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  1. I have the latest drivers that was released last month by Nvidia. The windows 7 64 bit ones as im on an 64 bit OS. Its been happening still since before and after and i dont understand why. 1 of them is a BFG OC card could it be that this is messing up when running the cards in SLI as the 2 of them are running at different speeds ? However i was told that card would conform to the lower speed one, and im not too sure about OCing the other 1. Could it possibly be an motherboard problem I am also trying to work out an RAM issue were it is claiming that I have 4 GB ram when i have 6 GB ram. Could it be that my motherboard is faulty and this is the problem ?
  2. Im running 2 x 8800 GTXs on windows 7 and every once in a while i sometimes get i have successfully recovered from an NV4 disp error at other times both the screens go black until i reboot my computer. What could be causing this amd how can i fix it
  3. I have 6 GB of RAM installed my computer seems to pick up that there is 4 GB when i look at dxdiag etc. I was informed that I should try to update the BIOS in order to resolve this issue. Is this likely to resolve my problem and how hard is it to do. Also 1 other question not sure if this is related but if I am on for a fairly long time playing games after a while both of my sceens will flicker between going black and my actually screen this happens about 4 times then both the screens go and stay black and 1 of them keeps switching between analog and digital is this a graphics card problem ? I seemed to have a problem with my 2 x 8800 GTXs last week when I had to restart and when it came back on somehow my drivers for the graphics card were gone and I had to reinstall them. Any help on this would be awesome
  4. There not perticularly tech savy so i doubt they will be Overclocking the system. I might do it for them if they wish when i finally get a chance to go see him later on this year. The CPU though was on special in a bundle so it was actually quite cheap anyhow for it.
  5. Looking to help my australian friend get an computer put together. So far from what is available within there budget i have come up with. System 1 - this comes to about 1200 which is the budget 1 TB seagate barracuda 7200 RPM AMD phone II X6 AM3 1090T Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H AM3 890GX ATX M/B 4 GB DDR3 Ram 600W thermaltake Lite power supply - Or would i need more ? MSI geforce GTX 460 Coolermaster HAF 922 Samsung DVD-RW drive System 2 - this comes to about 1350 which is over so not too sure if they could afford this 1 TB seagate barracuda 7200 RPM AL-GA-X58A-UD3R Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel Core i7 950 4 GB DDR3 Ram 600W thermaltake Lite power supply - Or would i need more ? MSI geforce GTX 460 Coolermaster HAF 922 Samsung DVD-RW drive Was leaning towards system 1 and would the power supply be ok and any other suggestions.
  6. Right i see well it should not be too big of a problem I think I can get most of what I need off of it and i believe there is a way to back up my Steam games and saved files which is good because i own quite a few steam games. Only thing that worries me is i got SC2 from the Blizzard store thing and hopefully i can re download that and play it still.
  7. Ive installed the new drive but i still had the old 1 in will this make an difference ? I have got 3 partitions on the drive like you said yeah 450 x 2 and 1 100 GB. So i should remove the 400GB drive and install the windows 7 onto the 1 TB drive and then when i have it up and running just copy all the data across. What is the easiest way for me to do that for alot of games and such. I would assume the quickest way is to use something like DriveImage XML but i believe that copies everything so that would put Windows XP onto it aswell. Is there a way i can then remove Windows XP from there ?
  8. I have an 400 GB drive thats samsung the new drive is 1 TB drive WD sata 3 64 mg cache 6.0 Gbs. ideally i want that to be the main drive and the other to be the slave only thing is though not too sure on how to do this and that id have to copy windows XP with all my information right ? I have 3 partitions on it was going to use 1 for the OS and the other 2 for data.
  9. I have an 2nd internal drive now whats the easiest way for me to do it. Use some sorta ghost and copy everything to the 2nd drive ?
  10. Weird thing is just after i posted this i had some trouble again with the mouse and it stop start working a little. But now it seems it is working fine touch wood. So I think i am ok.
  11. Help needed Earlier with my PC i got the error of power surge on USB port I have 4 USBs connected 1 mouse, 2 keyboard and 1 is for my speakers. Now since i got this msg my mouse keeps on working and then it just freezes and then it says 1 of the USB devices is not recognised, it then says installing drivers and i then have to unplug it and replug it back in to make it work once more.
  12. Well the all black inside wont really make alot of difference. I am sure i can be fine with the cable management pretty much i have a modular PSU and cable ties so it should not really be a problem. As for the other things like I am unsure if the GPU holder would work with my SLI cards and the form factor would be something for the future i assume perhaps but at the moment i only have an ATX form factor board i believe. The zalman looks pretty good I will have a closer look into that and see how much i can pick it up for. Also is that side window something you have done custom to it or can you buy it like that ?
  13. I have an side mounted fan thats currently set on taking air out. Would it work better as sucking air in then ?
  14. Dont really want to go for a water cooled solution really because I think within a year or so the cards will be replaced and the blocks are like 40 quid each or more which is a bit steep and I could spend that 80 - 100 pound on a new single card soon. I have control of the cards fan speeds and there on like 90 % One of them seems to make a bit of a weird noise if i turn it up any higher then that and they still run that hot mostly due to that they are so close together. I guess if water cooling is my only option and there not overheating then ill just have to leave them as they are.
  15. I have 2 x 8800 GTXs which still seem to run well with pretty much anything i through at them. However ive noticed having the 2 of them in SLI they seem to run exceptionally hot under full load can be at 80 - 90 degrees. Was looking for a way to help to keep them cooler is there any good coolers compatible with SLI or should i just put a fan on them or what would be the best option to help keep them cooler
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