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  1. Indeed. More likely the cause is it was simply a bad investment and shady practices by banks during the initial go. Oh, change is coming soon. Expect to get metro-fied. Very true. It has allowed me to keep in touch with friends that I haven't seen in years, and family that I never expected to hear from again. This is simple. Don't post phone, address, email, or use geo-location services on FB. Additionally, adjust account settings to prevent what little information you do provide is only available to certain groups of people and then apply those groups to friends. Only they will see information you choose to share, while everyone else will be left in the dark. Sadly, you have to keep an eye on your settings as FB likes to change things without notice and in a way that undoes everything you had setup. At least that use to be the case, I think they have realized the err of their ways due to recent lawsuits. The same is true in the States.
  2. Hardware related topics go in the hardware related forums.
  3. I use Handbrake to rip my DVDs, import them into iTunes, and then copy to my iDevice.
  4. d3bruts1d

    Diablo 3

    While I still enjoy the game, I'm finding myself playing other stuff instead of D3. Part of that is I just don't have the time, and hate dropping out of groups. I'm hoping the PvP update, whenever it gets here, adds a new dimension to the game.
  5. Generally it's good practice to skip every other MS OS release. Windows 7 works for what I need it for, so I really have no desire to go out and purchase an upgrade (at any cost) unless the reviews show me that there is something truly magical about Win8. I may get a free copy via MSDN, but that will likely be installed on a VM and forgotten about within a few weeks. I'm just not a fan of the UI changes or metro in general.
  6. To answer the poll before I get into anything else, yes I upgraded one Mac to ML. My other Mac is not compatible and will be stuck on Lion until it gets replaced sometime in the future. Kind of what I thought when I saw the poll. A large number of people actually, including several staff members. An ever larger percentage of staff use an iPhone. "Sweat shop labor" = Foxconn, the same company that manufacturers/assembles the Kindle, PS3, and Xbox 360. Along with devices for Dell, HP, Acer, Cisco, Motorola, Microsoft, and many others. Yet Apple appears to be the only one trying to help the Foxconn employees and bring about change. So, we're still going to complain about Apple using the company? "Lies to and insults it's customers" = What company doesn't? That's pretty much the basic rule of marketing. Although the whole "OS X doesn't get PC viruses..." or "get viruses like Windows..." is technically true, it is completely misleading and deceptive. "Uses extortion to try and change standards in it's favor" = Really? You don't change a standard, you create a new standard (i.e. nano-SIM, HDMI 1.4). Every company tries to push for standards that benefit them and it is up to the standards body to create the standard in a way that they see best benefits others, usually by looking at different proposals and soliciting feedback from the industry. "lies to it's investors by hiding profits" = I'm pretty sure they don't and they operate within the confines of the SOX Act (2002) and other federal laws. As high profile is Apple is, if there was anything wrong with their finances the SEC / IRS would be all over them. Yes, they have overseas funds, but operate well within the law. I'm pretty sure any investor in Apple is quite happy. "blames customer use on obvious design flaws" = I'm with you on this one... the whole "you are holding it wrong" fiasco was just stupid. That said, nearly every iPhone I have ever seen (iPhone 4 or otherwise) has been inside of a case. That makes the whole reception issue moot. I know I'm not about to use a $100+ phone (regardless of the manufacturer) without some form of protection. "overcharges for their products" = You mean their hardware? I'll give you that the desktop and laptop systems are a bit more expensive than what other companies sell... and far more expensive than what you could build on your own. So what? The quality is damn good, and if someone wants to pay more for something let them. It doesn't hurt you one bit. From your list of issues with Apple, you probably shouldn't be using any form of technology at all since it pretty well applies across the board. Maybe we should start calling you AmishEd instead? Of course, then you wouldn't be able to get on the internet to see who was talking to you. "Seriously I wonder daily how apple users can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." Really? That is your closing thought? That may rank up there with the most idiotic comments I have ever seen. That makes about as much since as saying: "Seriously I wonder daily how fat people can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." "Seriously I wonder daily how <<political party supporters>> can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." "Seriously I wonder daily how <<sexual preference people>> can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." "Seriously I wonder daily how smokers can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." "Seriously I wonder daily how <<people from x country>> can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." "Seriously I wonder daily how <<people that listen to [genre] of music>> can even show their faces without hanging their heads in shame." I use a Mac and I very much enjoy it. I am neither ashamed about it, or all in someone's face about it. I simply don't care. Like anything, I would like to have paid less for it, but I have no remorse in my purchase. OS X is nice, but like MS Windows there are things I do not like about it. Not only do I find that I like functions/features of OS X better than Windows, but I also find that the 3rd party software available for OS X is far superior (such as 1Password, Transmit, Sparrow, Pixelmator, and TextMate to name a few). Those that know me will tell you that I am by no means a "computer novice" or "computer illiterate"... I spent my time modding cases or doing some stupid "ghetto mod", overclocking, TEC and water-cooling, and had my share of fried components. Just like the "extreme enthusiast" isn't for everyone using OS X or a Mac isn't for everyone. Hell, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Android, WebOS, and Chrome OS aren't for everyone. Who cares? Use what you like is best, and leave others to use what they like. Just because I use a Mac and like OS X, does that somehow mean I support the company? No. They have supported political causes, backed candidates, and made comments and decisions that I thought were insanely f'ing stupid. Am I going to stop using their products because the company says or does something that I don't agree with? Not necessarily, as long as it isn't in my face about it. Just like I won't stop eating Chick-Fil-A because they took a stance on something that doesn't matter to me, or stop listing to a band because a member made a comment about one political figure or another.
  7. These are charts we are talking about, there isn't much in the way of rendering them. A few lines, some colors and a legend... oddly enough, a legend above the graph rather than below or on the side. Small text (at least until you zoom out) on a mobile browser would still be better than no text at all on a mobile browser. Neither are very user friendly, but at least one option would actually provide the content to the user. Keep in mind Adobe is no longer supporting Mobile Flash, so while many Android and other devices may work right now future devices will be in the same boat as iOS... unable to view the flash content. There are dozens of chart solutions available. A simple way to build static images might include PHP (which we already use) and the GD library to render a chart when a review is saved into the CMS, this could allow for a standard format rather than forcing the reviewers to generate each chart in Excel (or something else) and then export to an image. An easy to use HTML5 solution would be FusionCharts which would offer the same look/feel/function as the current charts and then some. There are similar options to FusionCharts out there, or someone could go the free route and write their own in JQuery. Of course, it would also be beneficial if OCC had a true mobile site. But that is a whole different can of worms.
  8. As with most uses of Flash, I think this was a terribly inappropriate usage. There is really no user benefit that I see from it and excel graph saved as a JPG/PNG/whatever or a simple HTML5 JavaScript rendered graph would probably be a much better solution. There may be some reason they went with it years ago, I really don't know. I am able to reproduce the issue... but ONLY when the zoom level is changed (i.e. 90%).
  9. It looks like between versions the logic for this area was changed for whatever reason. It has been updated to the current method. Basically instead of a Find Topics and Find Posts link there is now a single Find My Content link. Clicking it will take you to a search for all posts/topics from the user. On the right side is a drop down list that can be used to filter only topics or posts if needed. This is the same search function/logic used when you click on a profile card in a post (that green arrow thing [] next to a poster's name) and select find content.
  10. I've had some problems from work (Win 7, IE9) where some of the items don't work. I always figured it was related to a security setting of some kind since things work from my home systems. What OS do each of the systems run? Are there any funky security settings enabled for these systems, firewall settings, or router settings? I would suspect, in the absence of add ons, that is the likely problem. There isn't a whole lot to the section you are referring to... it's a simple JQuery (JavaScript + AJAX) call. It's possible that if the call times out (few seconds?) then it simply sends you to the search instead. Are other sections of the forums such as hiding/showing the side menu or clicking the profile drop down (top right) working correctly? Edit: I've cleared cache files used on the server and rebuilt the templates. Don't think it'll have an impact, but give it try again.
  11. Part of the problem is that the law itself is unfinished. There are huge holes still waiting to be filled in. Think of it as a mad libs book. That makes it hard to plan and estimate costs at any level. We already cannot pay for existing programs, and this adds an additional costs and becomes a burden to the federal government, the states, employers, and the citizens. Moreover, the lawmakers that passed the law had not even read the entire thing (it is nearly 2000 pages long). Probably the only people in Washington to have actually read the document is the SCOTUS Judges and their staff. There is something seriously wrong with that. The individual mandate is the main thing that people have an issue with. It says you must have insurance or pay a fine (now tax). What if I don't want to pay $600 per month for insurance and instead keep the money in a bank and then pay out of pocket if/when I have to go to the Dr.? That should be my choice. The ruling basically now says that the government can more-or-less force the country to do something by simply imposing a tax. This now gets in the way of individual rights, limited government, and even states rights. Will the government now force everyone to buy car insurance even if they don't own a car or make them pay a tax? It is the same principle. There are some really nice things in the bill. Some things are really beneficial to the citizens. However, they should have focused on the real reasons that health care is unaffordable right now such as insane and frivolous lawsuits, which cause doctors to order more unnecessary procedures to CYA and purchase insane levels of malpractice insurance...
  12. d3bruts1d

    Diablo 3

    Drop rates are going up!
  13. They said it could work as a tax... however, the law was not written as a tax. What does it mean? Does congress need to rewrite the law? Does it need to be reviewed by the GAO/OC to be implemented as a tax? The USSC also threw out the medicare part, which was a key point in funding it. Then there was the funky line from Judge Roberts about it being a tax, but one that did not have to be paid. What does that mean? There were other comments that sounded like they thought it should be left up to the state. This just raised too many questions (IMO) and will be a week or more before we really have a firm grasp as to what the ruling meant. I don't know if this was really a win for anyone yet. The law itself had some nice provisions in it, but they could have been implemented through regulation of the Insurance and medical industries. The key problems many people have is (1) the mandate, (2) the law itself is unfinished, (3) the financial burden this would cause, (4) the depth and reach of the law, (5) the way the law was pushed by Pelosi/Obama.
  14. The laws allow the patent of a design (look) or the trademark of the logo. If a company feels that someone's product looks too similar and could cause customer* confusion, then under the law they have the right to sue. Apple (and other companies) are simply operating under the provisions of the law. If Chevrolet made a sports car that looked like a Porsche 911, Porsche would sue. * It is really less about the customer and more about potential loss of profits and looking out for shareholders. Again, Apple is not banning anything. That is done by the courts. Sure, Samsung could ditch Apple... if they wanted to lose 2.6% of their total sales (based on 2010 Q1 numbers) and see that ($780 million USD) revenue go to one (or more) of their competitors. Their relationship is symbiotic regardless of what the lawyers spend their days doing. Pretty much.
  15. lol... there there were those devices HP, Palm, Dell and others called PDAs which when you look at it, really were tablets. Just small ones.
  16. Not really. Bill Gates "introduced" the tablet in 2002, which failed for all practical purposes. Apple had the Newton in 1998 which in all practical aspects was a tablet. A company called Pencept created a "pen computer" in 1985 which was really the first precursor to the tablet... Microsoft tried to improve on it in the 90s.
  17. It goes both ways. Apple buys parts from Samsung, which is good for Samsung. Those parts get used in products that Apple sells, which is good for Apple. They more-or-less need each other. This image is ~2 years old, but it's a nice visual... which would only look much worse if updated for today. http://images.intomobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/mobile-lawsuits.jpg People like to closely watch Apple (good and bad) so you tend to hear more about what they are doing compared to some of the other technical companies. In truth, there are probably hundreds (or more) of these types of petty squabbles going on each day in one country or another. It's a stupid, endless cycle all around.
  18. Apple did not ban it, the courts banned it. Big difference. Apple filed a complaint, the complaint was reviewed by the courts, the courts agreed (initially) with Apple, and the product is banned pending further review. Once it goes to trial, if it is found that the Samsung Galaxy does not infringe on any Apple patents then Apple has to pay a hefty sum to Samsung to compensate them. The whole legal system in the US is busted, and more so when you get into patents and IP. However it is currently within the bounds of the law. Apple does this, Google does this, HTC does this, Samsung does this, and nearly every other technical company looking to make a profit does this.
  19. That would have been possible had it not been for the flame war that took place afterwards. It was easier for the mod to simply remove the post and move on. There are enough resources out there (link) to provide feedback on the website itself that others can be pointed to.
  20. Please do not create threads asking if/why a thread was deleted. All threads are subject to review/deletion at the moderators discretion and without warning.... although most (not all) of the time we do attempt to provide a notice. That said... The particular thread you are referring to contained a link to questionable website. I understand that is why you created the thread in the first place, you simply wanted to know the legitimacy; no issue with that at all. Several members and staff looked at the site and felt that it was a possible scam/fraud site. Since you had your feedback and to prevent others members from going to the site the topic was removed by a moderator. It didn't help any that the "site owner" showed up being a complete asshole and flaming everyone in the post. From what I gathered the site was nothing more than a bunch of referral links back to Amazon (UK?) or possibly an Amazon Affiliate AStore. Knowing that, I would rather shop directly through Amazon than letting that person get a 2-10% referral commission.
  21. d3bruts1d

    Diablo 3

    I think a major problem with the game is the random dungeons really aren't in D3 like they were in the previous games. They change only slightly in layout for some areas, but the key areas are always the same. If they had more random layouts, playing through the same 4 acts would not be that big of a deal.
  22. d3bruts1d

    Diablo 3

    It isn't a game for everyone, nor is it trying to be. I enjoy it, and play it when I get a chance and often into the wee hours. At first when the servers were bogged down, I really disliked the server requirement. Though not having to worry about the god-mode, anti-god-mode, anti-anti-god-mode cheaters ruining the game is a plus. You also don't have to worry about competing for the same drop with some lame loot roll or distribution system... the loot that drops is yours and yours alone. The difficulty was seriously unbalanced, which I actually kind of enjoyed the challenge. I haven't had a chance to play with the new patch to see how much things have changed. Nothing like running into a prison + mortar + fast + shield elite group or anything with those friggin lasers while trying to run away only to encounter some other seriously tough group.
  23. d3bruts1d

    Diablo 3

    A couple of late nights, and I have all of the beta achievements.
  24. d3bruts1d

    Google Drive

    It's $4.99 per month, which compared to the others is a sweet deal. Though I really hope this kicks off a cloud storage war and caused Dropbox, Box.net, SkyDrive, SugarSync and others to drop prices and add other tiers to their plans. I use the free version of them all, so my files are spread out across a number of free accounts with various storage. The thought of moving to a single platform with a fairly low cost is certainly intriguing. The thing I don't like about the GDrive is that once you create an account, the GDocs account becomes linked to it. Sounds like they plan on making GDocs a method for editing files on your drive. I don't like and don't want the integration between Drive, Docs, Gmail, and Google Ads. Which means, I'll probably use one account for Gmail and another for Drive, if I go that route.
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