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  1. My Corsair HX1050 arrived today! Here is an album of images! And a photo of everything. Thanks again Bosco & Corsair! I did my best to label the image descriptions to lead back here. Now I'm gonna go install this sucker before my old psu kicks it!
  2. Hmm, my stuff still has not arrived, maybe tomorrow.
  3. How were you guys shipped your winnings? USPS/Fedex/UPS? I ask because I have a locked mailbox for mail that usps uses but fedex and ups just drop them at my door same as AddictedGamer93.
  4. Oh wow! I won something! Thanks so much!
  5. I sure would like to play with one of these. Stock cooler will have to go at some point though.
  6. Looks practical so far, I can't wait to see it all done. Are you going to paint it?
  7. GSG-9

    Bioshock: Infinite

    Isn't 3d support something you can hack into a game? or is it more like if it is not programmed into the game you are screwed? I thought I remembered some articles on guru3d about how to get 3d support back in the day (Pre Nivida 6800 days) in games like Call of Duty 2.
  8. The video seems to have been taken down. :/
  9. I may be interested in some concept art for it, I am thinking something like the first work under illustrative typographic here. Send me more info about it.
  10. GSG-9

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    My score: 3227 PCMarks i920 @ 4.2Ghz AMD HD6950 @ 915Mhz/1365Mhz/1.2V
  11. GSG-9

    3dMark 11

    Here is my score: P5652 3DMarks i920 @ 4.2Ghz AMD HD6950 @ 938Mhz/1420Mhz/1.2V
  12. I agree, a mac with a extended warranty sounds like it would be great for this person. Price allowing.
  13. I have a Tt Challenger right now, yup, a membrane board. It works for everyday stuff but sometimes I do wish for a more responsive board like a DAS.
  14. Yeah you should not have any REAL issue with the length, the latency will be far less than what the card would give you.
  15. If you find someone selling an X-fi (ANY model) cheep (under $50) just grab it. I am using a set of Corsair SP2500 speakers and an X-fi with Crystalizer on. I have heard MANY people say they can't tell a difference, I can, and I don't like the sound of integrated compared to the xfi. The bass sounds tiny, compared to with the x-fi (yes even after tweaking settings) and the volume range is simply not there. To each their own, I say if the x-fi is cheep grab it.
  16. I have an early model 6950. It has been running great. The driver issues have never been bad for me, they are always fixed a week after something is released, and I don't buy games right away anyway. My 6950 overclocks quite well as well, I can't compare it to a 560 ti though since I never owned one, maybe someone else can provide some insight there.
  17. The NF-P14 fans are silent. I believe the RipjawsX sticks are standard height, with an extended heatsink, you should have no problem refitting them with a $8 set of copper heatsinks. Although you will lose your warranty most likely.
  18. The only thing I have owned from Corsair is an SP2500 speaker set, and it was pretty wicked. Very low distortion to noise output.
  19. If its going in the corner did you consider adding a 2nd level in the corner for storage above the monitor? I just thought of it because the desk appears to be designed with space in mind. I have the old door going on right now.
  20. There certainly is something to the old keyboards, and you knew they were not going to break. I still have a mechanical packered bell keyboard.
  21. If it were me (I have never seen an AquaBay in person, so I can only speculate) and I were not using all my internal bays, I would dedicate 3 of them to the pump, I would also put noise canceling foam/padding around the pump in the 3 bays to cut the noise.
  22. I would shy away from small (under 80mm) fans for noise reasons. If that's not a concern then its fine.
  23. just got here

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