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  1. I've used cards from both companies though. From ATI/AMD I've used : 5770, 5850, 5870, 5970, 5970+5870, 6870, 6970, 6970 CF, 7970(twice), 7970 CF and 7990. From NVIDIA I've used : 8600GT, 9800GT, GTX260, GTX470, GTX480, GTX560, GTX560 SLI, GTX580, GTX580 SLI, GTX670, GTX690, GTX780Ti and a GTX980. And most of the time, I enjoyed the green cards cards more than the red ones. So it's personal preference I suppose, definitely not blinded loyalty.
  2. I'm interested to see AMD's new card, but I don't know if I'll be able to switch from NVIDIA. I guess I've been spoiled with : 1. Game-ready drivers on most big release dates. 2. Support for Adaptive V-Sync via the NVCP instead of needing to use a third party app (RadeonPro) that is no longer being updated. 3. Implementing FXAA per game via the NVCP instead of needing to use a third party app (RadeonPro) that is no longer being updated. 4. More DSR options than AMD (1.20x and 1.50x). 5. TXAA* 6. Advanced PhysX* 7. Hairworks and Fur* 8. Godrays* 9. HBAO+* 10. PCSS* *which are all optimized for NVIDIA But if AMD comes in faster and cheaper, then that is a big plus. I'm hoping we get to see 16nm/20nm(whatever die shrink they can get working) eventually, we've been stuck on 28nm for 3.5 years now.
  3. Nyt

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I think I overestimated how taxing GTA V is. On my 1475MHz GTX980 I'm getting super smooth fps with pretty much most settings maxed settings and I'm only using 3.2Gb of VRAM. Running no reflection MSAA, FXAA, maxed Population Density, maxed Population Variety, maxed Distance Scaling, Long Shadows on, HQ shadows on, Extended Distance Scaling slider 3/4 and Extended Shadows Distance slider 3/4. Pretty well optimized
  4. Nyt

    Grand Theft Auto V

    What are your sliders for density in the normal graphics menu ? And what is your average FPS from the built-in benchmark ?
  5. Nyt

    Grand Theft Auto V

    #justAMDthings Busy on disc 6 of 7, so lets see how it goes
  6. May 19th can't come soon enough !
  7. In light of the latest news of a South Carolina police officer shooting an unarmed black man in the back 8 times, I think the following survival guide is appropriate (from some guy on the internet who can use MS paint) :
  8. Nyt


    So he finally named his hand ?
  9. I see nothing sarcastic and condescending. The only things the driver says are : "Ok", "I understand", "I apologize", "I'm sorry" The officer was driving and parking in a way that was dangerous and reckless, and he didn't like it when the driver pointed that out so he decided to "show him who's boss". There's a difference between a bad cop and a good cop. Everybody respects the good cops as they earn their respect. You say "go a month without the police and you will see you need them" - nobody is debating that, we need the police but specifically - we need good cops.
  10. So I came across this video that's gaining in popularity on the web. Video description : *NOTE: NSFW language in video* That cop is just crazy. Hopefully the cop in question will face some consequences for how he treated that guy. Is police abuse that common in the US ? Have any of you experienced any sort of abuse or bad attitude from cops ?
  11. Nyt


    Was tempted, but I have such a backload of games. I'll probably pick it up in a few months.
  12. I'm glad the option to disable it is available, I hated it in Lords of the Fallen, Dying Light and Alien Isolation. It's not nice when a consumer spends thousands of dollars on high end gaming hardware in order to get a crisp detailed image and then the developers force some crappy visual setting that makes your eyes bleed.
  13. Nyt

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to OCC The best is to post a new thread under the appropriate sub forum with an informative title like "PC upgrade question"
  14. Nyt

    Life is Strange

    Episode 2 releases tomorrow (the 24th)
  15. Nyt

    Battlefield Hardline

    Battlefield Hardline + Battlefield Hardline "Premium" probably. "Premium" is just a fancy way of saying it is the season pass for future multiplayer content But it costs a fortune, only worth it if you really love the multiplayer
  16. Nyt

    Battlefield Hardline

    Enjoying the campaign. Nice cop/detective storyline and gameplay which has been quite absent from gaming.
  17. Nice review, loving that we have the OC'ed card charts again - makes it easy for me to comapare my OC'ed 980 to the Titan X Here's a rough summary for 1920x1080 : Metro LL 980 OC 1.3% slower than stock X OC X 21.5% faster than OC 980 Bioshock Infinite 980 OC 0.2% slower than stock X OC X 16.4% faster than OC 980 Crysis 3 980 OC 11% slower than stock X OC X 38% faster than OC 980 Far Cry 4 980 OC 11.3% slower than stock X OC X 32% faster than OC 980 BF4 980OC 11.3% slower than stock X OC X 25.4% faster than OC 980 ACU 980 OC 9% slower than stock X OC X 29.5% faster than OC 980 So an OC'ed GTX980 is on average 7.35% slower than a stock X at 1080p. I know we're comparing apples to oranges with stock vs OC, but it is interesting to see that means for $559 with a bit of slight tweaking in Afterburner you can get close to stock Titan X performance which will cost $999. And an OC'ed X is on average 27% faster than an OC'ed GTX980 at 1080p, while the price is probably 78.7% more. The Titan series used to be for those looking for improved DPP, but now it seems like a way to take a gaming card, throw on extra VRAM and price it out of the reach of most gamers. Hoping to see a 980Ti with similar specs and 6Gb VRAM arrive around the time the HBM AMD Fiji card comes out, so we can see a battle between the brands for performance and value for money in the segment between the $559 GTX980 and $999 Titan X.
  18. Then why did you talk of 2Gb VRAM in general, and skip any references to 1Gb VRAM when the card in question only really has 1Gb effective ? The 1Gb effective VRAM on a HD5970 might be enough for current/older games at 1650x1050, but you will definitely run into stuttering of some sort in future games (like the Witcher 3, with minimum requirements of a 2Gb GPU) and most definitely at 1920x1080 in the future. Also, a single HD7950 or R9 280 doesn't have 4Gb VRAM, it only has 3Gb. But I'd much rather go for a HD7950 or HD7970 than a HD5970.
  19. Nyt

    The Order: 1886

    My collector's edition never arrived, so I got a normal retail edition from the stores on Saturday. Finished it yesterday. My thoughts... Graphics: Brilliant. Really beautiful. Beautiful cloth simulation. I doubt PhysX cloth even looks this good. The smoothest 30FPS I've ever experienced. No input lag, nor any lag in intensive fight scenes. Probably one of the best implementations of AA in a console game. I cannot recall seeing any jaggies at all. I do suggest you play it on a large TV screen though - the black bars made it pretty small on my 27 inch FHD monitor, so I had to move to the 40 inch TV to get a better experience. I also suggest you make use of the gamma settings available, because exploring dark places like basements/tunnels seem to be way too dark at default gamma settings. Post processing and film grain make it feel more cinematic, although it would be nice if film grain could be lessened (especially when looking at the beautiful sky and you see a crazy number of large flashing dots), but this is just nitpicking. Sound: Really atmospheric. Helps develop the dark and unknown London atmosphere. Nice variety of music in different paced scenes. Gameplay: Cutscenes are really nice and well done, it makes it feel like a movie (although some people might dislike how entire chapters are just cutscenes). Cover combat feels like The Last of Us mixed with Mass Effect with some added elements. Really great cover system implementation. The ability to peek over cover and peek to the left/right of cover provides you with excellent views of the battlefield. The ability to blind fire and to combine peeking so that you can fire with a reticle visible makes it feel like you have more options to deal with situations. Some cover can be destroyed, however the enemy rarely seem to use this cover and it is not as abundant as you might think. Most of my firefights were behind solid cover. Excellent array of weapons with an abundance of ammo after a battle. Blackwater is used creatively and does not mean you are immortal and can never die. Blacksight adds a new layer to combat - ie. shooting grenades mid air, shooting multiple enemies quickly when they overwhelm you Enemy AI is strange at times, but they do show some knowledge of battle tactics as some enemies suppress you while others try to flank you. Fights against half breeds seem repetitive. Shoot, X to dodge, shoot, wait and repeat until they are incapacitated and press triangle to finish it and wait for the next enemy. Characters and Dialog: Dialog is well done and conveys emotions successfully. Characters are well developed and they each have a personality of their own. But towards the end, things fall flat. Story: Interesting premise at the beginning. Feels like a movie. Some of my thoughts while approaching the end... Whenever there is a boss fight, Galahad always loses his weapon and it ends up as a knife fight with QTE. At some point Galahad starts killing normal police/guards who are only doing their job and it doesn't feel like something a Knight should do. There also seems to be too many enemies at once towards the end, and it feels like Tesla is mass producing experimental weapons because everyone seems to have them to use them against you. There's a plot twist towards at the end, which I won't spoil, but doesn't get dealt with at all - Galahad doesn't reveal this plot twist/conspiracy to anyone. There's even a new character that is introduced in the last half hour and you never even find out their name, nor does Galahad even think to ask about them. The game ends in an unsatisfying way... Plot threads are left wide open for a sequel and I felt that there should have been another 3 hours to wrap things up in the story. This was not a good way to wrap up the first game in a new IP. Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 8/10 Gameplay: 8/10 Characters and Dialog: 7/10 Story: 5/10 Overall: 7.6/10
  20. Nyt

    The Order: 1886

    So, anyone getting this game tomorrow ? Review embargo lifted today, and it seems mixed although most are leaning to the negative side. Preordered the collector's edition, so I'll see what it's like tomorrow. I enjoyed cinematic/on-the-rails games like Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain so I'll see how this works when combined with 3rd person shooting mechanics.
  21. I thought you weren't going to spoil it Well I suppose there are 4 out of the 5 that remain unspoiled...
  22. Yeah just because the Pixel and Texture fillrates are higher than a stock R9 290 doesn't mean this is a R9 290X. The TMUs/SPs of your card are equal to the R9 290. Your R9 290 is simply a factory overclocked R9 290 (which is why the core clock is higher, and thus the Pixel and Texture fillrates) and NOT a R9 290X
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