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  1. After having bump installed on my iPhone for several years, I just used it for the first time. Frigging sweet.

  2. I'm sorry Liam. We all know you don't like wearing socks, however your mother has cold feet, which for some reason means you have to have socks on while she continues to run around barefoot.

  3. webOS update and Cyanogen Alpha 2 for the touchpad... it's a good day to be a geek. Now, if my dang 4S would ship from AT&T I would be happy. In related news the AT&T 4G hotspot is pretty darn sweet (and fast).

  4. Finished my school work (reading, quiz, and paper) with a few hours left to enjoy the weekend.

  5. Facebook finally released an iPad app while removing the best part of the iPhone app... Quick access to friends / pages. Boo.

  6. Time for some good mood food.

  7. Made a buttermilk marinade for tomorrows chicken. Hope this turns out good.

  8. With all the fog, Oak Ridge looks like Silent Hill this morning. Now, I think there was a stoplight up here someplace.

  9. It's an iHop kind of morning.

  10. I think I have found the key to defeating Facebook... I'm unmarking everything that it declares to be a "top story". We shall see how this goes.

  11. Anyone interested in a 32GB HP TouchPad? I have 2 available (NIB) as well as some accessories (also NIB).

  12. First day of classes at the new school. Oh boy. This is my excited face.

  13. Off to do some old fashioned social networking in Crossville. Burgers, dogs, beer and fire are guaranteed, and a new source of employment is a possibility.

  14. Enjoying time with the little man while the old lady is out getting pampered.

  15. Anyone have a need for about 2 lbs of already soaked Great Northern Beans (white) and pound of Andouille sausage? I've got a bit of extra that I won't be using.

  16. Sweet Genius is turning out to be a very interesting competition. It's like chopped, but more difficult and completely desserts.

  17. It burns. Oh my gosh it burns. Anyone know how to extinguish the fire of a phoenix??

  18. Received news yesterday that my grandfather Gerald "Mac" McDaniel passed away. He wasn't a great role model, or a terrific father figure, but I believe he loved his children and grandchildren the best way he knew how. I haven't really seen him all that much in the last 10 or so years, but I will treasure the memories from visiting on Christmas, to helping him cook at Faye's Diner (grandmother's restaurant), and even a rafting trip down White River (??). Oh, and I'm pretty sure he gave me my f...

  19. After introducing John to Genghis Grill, he has dragged me there nearly everyday for lunch. Interested to see what it was like Farrah wanted to go today... Now she won't quit talking about it. lol

  20. Ok... if people thought the last round of changes were bad, I cannot wait to see the response to the "timeline" profile change coming up. Wow.

  21. Stolen from my friend Diane Knight...I do not like this Sam I Am. I do not like this Facebook scam.I do not like the new news feed. I do not like it, no indeed.I do not like your top news trends, instead of recent news from friends.It was just fine, but now it's weird, so let me make myself quite clear.I don't like this new page attack. So Facebook admin CHANGE IT BACK!!!"

  22. Well now... This is a bit different.

  23. Apparently the last few videos of Liam that I posted were set to only be visible to me. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of Facebook if ya ask me. Should be fixed now, at least until they change the privacy settings again.

  24. The extra calories from lunch were not worth it.

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