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  1. I think I have found the key to defeating Facebook... I'm unmarking everything that it declares to be a "top story". We shall see how this goes.

  2. Anyone interested in a 32GB HP TouchPad? I have 2 available (NIB) as well as some accessories (also NIB).

  3. First day of classes at the new school. Oh boy. This is my excited face.

  4. Off to do some old fashioned social networking in Crossville. Burgers, dogs, beer and fire are guaranteed, and a new source of employment is a possibility.

  5. Enjoying time with the little man while the old lady is out getting pampered.

  6. Anyone have a need for about 2 lbs of already soaked Great Northern Beans (white) and pound of Andouille sausage? I've got a bit of extra that I won't be using.

  7. Sweet Genius is turning out to be a very interesting competition. It's like chopped, but more difficult and completely desserts.

  8. It burns. Oh my gosh it burns. Anyone know how to extinguish the fire of a phoenix??

  9. Received news yesterday that my grandfather Gerald "Mac" McDaniel passed away. He wasn't a great role model, or a terrific father figure, but I believe he loved his children and grandchildren the best way he knew how. I haven't really seen him all that much in the last 10 or so years, but I will treasure the memories from visiting on Christmas, to helping him cook at Faye's Diner (grandmother's restaurant), and even a rafting trip down White River (??). Oh, and I'm pretty sure he gave me my f...

  10. After introducing John to Genghis Grill, he has dragged me there nearly everyday for lunch. Interested to see what it was like Farrah wanted to go today... Now she won't quit talking about it. lol

  11. Ok... if people thought the last round of changes were bad, I cannot wait to see the response to the "timeline" profile change coming up. Wow.

  12. There is some thing that can be done to get Ubuntu on it.
  13. When it is available yes. What is out there isn't usable. CM is really the only team working on it now.
  14. d3bruts1d

    Gears of War 3

    No, it isn't my first gears... got the first and played through about half of the campaign, then got sucked into the 4v4 online. I've got the 2nd and TBH don't recall if I ever touched it. Still playing through Deus Ex and Resistance 3. Sooo many new games out right now, and so little time.
  15. d3bruts1d

    Gears of War 3

    Anyone playing Gears of War 3? What do you think of it? I've hear it is a bit different from the others. Haven't played yet, and still trying to decide if I want to get it.
  16. I've been using the TP off and on for the last few weeks, and my thoughts on it really haven't changed a lot. This is a $99 device and HP was smoking crack thinking it could sell for $500-$600 let alone compete with everything else out there. I find myself going back to the iPad 99% of the time unless there is something that absolutely requires Flash and I don't want to go to my desktop. I did overclock it to 1.8 GHz and the speed increase was noticeable, as was the speed increase for disabling logs. I don't understand HP's decision to log every tiny thing done and while the option is there to disable it, actually getting to the setting is not something the average user would have done. As far as battery life after the overclock, the difference wasn't really notable. I would estimate that with my usage, the battery life decreased by less than 30 min, of course those that use the device more may see a larger impact. Of course the speed of the two cores fluctuates between ~150Mhz and the 1.8 GHz depending on what it is trying to do. To do the overclock, you have to first install Preware (an unofficial app store as it were) and a couple of new feeds (think apt-get for you Linux folks) and then install a new Kernel. It's a bit of work. If you have Preware installed then there are a few "patches" that I would recommend: - Private browsing - Improve card animation - Remove ripple / touch animation - AdBlock - Add restart to shutdown menu - Speaker boost (there are 2... one that increases a little and another than increases it a lot. I wouldn't use the 2nd.) - Hulu Fix (this may break the webOS store, but it sucks anyway) - Muffle System Logs - Disable dropped packet logging - Unthrottle downloads - Increase touch sensitivity And for those of you that are still trying to get your hands on one. Hope is not yet lost, but you have to be willing to play the game. On Tuesday and Wednesday OfficeDepot had a limited window where touchpads were available for sale. Last week, QVC had several for sale. The week before that, TigerDirect sold the TouchPad on two different days in a "bundle" with different accessories. There have been reports that TigerDirect has a ~2500 units in the warehouse and will be selling a new bundle as soon as they get a few more accessories in. TigerDirect's first bundle was announced via email while the 2nd one was announced via FaceBook. There is no telling what the various office supply / electronic stores will do, so if you want one you should consider using Facebook and Twitter to follow the companies. Lastly, the rumor is that HP will be making one final sale of the TouchPad sometime in October. You can sign up for email notice on the HP website. There are a number of people also selling on eBay, CL, Sears Market, and various other locations. You can buy it there, but it is going to cost you a lot more... and while it may be tempting, it really isn't worth the premium price.
  17. Keep in mind that the UPS has a dataport that can connect to your PC via USB. If you set it up, your PC can automatically shut itself down when the UPS kicks on (length of time on battery, battery level, etc.). You may only get 10 or so min depending on everything you have connected, but that doesn't mean you have to be there to shut it down. Typically, you would want to figure your VA usage and then add about 20-25% to that for expansion.
  18. Stolen from my friend Diane Knight...I do not like this Sam I Am. I do not like this Facebook scam.I do not like the new news feed. I do not like it, no indeed.I do not like your top news trends, instead of recent news from friends.It was just fine, but now it's weird, so let me make myself quite clear.I don't like this new page attack. So Facebook admin CHANGE IT BACK!!!"

  19. Well now... This is a bit different.

  20. iOS offers quite a few free productivity apps as well and you will often find many (not all) developers create an app for iOS and Android and usually charge the same price between the two. Movies/TV shows from iTunes continue to use FairPlay DRM, however there is no DRM on the music (hasn't been since 2009). Though the best solution is Air Video (free/paid) which allows you to stream any content from your system to your iOS device. That is true on any app store, be it Android, iOS, WinMo, BlackBerry, webOS, etc. Well, maybe not webOS, I don't think there are $1000 worth of apps in the market. That is assuming you try to move the content through iTunes. There are options that allow you to play both FLAC and MKV on an iOS device. Though with the size of a FLAC file isn't really worth it on a mobile device (of any type) since you aren't likely to hear the audio difference. PC sure, tablet/phone no. Of course, if it is already in FLAC (as yours is) then it would suck to convert it... so best just to have an option that works. Every device has flaws. Every device has a target audience. No one device is right for everyone. I would agree with you here, but I know plenty of people that are happy with it (for whatever reason).
  21. You have two different issues that you referenced. There is nothing wrong with this. Report the post and a mod / admin will deal with it.
  22. Apparently the last few videos of Liam that I posted were set to only be visible to me. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of Facebook if ya ask me. Should be fixed now, at least until they change the privacy settings again.

  23. I didn't know it specified a sexual preference. Hope these help: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/Motorola-Xoom-TouchPad-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-101-Alter-iPad-Rivalry-400676/ http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/16/motorola-xoom-vs-samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-vs-lg-g-slate-batt/ http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/compared-samsung-galaxy-tab-101-motorola-xoom-20110517/ http://androidcommunity.com/samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-vs-motorola-xoom-vs-lg-g-slate-20110511/ http://wolfpaulus.com/journal/hardware/tab_xoom_ipad http://www.androidauthority.com/ipad-2-vs-motorola-xoom-vs-samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-10341/ http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/xoom-vs-ipad-2-vs-galaxy-tab-10-1-vs-touchpad-vs-playbook-932945 http://www.gizmodigit.com/tablet-showdown-motorola-xoom-vs-samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-vs-ipad-2/ http://lmgtfy.com/?q=xoom+vs+samsung+galaxy+tab+10.1
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