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    CPU: i5 750 OC @ 4 GHZ
    VIDEO: 2 x Gigabyte HD5870 Crossfire
    HD: 60GB SSD supertalent
    2 x 500GB Western Caviar Blue 7200 rpm Raid 0
    MONITOR: GATEWAY 24 @ 1920 X 1200
    ACER 22" @ 1680 X 1050
  1. I has the same problem when i first installed my two 5870 because i only installed one crossfire bridge. Maybe you have a defective bridge?
  2. ponchinGdl

    FFXIV Benchmark

    Just tried the new 10.8 catalyst with 10.8a profiles and is not working in the ffxiv benchmark, looking at the profiles definition file i cant find an entry for ffxiv ... i just hope that they have the profile working for the retail version. The profile definition file is C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\Application Profiles\atiapfxx.blb , its a binary file but you can open it with notepad and see the names of the .exe
  3. I dont think resolution affects physx performance, since all it does is mathematical calculations that should be the same regardless of resolution. Dont have a source or data to back this up, but ill be doing some testing on fluidmark at various resolutions and post back with the results.
  4. Just received my beta key today and already registered to my SE account no problem, gonna check it out as soon as i get out from work
  5. ponchinGdl

    FFXIV Benchmark

    Collectors edition ships on the 22, i already preordered
  6. SE anounced open beta to start early september, i got the collectors edition preordered and my pc is running the benchmark at almost 8,000 on high, so just counting the days...
  7. Compiling C and PASCAL programs on a Printaform 8086 was really fun, hit the compile key and go watch TV for 10 minutes (unless i had to get up and whack the hard drive once in a while). My first computer was a Texas Instruments dunnowich with a whoping 16kb of ram that hooked into the TV, it was awesome
  8. If you are using windows 7 just apply the patch and thats it
  9. I just did this last weekend, 5870 + gt240 for physx and the whole process was very easy, this is the link: www.ngohq.com There you can download the latest geforce drivers, physx software and the patch to make it work with the ATI cards. Did some testing with the Mafia II demo and it looks really cool with all the aditional effects, smoke, debris, clothes, explosions, etc. Tested at 1920 * 1200 FPS went from 50+ without physx to 30 with physx at max settings, curiosly gpu usage on the gt240 was only 30%, maybe the final release will be better optimized. Also did some testing with cryostasis but the game is horribly optimized and was unplayable with only one 5870 at any resolution (2 5870 barely manage playable framerate), it did enable physx and some of the effects are really cool, specially the water gun. Then i downloaded the cryostasis demo from the nvidia website and it runs smoothly on the same setup and it looks really good, checked on google and it seems its a general problem with the retail version and they never patched. Didnt have time to reinstall metro 2033 but i will be doing that in a couple of days. edit: also tested with fluidmark wich uses 80%+ of the gt240
  10. I know there are better coolers but that doesnt make the V8 a bad one, i have it and am very happy with it, i5 750 @ 4ghz temps at 35C iddle 60C at normal use with ambient at 28C. If you like the looks of the V8 and dont plan on doing some extreme overclocking (above 4ghz) the V8 its a good option, if you want the best of the best, yes, you should be looking at something else.
  11. The V8 is a very good cooler, i have it on a i5 750 @ 4Ghz without any problem, it has a manual fan speed control and even on high is really quiet and it looks really good. Of course if you can get something better maybe you should, but i think the V8 can do the job just fine.
  12. I have the 932 and built a 922 for a friend, besides the obvious size diference: 932 - Wheels for easier transportation (great for moving this beast around) - Comes with the side 200 mm fan preinstaled (you can still put this fan in the 922 but it doesnt come included) - Front panel firewire connector. - Four front panel usb connectors (just 2 for the 922) - side window (if you like custom lighting and stuff) - supports e-atx motherboard In my opininion, if you are not limited by physical space to acomodate this beast just go for the 932, specially if you plan on doing multi gpu it will give you better airflow.
  13. ponchinGdl

    FFXIV Benchmark

    So i made a little research and found out that FFXIV does support multi GPU configurations, not many people know this, but the problem is that crossfire only works in full screen mode for both directx and opengl, since the benchmark is window mode only thats why crossfire is not kicking in. The solution is to run the benchmark in full screen mode, and for that, you can use the following link: FFXIV CORE just go to the part where it says "Howto run FFXIV Benchmark with multi GPUs" and follow the instructions. My new score on high with dual 5870: 7163 So there it is, lets just hope that the final version isnt capped at 30 FPS like in the beta Forgot to mention that the score in LOW was the same with crossfire, guess CPU bottlenecking that.
  14. i've had many ati cards and many 1080p monitors and never seen those black bars, right now i have a 24 gateway 1900x1200 and a 23 viewsonic 1920x1080 and both look fine, maybe the problem is with that particular modelo you ordered.
  15. You can get a Sapphire 5850 for 289 in newegg...
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