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  1. I liked the 1st more than the 2nd, but both were great. These two are in a short list of games that were able to keep me entertained enough to play to the end. Cannot wait for the 3rd.
  2. Netflix handled the price hike wrong, that said the service is still pretty damn good. It sucks that they started charging extra for the DVD's but in the long run for me, it was a good move... I'd get a DVD and it would lay there for MONTHS... the price hike caused me to drop the DVD service and stick with the stream only.
  3. You don't need the CMS or FTP login to access the database... though you will need those to move the site around and edit things. If the CMS was ready to go, then I would assume it was already connected up to the database. In which case, there will be a configuration file of some kind that likely contains the MySQL Server, the DB User, and the password. WordPress for example has a wp-config.php file in the root directory. Of course... if you don't have a local copy of the file, you'll need access to the web server to figure out the information. If this is a hosted solution (e.g. GoDaddy, 1&1, etc.) you should be able to contact support or access the C-Panel and reset any of the passwords. If no one has access to the servers and cannot remember the passwords, then it is probably best to blow them away and start over... the good news is you can get a fully functional MySQL Server and a separate Apache server in about an hour. Leaving you time to install a CMS, find a theme, and make changes to it. I'd also suggest some documentation.
  4. Not an issue with OCC... looks like something with your browser. Either an extension or additional script. Maybe a Windows setting gone fubar.
  5. Extreme cooling! Not exactly ghetto... I should have used duct tape.
  6. Not exactly an HTPC, though they all more or less offer the same functions (at varying levels) - PS3, 360, TiVo, and AppleTV.
  7. After having bump installed on my iPhone for several years, I just used it for the first time. Frigging sweet.

  8. I enjoyed AA on the PS3 with the controls and AC is just as nice!
  9. You won't see BigRed around here... not that he was ever "old school." I have Celtica locked up in the kitchen.
  10. I'm sorry Liam. We all know you don't like wearing socks, however your mother has cold feet, which for some reason means you have to have socks on while she continues to run around barefoot.

  11. webOS update and Cyanogen Alpha 2 for the touchpad... it's a good day to be a geek. Now, if my dang 4S would ship from AT&T I would be happy. In related news the AT&T 4G hotspot is pretty darn sweet (and fast).

  12. Finished my school work (reading, quiz, and paper) with a few hours left to enjoy the weekend.

  13. For a used, 16-month old device, in mint condition it is about average. They are the 32GB models, which originally sold for $299. Even if Gazelle (company I sold them to) turns around and resells them with only a slight markup, the buyers would still get a killer deal. With the iPhone 4S released, you can now only buy the 8GB iPhone 4 for $99 with contract. I agree with you that for most people--especially those with an iPhone 4--the iPhone 4S is really worth the upgrade. There are some that could benefit from it. Though I really didn't expect it to sell as well as it did, of course, I said the exact same thing about the iPhone 3GS which also sold well. As far as the "S" in the name, when the 3GS was released Apple stated that the "S" was for speed and indicated it was only a minor (slight? ) upgrade over the iPhone 3G. I assume that the same carries true with the "S" in 4S... though, it really doesn't have to mean anything (Windows XP, Flash MX, etc.).
  14. I'm upgrading both my iPhone 4 and my wife's to the 4S. The decision to upgrade her phone was largely based on the camera, she wares out her phone right now taking photos so the improved camera will be nice for her. For me, it was all business. Improved processor, not-4G HSPA+ network speeds, and Siri will help immensely. While overall, it isn't a great upgrade spec wise, it does have it's perks. And since I sold both of our iPhone 4s for ~$200 each, the cost was minimal.
  15. Facebook finally released an iPad app while removing the best part of the iPhone app... Quick access to friends / pages. Boo.

  16. Time for some good mood food.

  17. Other - The camera in my iPhone 4. Which I guess is technically an omnivision camera, since that is the sensor used. My wife has a rather nice Canon EOS Rebel XSi, though we don't use it too often.
  18. Some versions of Windows 7 includes msg.exe which replaced net send in Vista. - The net send command became a nuescence as spammers found flaws in Windows that allowed them to exploit it and spam your computer. Best option would be a 3rd party program.
  19. Made a buttermilk marinade for tomorrows chicken. Hope this turns out good.

  20. With all the fog, Oak Ridge looks like Silent Hill this morning. Now, I think there was a stoplight up here someplace.

  21. If you had an unlimited data plan with AT&T you can keep it even if you upgrade phones.
  22. It's an iHop kind of morning.

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