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  1. Wow. Never "expect" a win from any sort of contest. Doing that makes anything you end up getting less awesome and you get upset for no reason. As far as I know, the winners information gets sent to the manufacturers, and they ship out the stuff. It takes 4-6 weeks, if I remember correctly.
  2. Welp, the parts are here, and there's no time like the present, so let's get into this build!!! It's been a few years....or 8 since I built my current PC, so I hope I remember how this goes. After getting the mobo in....and then taking it out to put the I/O shield in, I successfully read the instructions, and gingerly as hell placed this beautiful processor (that costs more than my first build....) into it's socket. You can't see it in that pic, but I also mounted the PSU... in the most difficult way possible. Ah, the joys of nothing coming with the manual.... Now to put on this MASSIVE cooler. Guys.... this thing weighs 3 pounds, has 8 heatpipes, and barely clears my RAM. I've seen children with smaller heads than this thing. After some adjusting to get it oriented correctly, it fits. It even clears the GPU! Gotta love that 970! Time to wire it up! This case has tons of features to aid in cable routing, which facilitated a pretty cable mess free case, in my opinion. It also had 2 different options for mounting the SSD's that I got with it, and I opted to put them behind the mobo tray, to keep the inside of the case cleaner. After wiring it all up, it was time to see if she would boot! SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!! And she looks pretty damn good to me! I tried to set the SSDs to run in RAID 0, but something must be wrong with the RAID controller in this board, because windows refused to install to it. 4 HOURS LATER, and at least 15 different solutions attempted, I gave up and decided to run them individually. Windows wouldn't even let me install with the controller in RAID mode, so I switched to AHCI and finally got windows setup running. Ten minutes later, it was installed! Seriously, it went stupid fast with these SSD's. After getting most opf my programs up and running, it was time to see how the temps were doing. I was running 10 tabs, and and switching between 6 other programs. Not too shabby. And this cooler is whisper quiet, it's excellent, especially when it comes time for my recording work. Anyway, she be done! I've gone from having an i5-750 and a gtx 460 to having this beast, and it's NICE! Gotta love pure dumb luck!
  3. THE BUILD BEGINS!!!! I got 2 lovely packages on my doorstep this afternoon, filled with GOODIES!!! Unfortunately, due to my school schedule, I was only able to get the mobo, cpu, ram, and PSU in tonight. Tomorrow, I'll get everything else installed
  4. I didn't even realize I'd won! I'm still a little sketched out about a liquid solution, as I can't afford to replace any of this in the event of a leak. Also, the 2011 cpu's don't come with a stock cooler, so I'd have to wait to play with my new computer, and the parts are getting here thursday!!!
  5. The thing weighs 3 pounds, I don't want that hanging off my mobo!
  6. Funny you just happened to win an AIO cooler. lol. Originally it was supposed to be the Nepton 240L, but they changed to their massive air cooler. I ended up buying a Noctua U-12s (I think I meant to get the 14, whoops lol), and I'm selling the Masterair Maker.
  7. Question: I was considering an AIO water cooler solution, but after some research, my paranoia about it leaking and destroying this beautiful card I can't afford to replace combined with the fact that I don't intend to OC the cpu makes me lean toward an air cooler. Considering the size and weight of this cooler, I'm looking to buy something else. I've always been happy with my 212+, but I'm open to any suggestions.
  8. Should be a few degree drop, potentially more depending on mode, with the H100i. Might as well. And I won't be putting the strain of this beast on the mobo. Let's just hope I can get it sold.
  9. Question: I'm considering selling the air cooler, and picking up an H100. Thoughts?
  10. Hey Y'all! So I entered a contest from Cooler Master for a new gaming computer, and holy hell, I WON! It's been a few months, but the parts are finally arriving, so I thought I'd throw a build log up on here. Specs are as follows Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 i7-5930K Asus x99 Mobo 32gb HyperX Fury DDR4 Master Air Maker 8 V850 PSU ASUS Strix 960 HyperX Savage 240gb SSD x2 Quickfire XTI Keyboard Sentinel III mouse Pretty sweet rig! I was informed that 1/3 of the parts would be shipped from Taiwan, with the rest coming from the US. Then I got an email last night telling me the tracking info, and the Taiwan parts came today! Time for some unboxing! So the mobo, cooler, keyboard, and GPU are here. Now, you may notice, as I did, that there's a 970 there not a 960....SWEET! I'm definitely not complaining about an unexpected upgrade. I can't wait for the rest of the parts to get here, and to start building the beast!
  11. From some further research, Seagate seems to have the highest failure rate. I thought I was using a seagate, but I remembered it's a Hitatchi.
  12. Hey Y'all, I just won a gaming computer (no idea when it's getting here) but it looks like they decided to cancel the 2 2tb hard drives, and threw in a gaming monitor instead (not complaining.) As I feel 2 240gb SSD's won't be enough, I'm looking for a drive for data storage. Currently, I get by on a 250gb and a 750gb. So I'm trying to decide on storage and speed. I'm thinking a 2-3tb drive should be plenty for the next few years. Should I go fancy name brand, or bare drive? 5400rpm or 7200? I'm leaning toward this drive for the price. Thoughts?
  13. For what you are describing, you seem to already have what you need. A good USB condenser mic like a snowball or yeti will work well for guitar. If you really want an interface, I'd go with the Focusrite. You have some of the best headphones in the sub $200 price range, so you're good there.
  14. Excited for this years contest! Get to it when you can, Boss.
  15. Supes excited. I almost thought you'd gotten rid of it while I was in England last year haha.
  16. Do....do ya remember me, Blue????
  17. I suppose it might often be that way, but it's not necessary. I've used both an AMD/ATI GPU and my current NVIDIA card with my intel processor with no ill effects.
  18. I'm in the market for an upgrade on my cpu/mobo and a new gpu, if you've got anything hanging around.
  19. Just went in to my first walker battle, and it was terrible. Imperials held everything, you couldn't move without dying. So much potential, but it seems it was not well borne out.
  20. There's no campaign, just survival missions. This game is screaming for a campaign, especially since pure PvP can be had in plenty of other games that aren't $60. ...Gross. Why would I pay $60 for a BF4 Star Wars themed expansion?
  21. It's fun enough, I'm more interested in the SP story when it comes to Star Wars games, but we'll see. I'd probably only pay 20-30 bucks for it.
  22. Tried a bios rest, no dice... EDIT: He had a video cable plugged into his computer, but not to a monitor, so the one screen we got was the screen without a login graphic.
  23. Hey Y'all, Until recently, my dad's PC has been working just. Out of nowhere, though, it wouldn't boot up. I pulled the HDD and got what files he needed off it, formatted and ran a clean install of Win 10. Installed just fine, installed some other programs (chrome, Anti Virus, etc.) and went to reboot. It starts to boot, shows the win 10 logo and a spinning icon, and then goes to a black screen and nothing happens. Any ideas what could be going on?
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