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  1. Which Galaxy? Also, have you downloaded drivers for the phone? Mine connects just fine and asks what to do with it.
  2. My windows 10 has been pretty stable so far. I had an issue with it BSODing due to an audio driver in 7, but haven't had that happen since the upgrade to 10.
  3. i tried that but it asked for a product key You can use the creation tool to update from the pc, and just skip the prompts for a key, it'll activate automatically. For some reason, you can't update from USB without a key. But you can clean install from USB
  4. It's been happening on a few devices in the house apparently. We have on average 16 devices connected to the wifi, so I ordered a new router with 2.4 and 5ghz. In my theoretical research, having the 2 frequencies with 300mbps each should ease our woes with some extra bandwith. Also, from what I've read, 2.4ghz networks can interfere with each other, a fall back not experiences with 5ghz signal. So we'll see what happens.
  5. Lies, it worked for a bit, but stopped working again. Ugh, this is really annoying. I've gone through 3 gigs of data in a week because my wifi doesn't work -_-
  6. I think I finally got it. I changed the channel the router was using to a channel no other network around us was using. WOOO
  7. No McAfee, and no lookout. Nothing on the phone anymore lol
  8. Hey guys, Lately, my S4 has been unable to use the internet when connected to the home WiFi. It works on other networks, just not at home. What's weird is that my Tablet and the computers all connect just fine to the network and internet. I reset the router, factory reset my phone, and have done pretty much everything I could fins online to try and fix it to no avail......any ideas?
  9. Me and my brother have started doing some duet covers. Part serious singing, part comedy, wholly entertaining. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!
  10. If you paid through PayPal, a claim through them should easily get your money back. If you paid with a credit card, or a debit with Visa, MC, or AE, you should be able to file a complaint with them to get your money back.
  11. Fair enough. We'll see what I think needs to happen. I'm working on rooting my dad's old eee pad transformer.
  12. I'm not rooted, purely because I don't want to risk the warranty. @BP, I think I actually installed that today. I play guiotar, drums, a wee bit of piano and sing, so I like everything haha. Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. So I finally bit the bullet and jumped into the tablet world, I got me a shiny new Galaxy Tab S 10.5, and LOVE it so far. I got it mostly to be able to digitally carry all my sheet music for school, but I also want to use it in other effective ways. As such, I'm looking for your recommendations as to some useful Android Apps that may improve my tab experience, and assist in my learning endeavours. Hell, let's be honest, I'm looking for games as well haha! Any suggestions?
  14. I guess there is also the possibility of joining the red team...
  15. Hey Y'all, I'm looking into building a new rig, and I'm deciding on graphics card. Basically, should I spend $75 on another GTX460, and run in SLI, or should I drop $280 on a GTX 680? I'm not too bothered about getting the best looking graphics EVAR, I just want to be able to run my games in 1080, with smooth frame rates for a decent price. Thoughts?
  16. Hey Y'all, I'm back! i just returned home from England after serving as a missionary there for 6 months. Unfortunately, depression forced me to return home 1/4 the way through, but it is good to be home. And, good to be back here I've finally got everything set up, except I can't find my gaming mouse or mousepad Anyway, it's good to be back!
  17. There is a big Amazon warehouse in Phoenix, and I've come to find that if there is a local delivery upgrade option, I never pay it and still get it in the 1 day.
  18. I'm going to be serving a mission for my church (I'm a Mormon, SURPRISE!!!). So that won't be a thing.
  19. Not thaaaat long haha. Although, in 91 days I move to England for 2 years, and won't have access to the internet....
  20. Just thought I'd pop in and say hello, it's been awhile since I've really contributed. Life's been a bit busy, but I miss y'all. Any big news I need to know? If there is, I'm assuming it involves BluePanda and Waco somehow
  21. Ninjas are a good starter, but people do tend to outgrow them quickly, mostly because of engine size. I also wouldn't worry about learning on a manual, that's how I learned to ride, and I'm still around
  22. Intel i5-750 quad-core @ 3.68 GHz MSI P55-CD53 Motherboard 8 Gigs OCZ DDR3 1333 memory ASUS GTX460 XFX 850w Black Edition PSU HP Keyboard CM Sentinel Mouse KRK Rokit Studio Monitors (I got the sound covered haha) Country:USA
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