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  1. Movember was started as a way to promote cancer awareness and men's health in general. Its backed by Livestrong, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and others. It isn't simply growing out your mustache... it's about trimming and shaping it for the month and using it as a walking billboard. The Movember movement has raised over $299 Million in the US since 2003. Not a whole lot of people know the real reason behind it, and they simply do Movember for fun.


    No Shave November is similar and believed to have been started as a college thing. There are several No Shave Nov. groups... one (linked below) passes 100% of the donations on to the American Cancer Society. Rules are simple... let it grow, do something with it or don't.







    If it helps raise awareness or money, I'm all for that. Even if it doesn't, who cares... it is fun! :)

  2. Well I was forced back onto my iPod after my phone kicked the bucket. Nearly 3 years and 1 at a 20% OC all withthe original battery not bad.Anyway I am having serious issues like many others apparently and my wifi is failing after a minute or two. It will tell me I have great connection but nothing will connect. One really good thing about the iPod is it used to always have great wifi reception and range. There are some fixes but I don't feel like changing my said.I did rediscover some things I forgot. Namely jumping to the top of a page by tapping the top of the screen.

    Odd. Is it the iPod Touch? You can try to reset the network settings and see if that helps.


    I would like to know how they would even figure out you jailbreaked your phone in the first place. I know plenty of people who jailbreak and then restore to factory settings if they need warranty work done. Sounds like the same threats Microsoft threw out many years ago.

    Well, if you brick the device and take it in for repair, it is pretty obvious. :P The mobile OS from Google and Apple (likely MS as well) "phone home" every few hours. It is likely that this information could tell them. I would also imagine that the OSs keep a log of anything installed to the device, changes in settings, etc. that could be pulled out via some kind of diagnostic tool if necessary.

  3. What I would like to see from a new version of windows:


    • Profile scripting, like UNIX/Linux uses (C shell) ...so a fully functioning command line
    • Coded in mind to allow for mods (e.g. rain meter) so they don't impact performance
    • Make hotspots on your desktop to open applications/folders so it looks invisible to the human eye but its really a shortcut on your desktop
    • If you want to keep the lame tile presentation, let me customize my Start menu the way I want with a tile presentation but keep it off my desktop
    • More screensavers and bettery quality ones. I seen better ones in the '90s then the ones microsoft comes up with
    • Control Panel / Device Manager is a mess - fix it (frequent vs rare ...then sub-divide)


    1) Windows PowerShell is pretty damn good and is based on the .NET framework, which gives you a lot more control/tools than the original Windows command line.

    2) Anything running (e.g. mods) will have some impact on performance. Vista and Win7 offered "widgets" (or whatever) that were rarely used. You can use rain meter and other mods in Windows 8.

    3) How would this work? Move your mouse to a certain part of the desktop and launch an app? I could see that getting real annoying, real fast. I prefer some kind of user action (i.e. click).

    4) I'm not a fan of the tiles and all of the wasted space. I applaud MS for attempting something new, but I don't think this is "the future." Customization would be nice.

    5) I've not used anything besides blank screen, clock, or mystify. TBH, I couldn't care less what MS throws in.

    6) I hated the redesign of the control panel in Win7 (Vista?)... I understand MS had a desire to simpilify it for users, but as a support person my first question is "does it say 'category'?". I cannot remember the last time I actually went to device manager.

  4. ^^ Oh ok. I've said that because I saw my dream spark account got 4 keys and thought that it might be same for you.

    Technically I get 2 copies. One from DreamSpak which is a full install and one from a similar site which is only the upgrade version. I'll probably download the full version, burn it to disk and forget about it.

  5. d3bruts1d just a question hows wifi going for you on ios6?

    I've not had any problems on the two iPhone 4S or my 3rd gen iPad. Why?


    Shame Jailbreaking is made illegal starting next year.... Seriously I find no sense in not letting the customer do what they want with their phones. :fp:

    I agree. The argument against it is usually due to the cellular providers and user/warranty support if something happens to the phone.

  6. D3bruts1d come use Passbook in Australia it only has one app available for it :lol: and on reminders and voice memos I just use notes and/or calander see no need for the twobit understand others may find great use in there working life.


    The walled garden of apple mobile devices is good for app development.

    Passbook integration is really up the the app developers and not Apple. It is still a new feature, so I'm sure others will add support for it over time. One thing you have to take into consideration is that when a business decides to use it (or anything similar) they don't simply create an app. They also have to purchase bar code (or QR code) readers that can read the image from a screen, even if the company had readers previously there is a chance they wouldn't work - not all readers are created equal! Additionally, they have to get the word out to their employees about the app and what it means for them running a register, which may include training.


    The notes app and voice memo app complement each other, as do the reminders and calender. I use reminders often to build a check list (i.e. things to do/check before leaving on vacation)... it also comes in handy with things that don't necessarily need to be on the calendar (pay x bill today) or (when I get home, call mom). I think the line is blurred a lot between what calender and reminders can be used for, and wish that Apple would integrate the two apps.


    The walled garden isn't perfect, but it does help consumers and developers. I wish they would ease up on some of the restrictions, but it is how they keep their user experience with iOS high.


    Not sure why so many people hate the Weather app but I found it useful when I borrowed my Mom's phone. Seemed to be accurate and you can scroll through the weather by time, which I found useful since I train at night and it is nice to know if I need a hoodie at night (sweaty and cold weather isn't a good mix). That is why I like accuweather.com.

    It's not bad and the integration with the notification center is a plus. However it is a very simple app and doesn't stand up to TWC Max (my preferred app), Intellicast, or any other number of available weather apps. I wish Apple would post a weather API and allow users to select a weather app to drive the stock app. I think that would improve it quite a bit.

  7. blah

    "iOS6 sucks"

    1. While I agree that the Stocks and Weather apps in iOS are fairly useless, I actually make heavy use of Voice Memos, Reminders, and even Game Center. On the iPad I use Newstand but haven't had much use for it on the iPhone. Passbook I also enjoy and use it frequently at Starbucks, Walgreens and Target... I haven't been to a movie yet since iOS 6 was released, but I would certainly use the Fandango integration as well since I always buy tickets there anyway. MLB has reported heavy usage with Passbook as well. Each user will be different, I just wish the default apps could be removed... instead I throw them in a folder and forget about it until someone complains. :P

    2. This is Apple's first attempt at maps. Yes, it sucks. Google Maps in iOS 1 (iPhone OS) sucked... granted Apple Maps sucks more, but it still took Google a while to get it right. This really isn't a big of a deal. There are a number of other apps available, Google Maps works in Safari, and Google is expected to release an official app soon. Meh. I use the maps app (current or previous) maybe once every 6 months. Generally I know where I'm going.

    3. This actually started in iOS 4 or 5 (I forget) and can also be seen in Mac OS. While I agree that this is an "issue" I tend to use apps because of how they work and perform rather than how they look. - It's the whole game play over graphics mentality of gamers. ;)


    "Reasons why it is inferior to android."

    1. Rehash of the same argument. Yes, Apple maps suck. Yes, Google is/was better... they had better be, they were doing it far longer. Yes, there are alternatives available.

    2. Agreed. Apple has a lot of room to improve this area.

    3. Meh.



    As I said before, driving a 4.8" display isn't an easy thing to do..

    This is one of the things I noticed when I was playing with some phones recently at the AT&T store. And if you think 4.8 is tough, try playing with the 5.3" screen of a Galaxy Note. I seriously don't understand what people are thinking with that one... but obviously it worked well enough for some to justify Samsung building a Galaxy Note II (5.5"). I'll just sit back and ridicule people I see holding it up to their ear and using it as a phone. That's about as stupid as the people that use the iPad as a camera in public.



    In the end it's about being happy, and as long as your happy with your phone thats what matters. I have had bad luck with most phones, every windows phone i have had has been awesome to say the least, so I stick with what works for me. Just thought I would clarify why I say the Nokia phone was awesome.

    +1 That's pretty much what I said at the beginning of the thread.

  8. Sad to see nobody else looking forward to the Lumia 920 :( I think its in with a chance for Phone of the Year tbh!

    I mentioned the 920 earlier in the post. WP8 will probably kill it though, if it was an Android phone it would probably sell well. I talked to an AT&T rep while a friend was looking for a new phone, they are heavily panning the Lumia 900 and 920. No clue if this is what they are being told to do, or if the guy was really talking from personal usage... it's hard to trust sales people.


    Have I ever told you that you are worse than a woman to making up your mind? nothing but love for you brother LOL


  9. D3bruts made it even harder linking that LG Optimus G. Now I'm thinking if it was Verizon I would be sold and decision would be easy and done with. But ya this topic shows ya how much I been over thinking this. :P

    Glad I could help! :P

  10. I hope you aren't talking about foxxcon and apple... :pfp:


    If you are I bet ya can find something manufactured by foxxcon on your mobo

    Besides Apple there are a lot of big name companies that use Foxconn to manufacture and/or assemble their products. Some of the bigger names include Acer, ASRock, ASUS, Amazon, Dell, Cisco, HP, Intel, Motorola, Microsoft, Logitech, Sony, MSI, Motorola, Netgear, Nintendo, and Toshiba. Chances are your cell phone, laptop, gaming console, TV, and PC motherboard were assembled in a Foxconn facility. People can say what they want about the Apple-Foxconn relationship, but at least Apple has stepped up and tried to help out via the Fair Labor Association and audits. I don't know if it has really helped anything, and recent riots would indicate that it hasn't. Is Apple really at fault? Or are they just a piece of the problem? IMO the biggest problem is not the tech companies, or even really Foxconn, but instead the government of China.


    Even Samsung has been accused of child labor / sweatshops in its own facilities.

  11. Would you say server express would be easier to get used to? because I currently have the SQL Server 2012 enterprise edition

    You won't notice much difference between the two. Express is free, lacks some advanced features, and has limitations on hardware. If you have enterprise, might as well go with that.

  12. mysql and sql server are slightly different


    I wouldn't say slightly at all. While they both incorporate some of the same basic SQL syntax, from a procedural syntax and DBMS they are incredibly different.


    If you want to learn, go download the database. You can get MS SQL Server 2012 Express and MySQL for free. W3 Schools offers a free basic tutorial for actually writing SQL code. This should apply pretty well to either server. As far as the actual management, installation, configuration, and tuning, and procedural aspect related to a specific database, you'll need to go get a book (or several) for that. I really cannot recommend any worthwhile books for MS SQL Server, however for MySQL I'd highly recommend the MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide. This book was published by MySQL (before they were purchased by Sun and then Oracle) and is excellent for learning and as a reference.

  13. Looks like there is still an option to archive individual messages. Open the message and on the left side, there is an option to send the conversation to your email. This means any message you wanted to archive you would have to open up and click the button. It isn't ideal, but it is something.

  14. My suggestion is don't rely on numbers, specs (aside from camera info), or anything else. All of the specs are largely irrelevant and performance of the phone varies greatly depending on the OS version (and carrier modifications to the OS). What's far more important than anything is how the phone feels in your hand. What works for one person may not work well for you. Instead of relying on reviews, feedback, or anything else go to the store and play with each of the phones you are considering (and even some you aren't!).


    Personally I love my iPhone. It isn't the greatest device (or OS), but it does what I need and has kept me satisfied for ~5 years. If there were a device that would make me consider dropping the Apple ecosystem right now, it would actually be the Nokia Lumia.

  15. Easiest thing is to simply sign up for Mobile Me / iCloud and allow it to sync between the two. You can sync contacts via Gmail as well, but I've had A LOT of trouble with that in the past.

    If you have your iPhone backed up in iTunes, when you get the new iPhone you can "restore" the old backup which should copy over the contacts and everything else (apps, settings, etc.).

    Depending on how many contacts are critical to you, you could always go into each one and "share contact" and then email it to yourself. When you share the contact, it'll be exported as a file (vcf? vcard? not sure...) that you can import later.

  16. d3bruts1d isn't that only true for new users though? Because I swear there is an option to log in with spotify details or something or other


    I don't know for sure (I don't use it). My understanding was in the UK you could actually create an account, however when it was launched in the US and NA it had to be linked to Facebook.

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