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  1. X BlackCat X

    The Humble Indie Bundle #4

    Here we are. The fourth bundle pack is now avaiable. Featuring: -Super Meat Boy -Night Sky -Shank -Bit.Trip Runner -Jamestown -Cave Story+ -Gratuituos Space Battles What's the Humble Bundle? The HB it's a serie of various packs of indie games. Interesting thing it's the fact that you can decide how much pay for them. The initiative it's going to support charity. All games are redeemable on Steam. Who's getting it?
  2. X BlackCat X

    36.4" priceless Monitor

    I work in the IT team in my local hospital and I could say that even smaller ones are around that price. I don't know really how they would work for gaming, but for X-rays reports are perfect
  3. X BlackCat X

    Which video card should I buy?

    Both cards are good, indeed. Like others said, the 6950 it's a bit faster than the 560ti. I'll choose the 6950. (I just ordered an XFX 6950) I personally didn't find big problems with AMD drivers, and im also running a Crossfire.
  4. X BlackCat X

    $2000 AMD/ATI Build

    And what about going with a Raptopr / SSD as primary disk paired with a secondary storage disk? Agreed
  5. X BlackCat X

    New build for noob

    No objections about that build. Personally, I would have get a pair of WDs 320 and set up a RAID 0. Up to you anyways.
  6. X BlackCat X

    Hello everybody

    Sirs, hello I just have registered in this forum. Im here for help and expand my knowledge in the Hardware world! See you all around.