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  1. America's already been made great ? Well, someone better call Donald Trump and tell him someone else has already beat him to it haha
  2. Wow. Wasn't expecting it to be honest, I thought Hillary had this election won by far but the people have spoken. The Republican Party has really done well. I hope America becomes great again
  3. Nyt

    Mafia 3

    It does seem that way. I like the idea of garnering support, but come on, 2K needs to cool it and not release so much for it. Let us discover some stuff on our own. I've actually stopped watching the majority and just post them here, lol. Agreed. The one about Vito even spoiled how he and Franklin met and why they are working together. They should keep things a bit more vague IMO. Definitely getting this game though, looks really good
  4. A fairly long warranty and excellent customer service is normally a good sign towards a good brand. Quality with graphics cards can be a bit more subjective, especially with reference boards that are so similar. Other parts like power supplies can have a lot more variables that are behind the scenes like performance under load testing, voltage regulation and efficiency etc so its best to check out a few reviews regardless of the brand and its perceived quality.
  5. Congrats, all the best for the future
  6. Also really looking forward to Frank's overclocking article on the card. Should be quite interesting to see how GPU Boost 3.0 works with being able to set the clocks for each voltage point to squeeze out every last bit of performance
  7. I have a feeling that the 256 bit interface on the GTX1080 might be holding it back at 4K. I'd bet it's only a 10% increase at 4K but let's see.
  8. I'm also keen to see what the real life benchmarks are. My overclocked 980Ti comes within 10% of those leaked 3D Mark 11 and 3D Mark FireStrike Extreme benchmark scores so I'm thinking the real world benchmarks would probably also be around that margin. The 1070/1080 are sure going to be great cards for those guys with 970s or 980s. The 1070 looks like great value. I wonder what the card is that shows around 7.6Gb VRAM in the leaked benchmarks, 1060 maybe ?
  9. Nyt

    Mafia 3

    Well, Vito is in it. That's something. I hope they do give a bit more info about what happened after Mafia 2's ending with a certain character. Preordered this a while back, looking forward to it
  10. At least in the US the police is relatively efficient and fast to respond to home invasions, etc. Here in South Africa it's quite different. Most police stations take quite a very long time to respond. Luckily I'm not too far from a police station, and I stay a block away from a big hospital with lots of traffic so that helps deter criminals. Although I think if all guns were banned from the general populace here in SA then I'd have quite a few sleepless nights worrying about how to defend my family and home, especially since most criminals in SA now attack/rob in armed groups of 3 or 4.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone Hope you are all enjoying the day with your loved ones
  12. Opened here in South Africa yesterday (16th). Haven't got around to seeing it but I've already seen spoilers *sigh* Hope you guys enjoy it
  13. I know, I took out the expletive
  14. Only thing that sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest of your system is the COOLMAX power supply. Do you trust that brand to power all your high quality/cost parts ? Wattage isn't everything. I'd personally go with something by Corsair, Seasonic or Antec for peace of mind.
  15. I can't rank them, although these are my favorite/most memorable/most loved games : Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Dragon Age Origins, Awakenings, Inquisition Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 Witcher 1, 2, 3 Beyond Two Souls Skyrim The Last of Us Bioshock Infinite Assassins Creed series Life is Strange
  16. Nyt

    Far Cry Primal

    Far Cry Primal has just been announced. Reveal trailer : More info here : http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/10/06/far-cry-primal-announced-with-2016-release-date Releases on 23 February 2016 on PS4/XB1 and on PC later in March. Super excited
  17. Well I managed to get around 1450MHz actual boost clock in gaming with my reference MSI GTX980Ti with a bit of added voltage (1.24v up from 1.19v). You should be able to get a decent overclock. Remember to raise the power limits. If you want to overclock your memory, you can end up with it sitting anywhere from 1900MHz (7.6GHz effective) to 2000MHz (8GHz effective, you can check the speed in GPU-Z) which is a nice boost from stock. Edit : Oh and 1600MHz is probably not achievable. You could probably get around 1500-1525MHz with a bit of luck though.
  18. I had Link set up with my H100i. One day I noticed the CPU temps were getting really hot, so I checked Link and it said the pump rpm was fine. I booted into bios and saw that even in BIOS the temps were crazy high and never came down. I doubted that the pump was working, so I opened up the case and felt the tubing. It was blazing hot. The pump stopped working properly and wasn't getting any water to the radiator which was cold. Ended up RMA'ing the H100i, sold it and got a H105 which doesn't have any Link software and it didn't make much difference to me since I hardly checked Link. I would just get the cooler that performs the best and suits your needs. If it happens to have Link, then feel free to use it but don't trust everything it says as there can always be a mistake.
  19. The S6 series changed the plastic feel didn't it ? S6 has a glass back and metal frame, much closer to iPhone quality.
  20. Yesterday it was around 70-75F here in South Africa, in winter Normally winter temps are around 60F most days and around 40F at night, although inside my house I don't recall seeing lower than 50F. I think the lowest we got this year was one early morning before dawn it was 28F, but it quickly heats up when the sun is out. We have very very warm winters compared to you guys, if we get snow in my city then it makes the news and it's a tale to tell your grandchildren lol
  21. Nyt

    Life is Strange

    4 of the 5 episodes are out so far. It's really good, definitely my game of the year. Best $20 I've spent in a long time.
  22. I haven't had any first hand experience with it, but IVITH0S has had quite a bit of success baking cards over the years. Maybe send him a PM and ask him about how he does it ? http://forums.overclockersclub.com/user/20152-iviyth0s/
  23. Really looking forward to it, I loved Mafia 2.
  24. 4790K is "Devil's Canyon"/Haswell Refresh. 4770K is normal Haswell.
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