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  1. Hey Y'all,

    It's been a minute since I've been active, but I need your help. After 6 years with my current PC, I'm finally upgrading. I bought a Ryzen 7 3800XT and a B550 board, as my 5950k is well past it's prime, and is killing my video editing workflow. I'm going to be installing today, but I want to make sure I'm doing this the easiest way possible. A few questions:

    Should I do a fresh install of Windows, or is their a way to make the transfer and keep all my programs? (And would it be worth it, or is a fresh install best?)

    Any tips you can offer for things I need to do to best prep for the change? Like I said, it's been 6 years since I've done this, and I'm rusty.

    I appreciate y'all!

  2. Hey y'all,

    Like I'm sure many of us are, I'm currently working from home during COVID. My job recently extended our WFH to 9/01/21, so I'm trying to streamline my workspace a bit, and I want to get a kvm. The issue I'm having is that my work computer has an HDMI out, and my main rig's monitors only have a DP in. I would like to find a solution that doesn't involve needing a kvm and a $50 hdmi to DP adapter, but if that's the only way, then I will just suck it up. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good kvm at a fairly budget price? 


    I am an idiot, I double checked and realized that my main rig has 3 DP outs and 1 HDMI, and that my monitors accept both. SO now I just need a rec for a good kvm lol


  3. I know this is usually a place for help, so if this is in violation please remove.




    I recently was going through my parents internet stuff, and realized that for $1 more per month, we could get triple the potential speed, as long as we provided our own modem. So I did that, and the increase was pretty good (went from an avg of 30 to an avg of 70 ish.) Then, our router died, so we replaced it with an AC1200 router. Well, after installing it, I'm getting upwards of 165! So, for $100 in equipment, and $1/month, we basically increased our speed 5 fold. Just thought I'd share my small victory :D

  4. Hey Bubba, for speed, ping, reliability, latency etc. there isn't much that is going to perform better than a network cable between your router and your work station.  I think that your two next best bets will be powerline adapter or usb wifi adapter.  If you go the USB wifi adapter ideally you will find one with a long enough cable to allow you to better position your antenna for optimal reception.

    I got my powerline working, but the signal doesn't translate well through the walls, so I got a usb 3 adapter, and bought a 9 foot cord for it, so I'm getting 65 down :D

  5. Moving the pc, or the router isn't really an option, unfortunately. As I added in my original post, I got the powerline working, but the speeds are only around 18. I'm frustrated haha. I wish I could just plug in directly. I suppose I could buy a really long cable, and run it through the attic. I also suppose that the cables I'm using are older, and don't have the speed.


    My cables are CAT5e, so that's not the issue. My connection is only 100Mbps through the powerline, though....


    I also suppose I could get an extender for my antennae...

  6. So I just asked for help with adapter suggestions, but after buying a PCI adapter, I realized that my PC is in a terrible spot to receive wifi with a built in card. My wireless was working so well because I have it on a USB extension up high, free from obstructions. I used to have a powerline adapter, and loved that, as I would get great speeds and ping, but it died. SO my question is, what is going to be my best option for improving my speed and stability? I'd love to figure out a way to go wired if I could.


    (Just for reference)

    USB Adapter: 30-40 down, 2 up. Steam Downloads at 4 megs/s

    PCI adapter: 10 down, 8 up. Steam Downloads 1 meg/s

    Powerline: 60 down, 6 up.


    EDIT: I just fixed my powerline, but the speed is only getting 18 down.... Frustrating.

  7. I currently have an ASUS adapter that only has a 300Mbps limit, and I'm getting about half the speed through it that I get on my brand new lappy (30 vs 60 down.) I keep getting connection issues while gaming and streaming, so I'm looking for a new adapter. USB preferred, but I'll go PCI if it makes sense. I saw this on amazon, and  it seems pretty good, but I don't know that I trust the brand. Any suggestions are welcome, and appreciated!

  8. Are there any other features you want to have than just it being light? Like touchscreen, certain screen size, screen resolution, USB 3.0, USB Type-C connectors, Thunderbolt connectors, and you get the idea.

    For me when I was looking to get a new laptop I wanted a touchscreen just because the one before had one (I still don't use it much, but didn't want to lose the feature anyway) and a comfortable keyboard for me. Just went to a nearby store and felt the keyboards of several laptops, liked the feel of a Lenovo best, so I got myself the Yoga 2 Pro. Been very happy with it. I wanted something I could easily take with me and can write comfortably on, and it does the job very well.


    Nothing too particular. I would like a usbc, 8 gigs ram. I don't really care about touchscreen or QHD. I do want to go play with some options at a store to get a feel for things. I just think so far for price-performance that the 13 and the stealth are pretty close in comparison. The new Yoga looks sick, but it's a little rich for my blood.

  9. I'm getting quite a lot back from grants this school year, so I want to get me a laptop. I won't be doing anything too heavy on it, maybe some light audio recording. I would like an ultrabook for the weight, as I'd be hauling it around at school. However, they are pricey. I don't want to spend more than $1k. I'm leaning toward an XPS13, or a Blade Stealth, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. Any advice is welcomed!



    Packages are shipping out tomorrow. Most are 2-3 day shipping; so goods should be arriving to some of you before the end of the week! OMGA!!!

    SO how did this show up on my doorstep today????




    Thanks OCC and Bosco for the great contest! We appreciate all you do!

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