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  1. I recomend using a function with return() as flareback stated. Though it is possible to do what you want... here are some examples: <?php // Example 1 - Return value from function $test_1 = testFunction1(); function testFunction1(){ return '1'; } $test_1 += 1; echo 'Output of test 1:<br />'; echo $test_1; // outputs '2' echo '<br /><br />'; // Example 2 - Declare global using variable outside of function $test_2 = 100; testFunction2(); function testFunction2(){ global $test_2; $test_2 += 99; } $test_2 +=1; echo 'Output of test 2:<br />'; echo $test_2; // outputs '200' echo '<br /><br />'; // Example 3 - Declare global using variable inside of function $test_3 = 9999; testFunction3(); function testFunction3(){ global $test_3; $test_3 = 4; $test_3 += 1; } $test_3 += 5; echo 'Output of test 3:<br />'; echo $test_3; // outputs '10' ?>
  2. The extra calories from lunch were not worth it.

  3. Bitchin' Kitchen may be the worst food show I've seen yet.

  4. No one can tell you what is best for you... they can only tell you what is best for the way they do things. That said... Storing Music - I would do this on a phone rather than a tablet. If you want to listen to music on a tablet, I would suggest Pandora, Grooveshark, Spotify and similar services. The phone makes a better portable music player, while the tablet makes a better option to listen to something while doing work. Movie Player / YouTube - The larger screen (and battery) makes this better for tablet. Web Surfing - I do most of my at home surfing on my phone. It's also handy when you are somewhere and need to look up a quick bit of information. However, the larger screen on a tablet makes this a better option. Though some websites suck and you will still end up with a mobile site on a tablet. Maps / Nav - This is really better for a phone. Possible Games - I use both, but I tend to enjoy games on the phone more. The larger and heavier tablet tends to wear on you after a while. Basically it comes down to what is most important to you... - Screen Size = Tablet - Battery Life = Tablet - Weight = Phone - Size = Phone
  5. Bad example, it is a device that has been killed off and once the supply chains clear out the parts it is no longer going to be available. The $99 price tag came after poor sales at the original price, and continued poor sales after several smaller price cuts. For some people, there is no need for a tablet. For others, it is a matter of cost, simplicity, personal preference, requirement, or any number of other factors. You can do pretty much any of the items listed above on a smartphone, tablet, netbook, or laptop. What works for one person may not work for another. It is as simple as that.
  6. No one said you cannot jot notes down on paper, though most people are moving from to a paperless office. With paper though, it is hard to turn around and email those notes to others if you write it down. Sure, you can scan it in, create a PDF, and then email it off if you want. Taking notes on a tablet or notebook allow you to quickly turn around and send them out to whoever you want. There are a number of decent note apps for the iPad, and I would assume for Android, and plenty of third party stylus options. Many tablets offer 7+ hour batter life, which is more than enough for general office usage, especially if you are jotting notes down in a meeting. A Bluetooth keyboard on a tablet is simply a matter of convince, and not a requirement. However it is a much lighter option than many laptops, especially if your laptop serves as a desktop replacement. Additionally, your tablet will likely be quieter to operate than a laptop. Since the keyboard is not necessary, you only have to get it out when you need it. Yes, it is an added cost and something else to carry around. Yes, in the case when WiFi isn’t available, a smartphone would be better over a device that did not offer cellular service. However, that wasn’t stipulated in the information provided. It’s also easy enough to purchase a mobile hotspot for those that don’t have/want a smartphone. For eBooks, some people don’t like the backlit screens. However, this also was not part of the discussion. Some people may have no issue with it at all (me for example). I agree that the E-Ink type displays are better for reading than most screens; however I can read just fine for extended periods on a tablet. In addition to dedicated eReaders and Tablets, you can also access many eBooks from a desktop / laptop. Yes, I understand that this is your preference. Therein is the issue. You cannot create a guide such as this based on your preferences and apply it to a broad audience; you have to take in all kinds of other factors and conditions. It wasn’t a bad attempt mind you. The best thing anyone can do is go to a store that sales such devices and use them for a bit. This won’t give them a complete real-world usage scenario, but it should help them figure out if it would be a benefit to them.
  7. Nice attempt. But it isn’t quite this simple. Just because a person has a laptop doesn’t mean that they don’t need, or couldn’t use a tablet… if you have a 17” laptop, you may find it better to use a tablet for work to jot down notes. For working on spreadsheets or other documents, it is best to work on them on a laptop; however it isn’t that hard to do it on a tablet, especially if you have a paired Bluetooth keyboard. Yes, a smartphone can access email on the go. However, someone that frequently composes or replies to a lot of email may find it better to do so on a laptop or tablet device. The Kindle is really still a single function device, and is locked into one eBook market. Someone this far down on your question list would not be best suited to have a Kindle. A tablet would offer access to Kindle, Nook, Google, and various other eBook stores and be the better option.
  8. Each person is different, and while a tablet may work for specific functions some people may simply not enjoy the experience. I have a smartphone and a tablet (actually 2 tablets)... the iPhone 4, the iPad 1, and the TouchPad. >90% of my non computer usage is on my smartphone. While both of the tablets offer a decent music experience, my music is already on my phone and I have no desire to go through the process for getting it on either tablet. The tablets come in handy for viewing websites on a larger screen, but most of the time I surf on my phone. The only exception is when something requires flash (surprisingly not a major issue) then the TouchPad comes in handy. The iPad I generally use for work purposes because it is easier (and cheaper) to carry around than a laptop. The TouchPad is dead, so I don't suggest anyone get one of those. Plus it sucks without a lot of tweaking. The PlayBook is practically dead, so I wouldn't suggest anyone get one of those either... not that I would have suggested BlackBerry from anyone that didn't already use their smartphone. The iPad is a nice device and what most others try to be. It isn't the greatest, but probably one of the best. The Android tablets range from really bad to iPad caliber. The problem is Android is soo fragmented it can be confusing for a lot of people. This is complicated by Google, cellular providers, hardware manufacturers, and everyone else involved. The best thing you can do with a tablet (like a phone) is go to a store (Target, Staples, OfficeDepot, OfficeMax, BestBuy, etc.) and play with the devices that they have on display. See how they feel, see how they operate.
  9. Congrats to my cousin Sarah and her new su- errr- husband Jeff.

  10. Still here and ticking... coming up on 10 years since I registered. You are old! Hey! I resemble that remark.
  11. Headed off to work... out of all the circles of hell Dante wrote about, this place is surely in the lower four (or maybe the 5th). I'm surprised there isn't a sign on the door that reads "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate."

  12. Didn't click the link, did ya? Yes it is free.
  13. Not a bad night for hog and gator football. Just wish I could have watched one of the games.

  14. The idiots with the orange flags are out in mass...

  15. Burned out + pissed off = checked out.

  16. Wake me up when September ends...

  17. The world is a vampire, sent to drainsecret destroyers, hold you up to the flamesand what do I get, for my painbetrayed desires, and a piece of the gameeven though I know-I suppose I'll showall my cool and cold-like old jobDespite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage ...

  18. Applied for two jobs today. One happens to be in Chattanooga. Anyone know a good area to live in the area? lol

  19. Apparently webOS logs nearly everything you do, which is part of why it is so freeking slow. You can change the logging level by going into the phone portion and dialing ##LOGS#. You will have to setup a skype account or sync with a Pre in order to access the dial pad. Once in, you can change the logging level to "minimal" which will only log errors. After doing this, it is notably faster. There are apparently some more tweaks that can be done by enabling the developer mode and installing Preware. I've not had a chance to do this yet, but plan to by this weekend... which includes overclocking the processor from 1.2 GHz to 1.7 GHz.
  20. The Mustang is sold...

  21. Work last week sucked, and I'm pretty sure this week is going to suck just as much-if not more. *sigh* Here I go...

  22. Barret keeps kicking my ass.
  23. Manchester United killed Arsenal. Yikes.

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