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    PCmark Vantage Scores

    i was going to make a post on here, but after looking at the posted scores i think i might not have the right settings. i'm scoring 18-19k at default settings - but i only have the advanced version (not pro) so i can't do 1920x1080 resolution. the highest i can go is (i think - im posting this from work) 1280x768 or something like that. also, i can't post my scores - i always get errors. i don't have any problems posting 3DMark, but PCMark won't post. update: actually, i was running 18-19k with fairly unused SSD's and a 4G overclock. after 15-18 months and a 3.8G downclock i'm running low 17k's as of this morning
  2. bschmidt71

    New Loop - Good Or Bad??

    this is a Boreas: (space)(space) the blue block you see there is one of 4 water blocks - which houses 3 TEC's (thermo electric chiller) each for a total of 12. the water is cooled to subambient by the "cold" side while the "hot" side is attached to the fins the blocks are attached to. the fins create a wind tunnel of sorts, and the fans at each end suck air between the fins (into this "tunnel") and out the sides. allthough the unit is capable of subambient temperatures, my unit will not - by design. condensation is a very real problem with these devices, so i have negated this capability by adding my water loop in series with the Boreas; thereby limiting its cooling ability to "merely" ambient. but, since it still has the same ability to lower [water] temperatures, it means my water loop stays at a constant temp. the Boreas comes with software that controls "how much" it cools -- i have mine set for 30C. here are some specs: (space) for those who are interested, here is a review frmo Hardware Canucks. you can also google "Boreas MTEC review" to find other reviews from different sites acually, it's 70C: water temp + 40 (as explained above, my water temp stays pretty constant at 30C)
  3. bschmidt71

    New Loop - Good Or Bad??

    nope. my loop goes as follows: pump1 -> CPU -> rad1 -> pump2 -> GPU1 -> GPU2 -> rad2 -> Boreas -> pump1 i'll check when i get home, but i think they do sit kind of high (i wanna say 1.4ish??) since i'm pretty inexperienced with OCing, i figured auto was the safe bet. would .05-.1V make that much difference on an extreme binned part such as the 965 is? certainly not 20C?? note: i actually down clocked it from what i have had it running before on air - which was 4G. i've booted to 4.1 but could not run stable. now, i can't even run stable at 4.0 (very likely due to high temps running on air - i was frequently close to 90C even with my Noctua NH-U12P SE 1366) so my temps do seem a bit high then for the CPU? what *should* they be?? (is anyone else using the heatkiller 3 block that can monitor water temps/diff??) i doubt i will be able to get them close to the GPUs temps - around 50 at load (WT+20) - or should i be able to do exactly that? if so, i'm thinking the block isn't on good enough or the TIM isn't placed well enough/too little. i still need to take my busted GPU out of the loop....so when i do that i will also check my TIM on the CPU to see what it looks like.(probably this weekend) that will tell me if my pressure is good or if i need more/less TIM...it will also increase my water flow a slight bit...
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    Oc Noob

    greetings veteran OCers and fellow noobs!! i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. i am not completely new to the world of OCing, but this is the first time i have ever taken it to this level. i recently purchased my first (real) custom WCing rig complete with a Boreas TEC unit for a 1-2 punch that is ....well, not bad...not too bad at all... though i have been around enough to know what OCing is (how it works in general, what to do, that sort of thing) - there is still a lot of the specifics that i have yet to learn. i have thrown myself head-first into the www to learn what i don't know and have ended up here. i will be likely be asking a lot of questions, and one day hope to be able to contribute my own knowlege to help others in their OCing endeavors - at the least i should be able to tell others what *not* to do lol