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  1. For purely nostalgic reasons, Moto Racer 2. When my dad needed to work late, he would take me and my brother into the office with him, and let us play it on company computers. no idea why this company had 2 copies of a video game, but there it is haha.
  2. Your fine. I know who you are. Man, you guys are lucky I'm not running it because I'd be a lot less forgiving than Bosco - I mean seriously, you're entering to win some awesome prizes...you'd think you'd be extra careful to follow the rules. I am forgiving to a point. A small mistake I will let go, missing your name, your phone number or over half of the stuff I asked for, I don't overlook. However, when it comes down to running the script will determine the mood I am in and what I will let go and won't let go lol. But the instructions don't say you need your name and surname ? Only the username. Mailing address, which would need the full name....
  3. Your fine. I know who you are. Bosco Claus knows when you are sleeping....he knows when you're awake...
  4. SUPER EXCITED!!!! I just hope I don't work Christmas this year. 'Twould be a shame were I to miss a certain call...
  5. Yeah, I recently started going back to church, and have a ton of LDS friends on facebook... so I left it out lol
  6. My friend posted a video of Adam Sandler singing his Thanksgiving Song, and I like it so much, I decided to do a quick, down and dirty cover. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/taylor_hudson/thanksgiving-song-adam-sandler
  7. Sadly, my beloved Hardrock, Susan, was taken from me on Thursday.... By some prick who apparently wanted her more than I did. I knew I shouldn't have gone cheap on the lock...
  8. meth (breaking bad popped into my head, for some reason...)
  9. My GTX460 has served me well the past few years, but ever since I went from 1600x900 to 1920x1080, and got Witcher 2, and can't play it on anything other than low, I'm itching to do an upgrade. I'm trying not to spend more than $250, but I might go higher if the performance jump is worth the money. Any suggestions?
  10. I spent an hour going through all of the graphics cards, no luck there. EDIT: Got them all
  11. Hey Guys! EVGA is holding their 14th anniversary event, which includes another Scavenger hunt, among other events. I thought we might want to come together and share ribbon locations as we find them? Not sure if this violates the terms of their contest (I'll find out) or this site. If a mod could elaborate on that, that'd be great. We could also try to meet up for some BF3 or TF2 on teh EVGA servers.
  12. I don't ride nearly as much as I used to, but it is 115 outside. I have a SPecialized Hardrock 29er I got a little over a year ago. If I could afford a nicer ride, I'd have it.
  13. Honestly, it's been a few months since i've cleaned out my tower, let alone my card... I think I should do that.
  14. I haven't updated them recently, and it wasn't under load. I had about 6 tabs open, but nothing major.
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