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    CPU: i5 750 @ 3.7ghz
    RAM: 4x 2gb ddr3 1480mhz
    PSU: Antec TP 750watt
    MB: Asus P7P55D-E EVO
    VC: Asus HD6950
    SSD: OCZ Vertex 120 GB
    HD: 1tb Samsung
    COOLER: Corsair H50
  1. Mikes-i5-750

    Why do you OC?

    Because all the cool kids were doing it.
  2. Mikes-i5-750

    XFX Contest

    Here's mine. CPU: i5 750 @ 3.7ghz RAM: 4x 2gb Team elite ddr3 @ 1480mhz PSU: XFX Pro750 Watt MB: Asus P7P55D-E EVO GPU: Asus HD 6950 HD: 1tb Samsung COOLER: Corsair H50 Push pull
  3. Mikes-i5-750

    Post Your Wallpaper

    Here's mine.
  4. Mikes-i5-750

    funny videos

    Spike strip Fail good old NZ cops LMFAO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezEZD99VwVY
  5. Mikes-i5-750

    What stupid things have you done?

    I spent a good 30mins trying to start the mower the other day just. To find out the fuel was switched off didn't I feel like a idiot.
  6. Mikes-i5-750

    3dMark 11

    Got my new video card last week a single HD6950 @ 835/1285, i5 750 @ 3.7ghz
  7. Mikes-i5-750

    Horrible flooding in Australia

    I live in Brisbane but I' am lucky to be living in a suburb that won't be in the flooded area but. I've got Friends who have lost everything and sadly love ones to and it's heartbreaking and it really hit you to see it happening in your own back yard.
  8. Mikes-i5-750

    3dMark 11

    P4143 i5 750 @3.7ghz and 2x HIS 5750 plus 8Gbs of Team Elite DDR3 ram @1480mhz
  9. Mikes-i5-750

    HD Projector and PS3 question - Home Theater

    Could be the ps3 or projector My brother is running 1.4 HDMI 1.5 meters to his Sony 7.1 channel receiver and from there 1.4 HDMI 20 meters to his projector and no problems
  10. Mikes-i5-750

    G'day from Australia

    Thanks guys I've had my pc for over a month now and i love it
  11. Mikes-i5-750

    G'day from Australia

    Hi eveybody I'am new here just got back into pc's had a laptop for over two years looking forward to getting to know you.