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    CPU: AMD FX-6300 On Corsair H80
    Power Supply: EVGA Modular 750W
    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Profressional 64 Bit
    MoBo: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
    Memory: 8GB Generic Cheap Rubbish :(
    Case: Aerocool XPredator Black / Orange Full Size
    Fan Controller: NZXT Touchscreen (Single Bay)
  1. Hi all, To cut a long story short I've given my Dad my XF-i fatality card and am going to purchase a new sound card for myself, the question is should I buy another XF-i fatality and use the PAX drivers, which I know work well with my setup etc, OR should I get the Sound Blaster Z? If anyone has experience with both cards could they share their opinions? Thanks in advance!
  2. johnace01

    GTX 770 vBios problems.

    Yeah I always use the latest driver directly from nVidia or AMD, just for some reason the non beta one was causing problems. Do you mean DOS or CMD? I have experience with DOS from way back when so it would be something I could probably do. Sadly none of this explains why the bios I downloaded from Asus didn't work. It seems to be all sorted (for now) but cheers anyways!
  3. johnace01

    GTX 770 vBios problems.

    Ok so as far as I can tell the problem is solved, the latest Beta drivers from the Nvidia website seemed to solve the problem, which is odd because other people seem to have this problem with their Asus 770's and solve it by flashing the latest bios. I tried the drivers on the Asus website and the latest proper release ones and had the problem but the beta ones work. Hopefully this is a fix not just some massive coincidence. Only time will tell. Cheers people!
  4. johnace01

    GTX 770 vBios problems.

    It is one of the DC 2 models.GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 is the name on the Asus website.
  5. johnace01

    GTX 770 vBios problems.

    Yeah I did, I also downloaded one from Techpowerup but that is some kind of proper bios file rather than a simple .exe that does it all its self, having never flashed a vBios before I would rather let it do it for me.
  6. Hello all, I got my Asus GTX 770 yesterday only to run into some problems when playing Assassins Creed 4 (the game that came with it) it crashes my whole computer at seemingly completely random points. After doing a Google search I have come to the conclusion that it is the bios on the card. There is a newer one from the Asus website that I downloaded and tried to flashing but I just get an error reading 'Error This patch does not support this card' even though I downloaded it for the GTX 770 from the Asus website. Any suggestions? Cheers guys!
  7. johnace01

    AMD FX-6300 Voltage & Overclocks

    Maybe offset is only a thing on Asus boards? I believe that it ramps up the voltage when it needs it, every time I try it my computer just falls over. I saw somewhere that 1.5v was the maximum safe voltage.
  8. johnace01

    AMD FX-6300 Voltage & Overclocks

    Sabertooth 990fx, to be fair it is a pretty good overclocker, if I set the voltage it will stick to that mostly, do you use manual or offset? I haven't had a different mobo since the LGA775 days so this whole offset thing is new to me. I read somewhere that going over 1.5v was a dick move, agree or disagree?
  9. Wassup guys! Long time since I have posted anything and it seems like there are a lot of different people here now! Anyway I was wondering what sort of overclocks people are getting with their FX-6300's, I am getting 4.5ghz but I have upped the voltage from 1.404 to 1.440. From what I am reading this is a huge increase in voltage given the clock, but it is stable here. So basically do you guys that that that voltage is really high or not? I am using a Corsair H80 so there is quite a lot of headroom heat wise. Cheers guys!
  10. Sup guys, me and some friends are building some PC's soon and we want to do an AMD build, I am not new to computers I build them regularly but this is my first AMD PCI-E 3.0 build and I can't find any AMD motherboards with PCI-E 3.0, any suggestions? I know there is a Sabretooth one but I can't find it here in the UK Any help / suggestions are greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  11. johnace01

    Game Sharing In Steam?

    I think it is a great idea, there are lots of games my friends have that I would love to try but am not willing to pay for just in case I don't like it, things like Tomb Raider. I think it could boost the sales of games people like and maybe stop people torrenting their games. Although I do see how it could 'ruin the industry' with people buying less games potentially and this could cause PC games (or at least Steam games) prices to get higher, I still think that it is a great thing for them to try.
  12. johnace01

    Game Sharing In Steam?

    So then guys, I am sure that some of you have seen some news surrounding the code in the latest beta of Steam.
  13. johnace01

    Where to plug +5 -D +D GND pin?

    Cheers guys! Sorted, I wasn't aware that they came in 4 pin editions, been so long since I did a computer, 3 or 4 years!!
  14. johnace01

    Where to plug +5 -D +D GND pin?

    Ahhh I know exactly where it goes now! It is just that my motherboard has some blue casing around it with 7 pins. I presume it goes in 4 of the 7.
  15. johnace01

    Where to plug +5 -D +D GND pin?

    Only got 4 pins, the usb 2 one is in fine