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  1. I hope they add 3D support. :cool2:


    Isn't 3d support something you can hack into a game? or is it more like if it is not programmed into the game you are screwed? I thought I remembered some articles on guru3d about how to get 3d support back in the day (Pre Nivida 6800 days) in games like Call of Duty 2.

  2. If you find someone selling an X-fi (ANY model) cheep (under $50) just grab it.


    I am using a set of Corsair SP2500 speakers and an X-fi with Crystalizer on. I have heard MANY people say they can't tell a difference, I can, and I don't like the sound of integrated compared to the xfi.


    The bass sounds tiny, compared to with the x-fi (yes even after tweaking settings) and the volume range is simply not there.



    To each their own, I say if the x-fi is cheep grab it.

  3. I have an early model 6950. It has been running great. The driver issues have never been bad for me, they are always fixed a week after something is released, and I don't buy games right away anyway. My 6950 overclocks quite well as well, I can't compare it to a 560 ti though since I never owned one, maybe someone else can provide some insight there.

  4. If its going in the corner did you consider adding a 2nd level in the corner for storage above the monitor? I just thought of it because the desk appears to be designed with space in mind.


    I always prefered the old used door and some 2x4's.


    I need a bigger desk.


    I have the old door going on right now. :)

  5. I decided to change my air cooling to water cooling, well currently in my country, only one retailer and they only had AquaBay series of water cooling from the thermaltake.

    So, please help me put the thing on my Cooler Master 690 II Advanced case. a video is recommended(well, if you happen to have the same chasis and water cooling system) and notes are welcomed. I'l be using Thermaltake AquaBay M5, 24cm Radiator from thermaltake and the tank changed to SR100 Reservoir.

    any opinion is welcomed


    If it were me (I have never seen an AquaBay in person, so I can only speculate) and I were not using all my internal bays, I would dedicate 3 of them to the pump, I would also put noise canceling foam/padding around the pump in the 3 bays to cut the noise.


  6. On topic: I think that a small fan ought to do the job. You might even consider one of those spot fans that they make for this type of situation.


    I would shy away from small (under 80mm) fans for noise reasons. If that's not a concern then its fine.

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