's has a non reference design. And it may be loud. I would buy Sapphire vapor or toxic if had the cash, but i don't :/ Allso I was thinkin' about Gigabyte 5830 >>>>>>>> Click here I was reading the reviews and it turned out it wasn't so loud, but it is 5830 and it will have less performance then 5850 :/ So please help me decide. Here are some links from my shop: all 5850 >>> http://www.kilobaitas.lt/Ieskoti/CatalogStore.aspx?criteria=5850 all 5830 >>> http://www.kilobaitas.lt/Ieskoti/CatalogStore.aspx?criteria=5830 all vga's >>> http://www.kilobaitas.lt/Kompiuteriu_komponentai/Vaizdo_plokstes/PCI-E_16x/CatalogStore.aspx?CatID=PL_433 the shop >>> http://www.kilobaitas.lt
  9. Thanks for the info Smith
  10. Yeah you're right, I'm over reacting. So we decided to buy: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-880GM-UD2H Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T Processor cooler: ZALMAN CNPS9900NT Hard drive: Western Digital 1TB Memory: Patriot 2x2GB 1333MHZ Power supply: Chieftec 750w Case: Cooler master Gladiator 600 Yeah, I'll stay with the motherboard integrated graphics card for a month or so 'till we will save some cash and we will get HD 5850. And we heard that AMD packs a cooler for their processors so we will check it out, if it sucks we will buy the zalman thingy. Allso we've have chosen SAMSUNG P2450H 24" 1920x1080 2ms response monitor what do you think guys?
  11. Yeah, 17 fps just great.
  12. Guys what do you have against that cooler? In newegg it costs 74,99$ >>> 209,972 LT But in my store it costs only 149,75 LT >>> ~53$ And it's silent So? If it's a bad decision pls offer something similar.
  13. Sorry for double post but look what I've found http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/ati_5000_series_roundup/4 5770 avg 19fps in crysis 0xAA .............. wtf, what would I do.. :/
  14. @dihartnell I don't think that my motherboard does support more than one graphics card, but that you for your point. I'll do a research on that. @The Smith Well it doesn't matter if I will jump out of the budged a little, I just cant jump a lot, like from 5770 to 5970 ;D or gtx480. @joel.monteiro I love nVidia, but this time we decided to go for AMD/ATI, and I think 470 is a bit out of our price range. It's 1300LT here and now we are going for 5770 which is ~600LT so the price jump is kind of high. 5830 is ~820LT that's affordable. And 5850 has the price like gtx465 ~950LT, but the shop only has asus and other crappy brands of it, and we want gigabyte. Anyways is gigabyte a good brand guys? And about the processor, we did a research and found out that not many programs support 6 cores and it has only 2.8 ghz, so we decided to go for a faster 4 core processor. Well we have time to change that if you say it's a bad decision. @paulktreg Well the time won't help us, we have the cash we just don't want to overpay for everything, and we want to have everything in a moderate amount of cash. Thanks for the fast responses.
  15. So yeah tomorrow me and my father will go to order the parts and so far we have this: Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-880GM-UD2H Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE Processor cooler: ZALMAN CNPS9900NT Graphics card: GIGABYTE Radeon HD 5770 or 8530 (or something like that, need you opinion on that one) Hard drive: Western Digital 1TB Memory: Patriot 2x2GB 1333MHZ Power supply: ~750w (haven't decided on the brand) Case: THERMALTAKE ELEMENT T or Cooler master 690 guys help me decide on the graphics card, 'cause we will have 1900x1080 monitor and I'm afraid that new games will lag out... I will use this pc for gaming and some frapsing, video making stuff... I would go for a 5870 or 5970 if I could afford them but yeah.. And 5850 is in my price range, but my shop doesn't have it so yeah guys give me some feedback
  16. Hey guys, I am thinking about buying this processor: CPU PHEN2 X6 1055T SAM3 BOX/125W 2800 HDT55TFBGRBOX AMD Yeah it has 6 cores, but only 2,8GHZ.. My 2 year old pc with 2 cores has that much.. So can anyone explain how this works? Is it possible to overclock it to 3.2 or so? with air cooling? Or should I buy CPU PHEN2 X4 965 SAM3 BOX/125W 3400 HDZ965FBGMBOX AMD? Thx
  17. And what about the RAM's?
  18. Thanks for the good feedback guys. I checked out that mother board that you've told me and its in my price range indeed so I'll change to GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H. About the RAM... If i add 2x2GB now I'll save ~200LT and if i will decide to add 2GB more later will it be a problem? Because like you told AMD 6 Core's doesn't support triple channel memory. Yea I know that 465 sucks hard ;D But it is the only new nVidia card that is in my price range... Gtx 470 is about 1260LT or so... And i thought numerous times about switching to radeon, but something in side me just doesn't want that ;D And will 550W be enough for that 6core fermi beast? ;D Again thank you guys for your replies, I really appreciate them.
  19. It turned out that I'm aiming too high... I just found out that my budget is 3000LT >>> ~1,100USD And the prices in my country are not the same as US... So I found that AMD pc parts sell hell cheaper, so I tried to do something with them.. And I also found out that 6 core AMD processor is 300LT cheaper then i7 930 ;DD Motherboard: AMD GA-870A-UD3 (GIGABYTE) >>> 356,89 LT Processor: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T >>> 735,04 LT Processor cooler: ZALMAN CNPS9900A >>> 143,46 LT Graphics card: nVidia GeForce GTX 465 (GIGABYTE) >>> 955,82 LT Hard drive: Western Digital 1TB >>> 258,86 LT Memory: Corsair DDR3 3x2GB 1333MHZ >>> 527,27 LT Power supply: - Case: THERMALTAKE ELEMENT T >>> 217,23 LT CD/DVD: from my old pc Card Reader: from my old pc I went a little over the budged here, but I haven't picked a power supply. So hows the build? ;/ Does it even fit?
  20. Well these are just my thoughts, not my final decisions And I thought that gigabyte or evga are the best in the graphics card market, ain't it? And i thought gygabyte > msi? or not? Again thx Nyt for the response Oh and by the way, I haven't chosen any monitor yet, but I think I'll go for a largest 2ms response, 1900x1080 capable monitor by samsung
  21. Nyt Ryda thank you for the overlocking information, I will surely PM you when I will get my gtx470, or if I will get my gtx470. SpeedwayNative you mean that 2x3GB is better then 3x2GB? Also I decided to try buying the parts from http://global.ebay.com/ There are a lot of parts which come from USA, that means it's payed by US Dollars. 1USD = 2.8LTL so that's a great deal for me, because Lithuanian PC stores literally steal cash. ;D My decisions are always changing, but so far: Motherboard: GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R Processor: i7 920 Graphics card: GIGABYTE GTX470 Hard drive: Western Digital 1TB Memory: CORSAIR DDR3 3X2GB Power supply: COOLER MASTER 850W CD/DVD Drive: LG GH22NP20RBBB Cooler: ZALMAN CNPS9900A Case: COOLMASTER HAF 932 Since I'm not buying from my retail stores, now I can buy 920 processor and save some money. Any other tips, explanations, advices are always welcome.
  22. I understand now, but is it necessary to have that much fans? And can you talk a little about overclocking? Wow, thx for the monitor info!
  23. Well taking yours advice i made some adjustments: MB: GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R CPU: I7-930 VGA: GIGABYTE GTX480 or GTX470 or GTX465 (Haven't decided on that) HDD: Western Digital 1TB Blue RAM: CORSAIR DDR3 3X2GB 1333MHZ PSU: CORSAIR 750W or COOLER MASTER 850W (Haven't decided on that) CD/DVD Drive: LG GH22NP20RBBB Cooler: ZALMAN CNPS9900A Case: COOLMASTER HAF 932 Monitor: Samsung LCD 27" P2770HD 1920x1080 (What about this 1?) And what about overclocking? Is it a good idea? Should I overclock all of them? CPU,VGA,MB? And are there any downsides of the overclocking? Any other tips/advice would be ok guys
  24. So gtx480 is just not worth it? gtx470 is the best deal? and what about gtx465 does it suck so bad? And does overclocking have any disadvantages? Because I don't see any point of NOT doing it And I can't figure out your point with the fans in every place. I thought that CPU comes with a cooler, VGA comes with a cooler and I'm adding another zalman cooler I don't even know where, so about what fans are you talking? And could you explain more about the cooling stuff?
  25. The problem is that my store doesn't have 920 that's why I have chosen 930. Also I always was an nvidia fan boy ;D I just couldn't play safely knowing that ATI is in my pc ;D I will surely check out that motherboard. I think I will get my i7 overclocked, but I don't know about the gtx4** And I think you are right about the 4gb's of RAM I'm running 64bit I see you have a COOLER MASTER PSU and their case. Are they silent like they say? And hows their products anyway? 'Couze I just got hooked up with the silence thing Thank you for your comment Nyt Ryda
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