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  1. it is in the retail box with everything that came with it cables,manuals,cd's ect... iit is only bout 2-3 months old so it still has some of the manufacurer 3 year waranty on it.it has never been over clocked. the price is 275$ (that includes shipping) i will take check or money order. usa olny
  2. i run doom 3 at 1280x1024 on ultra with driver tabs on balanced and i didnt see any diference with aa or af so i leave tham off(to dark to see any of the real i candy)and i dont know my fps but it runs seamlessly,smooth as silk and when i say farcry dosnt suport the x800 i ment that with my 9800 pro i could play fine no bugs or nothing but when i got my x800 with aa or af on i get rainbow color around all the boxes,chairs just objects in gereneral so i dont consider the x800 suported.besides ive allready gotten all i can from that game.
  3. the stock cooler looks like crap i wont be overclocking this $400+ card any time soon. i got the new zalman fanless heat sink with 2 heat pipes and it is quite capable of cooling the card with out a fan so if that can do it then im think a smaller cooler with a fan can do it.i would use that but its to big.
  4. WOO HOO dfi finally came out with a socket 754 lanparty. i havnt herd anything on this board or seen any reviews but im going to get one this week and i will recomend it with out even trying it out first. dfi has allways put out a great produce.
  5. thanks for the good marks FaNta84. sorry for not remembering your name.
  6. yes ive sold a p4 mb and a p4 cpu to i think his name was fanat8c i think im not shure.
  7. i got an x800 pro but i do not like the stock heatsink. i want something smaller. i know im dreaming but i would like something as small as the stock 9800 pro cooler.any one know of anything that small that can cool this card?i herd that the x800 series cards are acually cooler than the 9800 series?
  8. DFI infinity n force 2 ultra mother board the DFI board is maybe a week old it is in the retail package with all that came with it originally cables,cd's,manuals ect... it still has the smell of a new board.75$ the 754 mb and 64 2800 are no longer for sale,but i still got the socket a board. all prices include shipping and are USA dollars. i will only ship in the usa sorry peeps i dont have paypal i will accept checks and money orders the items will be shipped when payment is recieved and cashed. (edit) ok i just got a paypal acount im not quite shure how it works but i now will accept paypal. i figured people would be more willing to do business thru paypal.
  9. well ive decided to sell my cpu and mb instead. sorry for missleading you. i just figure i can sell it and by a new p4 mb and i also got a few more things to sell so ill be able to get a 3.0c along with it.
  10. i had a prob like that and i found out my mb was grounding out on my case
  11. in the product discription it sais oem then sais in box with fan and full wranty?boy i wish my oem cpu came with heat sink fan and full waranty
  12. were are the win screenshots stored?any way i got 8266 mips and 3699 mflops for the cpu. ill do a mem band test and post results. for mem i got 3029 for both. also what dose your p4 2.4 score at stock? all my tests were run at stock
  13. yup both the mb and cpu 150$ ley me see if i can get a link i hope this works http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/ebayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6703064373&rd=1
  14. i just checked ebay and say a dfi lanparty 875 and a p4 2.8 both in retail boxes for 150$
  15. i got an amd 2800 64 and an msi k8t neo fis2r. ????? lets trade??? please i was thinking of going intel anyway.how dose the rev a differ from the rev b? unless u would rather just buy it from me.
  16. i run doom3 at 1280x1024 at ultra with no probs. my monitor cant go any higher res. and as for farcry they havnt released a patched for the game to even suport the x800 yet. they had it out but recalled it couse they had bugs init.
  17. u got the jets ajusted properly?u shure u didnt screw them all the way in when you put the card back together?
  18. METALLICA ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end of discusion. i wish i could go. homerjay how could you say thier over rated. an overrated band dosnt last as long a METALLICA.
  19. DFI infinity nf2 ultra for sale bought new used only for a day it comes in retail box with everything that came with it,manuals,driver cd,ide cables ect.... the reason im selling it is couse the only athlon xp i had i put it into my fathers comp so i aint got any chip for and no money to buy a mobile. this board was only used just long enouph to get windows on and then i decided to give the cpu to my father. the price is 75$ usd that includes shiping i will acept checks(will ship only after check is cashed) and money orders. sorry no paypal. (edit) c'mon the thing still has that new board smell on it for crist sake its a great board
  20. i got the praetorian. grrrr it makes me mad haveing to leqave my case open in the back without the plate.
  21. all right i tested my ps units they work i used a voltage meter and a different comp and they work in both, ive also switched out my vid card and still no luck. i tryied a different hdd and no luck, ive tried with only the cpu fan and still the same, ive also tried with a socket 754 board and a brand new socket a board and still the same. im stumped. i thought it might be the case so i tried it with the psu out side of the case and still no luck. this so fustrateing ive tried everything and it just wont work. i dont want to have to bring it to a shop to have it fixed thats just not an option. my next test will be to reseat the mb in the case and look for grounds. (edit) i just took out the mb and reseated it but i left the backio plate out and it booted fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i dont know what part ofthe plate was grounding out nor do i know what part of the case it wasgrounding out on but it was and now i got to give coooler master a cal to tell them thier case suck.
  22. first psu:thermal take pure power 480 wat,it was powering 1hdd,1 cd rom,1 radeon x800 pro,1 mb and 4 fans.my comp went dead so i tried another generic psu and it worked so i got a new enermex and i put it in the same set up and again it went all my comp would do i start to post and then just stop,the same as the first time. so i just went and got a new antec 420 wat true power and again the same thing it will start to post and then just hang thier.after the first psu went it worked once i got a new psu so im almost ceretain it is the psu going out. what could it be? right now im going bck to staples to return my antec psu and get a new one but this time ill try another vid card(9600 xt) without a power conector to see if its my card. has anyone had this problem before? i need help i cant keep blowing psu.
  23. i got one of those but i havnt used it yet but it dose seem well made the amd 64 conector works great but the conector for socket a is just a little touph to put on.
  24. i want to get a mobile 2600 but im not shure if my dfi lanparty rev a will work with it. i know thw new lanparty boards will as will alot of other new boards but since i got the rev a im not shure. ??????????
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