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  1. It gets 30.4FPS in Heaven V1.0 at 1920x1080 at 8xAA 16xAF and all the highest settings . It gets 27FPS in Crysis at 1920x1080 8xAA at Very High settings . The clocks were not stable at those voltages so I put it up to 1087mv the max voltages and max fan speed and under load it gets around 70-75 celsius . What stability tests should I use . It cant handle Furmark as it get up to high 90's but no game ever gets up there . What other stabilty tests are there ?
  2. Hi I recently got a GTX470 and have been overclocking it . I got the core from 600MHZ to 850MHZ , the mem from 1600mhz to 2050mhz , the shader from 1200mhz to 1700mhz and voltage from 0.950mv to 1.080 .The temps are around 80 celsius under load and give me performance nearly as good as a 480. Is this a good overclock ?
  3. GTX 480 clocks on a 470 are achievable , people have gotten them on fan speed 100% and I have a Cooler Master HAF 932 with 10 high speed case fans so cooling is no problem on my cases part but is the upgrade worth it ?
  4. I have a Sapphire Hd5850 oc'd easily to 900mhz on core and 1200 on memory and the temps never get high . A vapour-x model will run even cooler .
  5. I have a HD5850 currently at 900mhz on core and 1200 on mem oc'd so would an upgrade not really be necessary ?
  6. Hi I am going to get a new graphics card and am thinking of a GTX 470 and OC it . The clocks are lower than a 480 but can be oc'd up to the 480 clocks . Does this mean it can perform close to a 480 ? do the temps really run at above 90 degrees celsius ? If so, would they go down when I keep the fan speeds at 100% ? Thanx
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