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  1. 1.35v is what he said he's using on the G3258. I'm assuming he previously used 1.295v on the 4670k in his sig.
  2. I tried updating it from my side and it works. Make sure you click "Save changes" at the bottom of the "Edit Signature" page in "My Settings".
  3. My reference MSI GTX980Ti does around 1450MHz boost in gaming overvolted on 1.238v with no bios mod. Power/Temp targets maxed and the temps hover around 62C at 17C ambient, with around 95% fan on the reference blower. Memory is also oc'ed to 1980MHz. Flashing the BIOS would help with extending the power limits and could offer some headroom on the core.
  4. Ive tried up to 1.32 for 4.5 but still crashes during test , and temps getting quite high (85c) , i am not sure if i can go any higher One of your other voltages might be limiting the OC, because my 4770K can do 4.5GHz on 1.25v, and 4.7GHz 1.325v (although maybe yours just can't OC higher) What is your : Ring ratio, Ring voltage, System Agent voltage and VCCIN/CPU Input voltage ?
  5. Let's see some proper benchmarks, other than a synthetic which doesn't correspond to actual gaming performance, and some more common resolutions than those 4K benchmarks released by AMD (ie 1920x1080 and 2560x1440) before we jump to conclusions. I think the Fury is going to be good value for money, but let's see how it overclocks (especially since I saw that HBM frequency is going to be locked). The core clock of the 980Ti already OC's about 250MHz above base clock, and ends up boosting near 1450MHz, and the memory can be OC'ed from 7GHz to nearly 8Ghz.
  6. Have you tried setting the 4770k back to stock and setting the RAM down to 1333MHz? That graphics driver is pretty old, I think it's from December 2013 ? Try updating the drivers to a newer WHQL version - should help with performance in games too.
  7. Hi there. What are your GPU temps during the Furmark test or during the games where you are experiencing crashes ? (Use a tool like MSI afterburner) What are your CPU temps are during gaming ? (Use a tool like Coretemp) What is your current AMD graphics driver ? And is the crash a Blue Screen or does it flicker/show a message of "Driver stopped responding" and does it need a system power button reset to fix ?
  8. Pretty excited about this I hope it won't be delayed.
  9. Remember, more voltage is not necessarily good. More voltage results in hitting your power limit more easily and often your GPU may downclock itself around 50MHz when you hit the limit. Be sure to have your clock speed monitored by a tool like MSI Afterburner and after you've played an intensive part of a game you should check to see if you hit your power limit often and what the clock speeds hover around.
  10. HMMM guess you dont like your new 980 ti very much, I never understood why people pull their brand new part out of the bag and then place it right on top of the static bag. Its called a static bag because it hold a static charge on the outside of the bag not allowing the charge to get to the part on the inside. Anyway, looks like a nice card, hope you enjoy it. The anti static bag is probably just for protecting during shipping incase it moves around a lot. My old EVGA GTX980 didn't come in any anti static bag, just in some cheap plastic so that probably received way more static charge during shipping. Do you suggest I place the card on my carpet and take pics ? Or PCB-down on my table and then take pics ? On top of the bag is better than nothing
  11. My lovely new MSI GTX980Ti... I think I'm going to name her "Princess Cirilla", Witcher 3 here I come !
  12. Looks good. It'll probably be out Holiday 2016 so I'm not going to get hyped about it as then it will feel like an even longer wait. I should probably get around to actually finishing Fallout 3 and New Vegas.
  13. Nyt

    Fallout 4 rumors

    Yip new thread is best. No need to keep a 2 year old rumour thread open now that we have confirmation. Closing this. New Fallout 4 thread : http://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/200724-fallout-4/
  14. Glad I sold my GTX980 a couple days ago. Definitely buying one of these !
  15. After days of troubleshooting I am finally free of this issue. It turned out to be the ASUS Xonar DSX soundcard driver. I uninstalled it and installed a UniXonar audio driver, which is a modded driver for all ASUS soundcards, and it runs great ! Sometimes a simple thing can cause so many headaches...
  16. COD Ghosts was a current-gen launch title, hence the large size. Black Ops 2 was before current gen and was only 16Gb on PC. So you are telling me that the reason new games post new-gen launch have gone up from 16Gb to 40Gb+ is because companies like Activision wants to deter low end piracy and not because of high quality assets/texture/new gen visuals?
  17. You've lost me now... So you are saying that developers now artificially try to bloat their game size to 40+ GB in order to deter pirates who have low bandwidth ? Have you considered the fact that a major majority of PC and console gamers both obtain games through legitimate digital downloads ? Gamers using retail copies instead of Steam/Origin/Uplay digital copies are becoming rarer every year. By making games larger, they also prevent legitimate buyers with low bandwidth from purchasing their games from digital marketplaces like Steam/PSN/XB marketplace thus lowering their profit. Do you not think it would be in their best interests to keep game size minimal to appeal to a broader market which includes low bandwidth users ? Has it occurred to you that the sudden increase in game size coincided after the launch of the current gen consoles ? It is now easier for developers to make games with higher quality assets and textures with the PC as the lead platform, so now most games can now be developed for PC and ported from PC to console instead of being developed for extremely low spec consoles and ported to PC. Also, Watch_Dogs launched May 2014 (a few months after the current gen console launch I might add) and not 2013. Most pirates also don't really worry about bandwidth restrictions, as most of them have large caps and even if they have a small cap they will most likely just copy the files from a friend who got his copy from another friend who has faster internet with a higher cap.
  18. The Witcher 3, a DRM-free game, needs around 40Gb of space. The increase in required space cannot be narrowed down to DRM or piracy prevention. High resolution assets and textures and the vast amount of mutually exclusive content used in games featuring singleplayer and multiplayer modes contributes to the large install sizes of this generation. The fact that tracks used for singleplayer are the same used for multiplayer also helps Project Cars to keep the install size smaller. This contrasts to games like Battlefield or Call of Duty where the multiplayer maps are different to the singleplayer campaign maps.
  19. Hello there everyone, I'm really stumped with a Blue Screen of Death problem that I keep having so I would really like your advice. For the last couple months my PC has been having a BSOD mainly with any sort of video streaming or video player sites like Youtube. It seems to BSOD either at the beginning when a video is loading for the first few seconds, or during the time the video is playing. he issue is odd, because some days I can watch many Youtube vids without any issues and some days I can have 4 or 5 BSOD's in a day with it happening every 2-3 videos. It also seems to BSOD when shutting down Windows on certain days, but a lot less frequently than the Youtube issue - I probably have the shutdown BSOD once a week. Also, the BSOD codes change every time. Sometimes its 1A, sometimes 7E, sometimes 3B, sometimes its says iusb3mon (Intel usb3 driver) caused the BSOD, sometimes it says cmudaxp (ASUS Xonar audio driver) caused the BSOD, sometimes it says Nvlddmkm.sys (Nvidia driver) caused the BSOD and sometimes it only gives codes with letters. I've done a couple things over the last few weeks to try and fix it but nothing seems to help. 1.) I initially had the issue on my 2Tb OS drive. I bought a SSD and formatted the 2Tb HDD. I put a fresh install of Windows 7 on the SSD and now use the 2Tb as a storage drive for games. The issue is still there even with the SSD so the 2Tb is not at fault. 2.) For RAM I am running 2x4Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133Mhz 1.5V with 2x4Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400Mhz 1.65V. I had them both set to 2400MHz with the slower timings of the 2400MHz RAM and 1.65V and it runs fine in gaming. I thought that perhaps the 1.5V RAM being overclocked and overvolted was causing the issue so I removed the 2x4Gb 2133MHz 1.5V RAM and ran with only the 2x4Gb Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz 1.65V at its rated stock specs and that still did not get rid of the issue. 3.) I also overclocked my CPU and GPU, so I set both those back down to stock clocks and it didn't solve anything as the BSOD was still there. 4.) I uninstalled the Intel USB3 driver and the issue was still there. 5.) I normally install all my drivers from the motherboard CD. Since the BSOD occured with those older drivers, I decided to uninstall all the old ones and installed all the newest drivers for my Maximus VI Hero from the ASUS site and that didn't solve anything either. 6.) I also thought it might be an issue with Chrome on my system, so I uninstalled that and installed Mozilla Firefox instead but the issue was still there. I'm really stumped with this one, especially since it never occurs in gaming. So... Any advice ? I was thinking to perhaps run with 1 stick of RAM at 1333MHz and see if that perhaps helps ? Or run my onboard GPU on my 4770K to rule out any unlikely but possible GTX980 issues ?
  20. I don't know what the big fuss is over downgrades. Yes, it has been "downgraded" if you compared the current build with the trailers from previous years. Here's a album that shows the changes : http://imgur.com/a/8I1He But if it still looked like the Witcher 3 of a couple years back then the chances are only people with Titan X SLI would be able to run it. We saw how Unity was given such a bad name for being too demanding even though it did look amazing. Most of the people screaming downgrade are people that can barely run Witcher 3 in its current state at 1080p and get 30FPS, let alone the Witcher 3 of a couple years ago. Also, I don't see a problem with Witcher 3 looking like Dragon Age Inquisition. Both are open world games built for new gen and one has a much bigger budget and a much bigger team working on it, yet they both look pretty good. I'm more interested in the story, quests, characters and adventures.
  21. Haswell is quite hot because of the bad thermal paste Intel used. Is your CPU a 4690K Haswell or 4690K Devil's Canyon ? Haswell can take temps that high and even into the 90s. Prime stresses the CPU more than most everyday applications. 87C is pretty high considering the ambient is 15C and you are running a cooler that should be around a 10%+ improvement over the stock cooler. Have you tried reseating the cooler with some new thermal paste ? Also, how much variation is there between the max temps of each core ?
  22. The 5820K already outperforms the 6700K in all 3 games, and in 2/3 benchmarks. And it has a massive cache with the possibility of upgrading to 6 or 8 core LGA2011-3 cpu's.
  23. From the latest OCC news article : So whose team are you on ? I'm definitely on #TeamYennefer Mainly because she's going to play a much bigger role in the game than Triss according to all the screenshots and gameplay vids I've seen. Plus I find dark hair way more attractive than red hair which feels quite fake and unnatural.
  24. Well that was unexpected... Dirt Rally is now out for Steam early access on PC only at the moment. Looks like a really nice Rally simulator. Quite challenging from the gameplay vid : Links : http://store.steampowered.com/app/310560/ https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/home Only a certain amount of cars/tracks/game modes at the moment. More will be added throughout the year - including Pikes Peak, Rallycross, PVP etc Definitely picking this up, hoping to see it prosper into a great community assisted game like Project Cars
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