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    Mass Effect 3

    Funny article over at io9... "New to Mass Effect? Here’s what you need to know to play Mass Effect 3" http://io9.com/5900122/new-to-mass-effect-heres-what-you-need-to-know-to-play-mass-effect-3
  2. The funny thing is, this version actually exploits a flaw in JAVA rather than OS X. It's only complicated by the fact that Apple releases their own JAVA updates rather than relying on updates directly from Oracle. So you have 2 problems really... First - Users that do not pay attention to what they were installing or the sites they visit; or running as administrator. These same issues occur with Windows with and without UAC. Second - The lack of updating a 3rd party program (JAVA) in a reasonable amount of time. Again, not just an OS X issue though Apple did make this worse by doing their own release. This isn't the first piece of malware for OS X and it certainly won't be the last. Careful... before a "too dumb Mac user" unleashes his wrath.
  3. d3bruts1d

    Mass Effect 3

    ME2 had this "scanning for resources / locations" that was painfully boring. ME3 has it but on a less painful level. Thankfully ME3 lists what are considered "primary" plot missions so you can skip on the side missions if you want, though they are more beneficial in ME3 than they were in ME1/2.
  4. d3bruts1d

    Mass Effect 3

    They announced long ago that there would be DLC for ME3, though judging from what happens I would say it takes place before the final assault. And they also said that this was the end of Sheppard's story, but not the end of the Mass Effect Universe.
  5. d3bruts1d

    Mass Effect 3

    There was a 2 year gap between ME1 and ME2... well, really it was a 2 year gap between the opening scene of ME2 and when you wake up in the Cerberus base. The gap between the end of ME2 and ME3 is only a few weeks or months... Shepard actually mentions the length in a few conversations with the squad; though the destruction of the Alpha Relay and the start of ME3 is suppose to be only 6 months. Keep in mind there are a number of comics and mobile games that are filler and cover events between each game.
  6. Acid 3 basically tests for compatibility with CSS2.1, HTML4, and JS DOM manipulation... most browsers these days will get 100/100 but take multiple attempts (click on the Acid 3 logo after a test). In theory, passing means that the browser can render the elements and styles correctly and that all browsers that pass should render pages identically. It is not really true, but it is a start. Acid 4, whenever they get to it, is suppose to test CSS3 and SVG among other things. HTML5 Test: http://html5test.com/ CSS3 Test: http://www.css3.info/selectors-test/ JavaScript Test: http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider/sunspider.html http://v8.googlecode.com/svn/data/benchmarks/v6/run.html http://krakenbenchmark.mozilla.org/index.html http://peacekeeper.futuremark.com/
  7. You forgot the Apple TV and Apple networking items (TimeCapsule, Airport Extreme, Airport Express).
  8. d3bruts1d

    Diablo 3

    Received my invite last night. Gotta finish my midterms while the client downloads this evening.
  9. Java and C++ are both C-based languages, but that is about where the similarities end. You will find that many languages are C-based which can help in learning other languages, but can also cause a bit of confusion when moving between languages.
  10. Sorry about that... I missed one of the "x2" in your OP and thought you were only specing 8GB. 16GB should be good. Oracle is pretty vague. Are you planning an Oracle DB, AIS, MySQL, Linux, Forms, Reports, JDeveloper, Java, OpenOffice, StarOffice, etc? There are more than a dozen products from Oracle. I assume you are referring to the Oracle 11g database, so I'll use that as an example. Oracle recommends at least 1G and you will want more than that. Additional components such as Application Express, Enterprise Manager, and SQL Developer would be better off with additional memory. Additionally, Oracle DB on Windows generally will needs more memory than a Linux box due to the extra overhead of the OS.
  11. Same advice I give everyone that ask which phone to get. - Go to an AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile store, Radio Shack or whatever. You can put your hands on the phone and get a real feel for it. How it weighs, how it fits in your hand, and even how the OS works. You can compare Android, iOS, BB, and WP7 all in one place. What one person likes the best may not work for you. IMO, the larger screens generally aren't better; often they are simply larger in size but not resolution or pixel density. On of the unfortunate problems with Android is each manufacturer has an ability to bastardize it. You may find you like ICS on one phone, but like the design of another phone (also running ICS) better; only to find out that the two implementations of ICS are so different you would swear they were completely different OSs. While I cannot stand the UI for the Windows Phone OS -- and would never own a Windows phone -- they have actually built in some pretty cool things into it. It really is two steps forward and a step back. Or maybe two steps back and a step forward.
  12. The keys to virtualization are really memory and storage; you want sufficient amounts of both and you want it to be fast. Without information as to what each virtual OS will be doing, how many virtual OSs you plan on running at the same time, and other information it is hard to really say. You mention that you plan on having 6-8 VMs... if you plan to allocate 1G of memory to each and have them all run at the same time, then you do not have enough memory. If you plan on allocating less memory to each, then you may be fine.
  13. I would have liked to see more from nVidia.
  14. Dave is an ass pirate. Yarrrr. Of course I don't pirate anything.
  15. IPB, VB, and other forum systems will allow you to remove their © info for a fee. Just saying. The forum software used by OCC is a PITA. Trust me. Only to be rivaled by the CMS used for the rest of the site.
  16. This year has felt strange and it certainly doesn't feel like Christmas to me. I would think things would have felt a whole lot better considering the new family addition... but between 2 jobs, school, and trying to get stuff taken care around the house I haven't had time to really stop and process anything. That and the weather... it has been unusually warm for this time of the year. Anyway, for Christmas we will be headed to Arkansas to see my family and do our traditional Christmas get together. After that there will be lots more driving. I'll be doing my part to make everyone else happy and trying not to be such a grinch.
  17. Right... something is old by the time it gets into the AV database and even older by the time OCC regurgitates the info from the AV database. Things like the Steam, Sony, and BoA hacks that are posted early and tell people to keep an eye on their accounts and change passwords, malicious Android apps that may have been downloaded, or the latest virus currently circulating Facebook/Twitter are going to be more beneficial to people. You are telling people what is going on right now that they need to be concerned with rather than telling them in a week how they were screwed. Don't get me wrong... any content on OCC's main page is nice.
  18. IMO the weekly update is stupid. By the time a new week rolls around the subject virus is old news and something else is infecting everyone. If you want it to be of any value, a viral update should be posted as soon as information about it is available. It's always nice to know what a virus is doing, however if I am even remotely curious about a specific virus I'd likely hit one of the main AV's databases.
  19. I have the CE sitting in my living room but haven't had the time to play. Hope to give it a shot this weekend, but I still have B:AC to complete.
  20. Advice: Don't break the law. Don't refer to officers as "piggies".
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