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    Asus Maximus Formula III-i5 750-4Gb OCZ Platinum 1866Mhz Ram-Fenrir Titan w/Noctua S12 BFLX-XFX 5870-SMG F3 1Tb-Corsair 750HX-Antec 1200 Case-Benq 24" Monitor-DeathAdder 3500 Dpi Mouse-MS Reclusa Kbd-Logitech X-540 5.1 Speakers
  1. Those are the actual sata cables, bought sata III UV reactive cables and had them routed under the motherboard( not as easy as you think...),works great and gives an superclean look!
  2. Thanks! I used Primochill smartcoils for the tubing, size was 3/8" (9mm)...perfect fit,a bit of work to get them on cause of the closed ends on the h100 tubing but a bit of patience gets the reward!
  3. Many thanks to all replies, makes all the effort count Im pretty fixated with Keeping it clean and in order...
  4. Not tjat hard to do yourself, theres ready made kits, pin tools so with With patience and time and a few YouTube tutorials youre bound to be A sleeving god in no time =D OR then you just order presleeved cables in Colour of your liking....plenty of sites sell them:)
  5. Actually i used white plumbing tape for the tubes as i was sure the paint never would stick during use/ movement Easy to apply and looks as good as paint AND ITS flexible...
  6. Hi guys!Just finished my project.Goal was to build a fast and quiet gaming rig thats going to last me for a few years.My last build had a custom waterloop but was still noisy due to tha fact it had 14!! fans blowing!Loud as an 15 year old vaccumcleaner ;)Anyway,didnt do to many mods on this one,painted the h100 white to match the build and added a few coverplates for the sata cables,gives a much more cleaner look.Problably im going to paint the windforce cooler white.Waiting for the prices to drop more on the 7950 as im going to add a second one later on,watercooling is also starting to itch my build desires.... Hope you like it! Parts Used: 600T se White Asus P8z68-V/gen 3 I7-2600K Corsair h100 p/p Gigabyte 7950 Windforce Corsair 16gb Vengance Blue 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24-1T Corsair AX750w Soundblaster X-FI Titanium Kingston HyperX 120gb SSD Barracuda 1Tb HDD Asus DVD station Enermax Cluster white fans Phanteks 140mm fan for extra GFX cooling Uv lights & cathodes Modded the front&back &top grill plates by cutting them out for better airflow and to make the system more quiet. Currently running the [email protected],7 Ghz with 1,37 Vcore Idle:30 Load:63 under prime 95 with fans set to medium with theH100 pump fan speed controller.Will post verification asap!
  7. Wow,one of the best sleeving guides ive seen,use this one boys and girls,is sure will!!!!Nice work man!!!
  8. Nice and clean!!! Love when people pay attention to details&cable management!!!
  9. Hey guys!So finally time for my first "big" mod aka Window mod!!!I also did a few Chrome look mods/painting/detailing to get it nicer!Still waiting for my UV cathodes to really make the Watercooling pop out!!!Hope you like it!!!!I wish i could post more pics cause i have lots of them through the build log.....well,ask me if you wanna know anything about the mods!!!! EDIT!!!! POSTED YESTERDAY BUT HAD A "MODNIGHT" AND ADDED MORE CHROME STUFF AND DETAILING AND SOME MINI PAINT JOBS!!!!
  10. Currently working on it,at least ive been able to lower my voltage for 4 ghz which is my 24/7 stable goal,as soon as im sure all the bubbles /air are out of the system ill report back with my OC sessions
  11. Thanks for all the nice feedback,makes the man happy and confident for future builds!!! Anyways the whole setup cost me about 700 USD but that includes,cables,nuts'n bolts etc etc etc....Cheap?No....Worth it?Every penny!!! Just PM me if you want hints/pics for your build!!
  12. well,anyways...on my temps: Air setup: Zalman Flex cooler with 2 ultra kaze 3000 P/P Ambient temps were from 23-28 Celsius and TIM used was Coollaboratory Liquid pro IDLE TEMP:35-37 LOAD TEMP:65-70 Water setup:See first post! Ambient temps pretty much the same 23-28 Celsius,TIM:Coollaboratory Liquid pro IDLE TEMP:30-34 LOAD TEMP:50-54 So its safe to say its a success!!Not to mention the forty billion Db difference in noise,the kazes can power a small nuclear uboat....no really... P.S.....on a side note i decided to use the Liquid pro again although it was A ROYAL PAIN IN THE A** to remove,i considered the temp drop to be worth the hassle of removing this god forgiven thermal goo....
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