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    Hi xxmastermushxx thanks for the reply. CPU-Z is showing the same as the PC Probe II software. So it must be ok. That software Hardware sensor monitor 4.5 froze my pc along with speedfan. So i took them off. Here is CPU-Z along with PC Probe. ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
  2. Hi guys i just got this built and was wondering about this voltage in the red. Heres some more data.
  3. Thats why you date or get in Engaged. So you can feel each other out. If it does not work out so be it. You said in your post that she has told you about things in her past. She wasn't proud of and thats a good start. Its better to bring out everything in the open if you want to further the relationship you have. Thats the mature way of doing things and i hope it works out for the both of you.
  4. This post is amazing. Someone said you should have not said anything to her and he is right. At least she has a reason to leave you. Men like i been told by many many women over my life says we think to much with all thingy instead of our brains. Now she will never leave you alone ha ha.
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    OCC home page loading very slowly

    I use Chrome 5.0.375.99 version also and and i don't have any issues with it. Very fast load times on here.
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    Oreo Truffles

    These look really yummy. But im like the other guy i don't like white chocolate either. Hey i would still try them.
  7. Alphadog

    OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD Examined

    Nice review thank you.
  8. Alphadog

    A question for YOU

    Not at all.
  9. Alphadog

    Who Here Believes In God?

    Man I would say something but it would just drain me. But im like the other poster Andrewr05 Thread would be closed if it were up to me.
  10. Alphadog

    Cadillac Fleetwood For Sale On Ebay

    Man thats just nasty.
  11. Maybe these will bring the prices down for the SSD versions.
  12. Alphadog

    Guess Your Speed In Ohio

    Yea I was watching that on channel 19 action news Cleveland Ohio. Thats what it is a guess but they are getting away with it to bad.