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    AMD AThlon 64 X2 4400+
    Corsair 2Gb PC6400 x2
    XFX HD 4870 512Mb
    Samsung SyncMaster 733NW - native 1440*[email protected]
    PowerLogic Atrix 5500 (Modified)
  1. I use a Samsung SyncMaster 733NW, a 17" monitor. For the moment i'll stick with this and i really don't have any plans to change unless i change the whole work desk in my room. The size of the monitor fits just nice and running on native 1440*900 isn't that bad since i can still see clearly from my seat without hunching forward.
  2. still doesn't get why men became SO defensive when talking to a girl who knows about computer hardwares...

  3. A big fan doesn't really guarantee a good airflow, i also used the xfx stock cooler (although i removed the hood of the xfx stock cooler and added some ramsinks) and a good airflow sometimes can be achieved by closing the panel creating a wind-tunnel effect A balanced intake and exhaust is also important, as it is rather messy if you have (for instance) 4 intakes but only 1 exhaust. Also take notice the shape of the fins of the fan, as better designs move more air mass / M3 even on low RPMs If you want to, you can change the thermal paste on it with Tunix ones and remove the (egg shaped) hood, add some thermaltake ramsinks. It gives more value if you're planning to sell it for a better one (like i always did with my hardware, i make them nice and shiny so the resell price is still adequate to add up my upgrade budget)
  4. Also on a side note to save money, you dont actually need a 1Gb version of the 250. If you always play in resolutions lower than 1440*900 then a measly 512mb version should work more than enough for you. But if you play at resolutions higher than that you should get the 1Gb version Higher resolutions needs higher graphical memory. So if you are playing under that zone i said above, then save the cash and go for a 512mb version.
  5. Which manufacturing company made your 4870? My best solution would be to better ventilate your pc, currently i'm running inside a modified PowerLogic Atrix 5500 (i brought the case to a local welding shop) and add a bottom and top fan slot, and 3 fan slots aligned on the graphic card. Currently this is on idle this is on furmark 10 seconds after So i would suggest a better airflow inside your case, usually achieved under a closed panel case. Common setup, Front - intake, Rear - Exhaust. If this your current setup i would suggest managing your cables so the airflow can be smooth without hindrance
  6. Thanks found it through google i think im going to get one but going to have a friend do it, i'm not really good with things that might cause sparks > _>
  7. Sadly i cant because i RMA'd it... i think i sorta did something wrong and got a permanent artifact but i patched it up real good so the vendor accepted the RMA @[email protected] dremel? is that the thing to cut steel? sorry im not a native english speaker so i wouldnt know... but if it is, i'll ask someone to do it.
  8. well the problem is if i dont remove it, it will bend the pcb (being bifrost is a big thing by itself) but not by a dangerous degree, is that ok?
  9. My suggestion is save a little bit more and go for a GTX 260 - 216SP (normal, SC or SSC) by EVGA (if you go the green road) or the Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X (if you decided to turn ships and go the red lane)
  10. I need help o.o;; I just bought xigmatek's bifrost to handle my HD 4870's heat issues. But the thing is... there are thermal pads for the ramsinks and all everything fits.. all that's left is this... this part... Underneath it i found some small black components, the issue here is that the bifrost doesnt come with heatsinks for those... Should i just leave it out in the open? Or thermal pad each group (of 3, totalling 11 - 12 peices and 4 groups) and slap a memory sink on? Because i cant use the stock one that was already there (too tall) my bifrost would hit it and tilt, causing the base not touching the GPU core completely. oh by the way this is the bifrost. Would appreciate the suggestions and helpful comments
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