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  1. SlimChance

    End of Nations Beta Key Giveaway

    Count me in for one!
  2. SlimChance

    Quakecon 2010

    My only problem is money right now.... goin to college ain't cheap. I'm in the same situation as lusk, so shallowbay how bout you pick me up and we'll call it a deal
  3. SlimChance

    Quakecon 2010

    Me and some friends were thinking about going to Quakecon this year... assuming we can get together the funds needed for gas, hotel, food etc. It looks like a blast from what I've seen and I was wondering who all on OCC is going? Any stories from the past if you have gone, or what we should expect and look forward to. I'm new to the forums so take it easy on me
  4. SlimChance

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Usernames (Pc)

    SlimChance8 is my bfbc2 name
  5. SlimChance

    2010: PC Gaming Names - Xfire, Steam, Gamespy

    Steam - SlimChance