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  1. I have seen benchmarks from China. It hit the streets there weeks ago and the 4Ghz benchies did not come close(maybe a little close..LOL) in any category against the i7 series. It was similiar to 965 but a bit better. Gaming was the only benchmarks that were close. You will shortly see. You can get the i7 930 for $200 if you shop and it performs better. With all due respect, I am a huge AMD fan. I owned each Phenom chip and I loved every minute of overclocking them but I just got a i7 930 and there is no comparison and by the pre benchmarks I saw, the same diagnosis exists. Intel still outperforms AMD. Ho can you say it putperforms?????? Have you seen benchies??? http://www.nordichardware.com/en/component...55t-tested.html At 3.2Ghz it doesn't beat an core i7 870 @ 2.93Ghz. Here is another Review you may like but you have to read the fine print!. The 6 cores actually barely beat the 920/930! in a few categories....... But the test setup is at 3.2GHz for AMD and 2.66GHz on i7 920 and 2.8Ghz for the 930. I am sure Tomshare will do reviews like this. This is NOT a core for core comaprison and I think most will agree the i7 will win in every category core for core. http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=24332&page=5 I am not looking to bash the new AMD release, I think it looks real good. Just still a bit behind Intel.
  2. 955's C3 revisions are capable of 4GHz+ but good cooling is a must. C2 revisions OC 3.9Ghz or so. The difference is the IMC was reworked on C3 revision.
  3. GTX275 should run on 24 amps or so. It may need a little more when it powers up or runs at max capacity.
  4. Pre benchmarks have shown the i series pwns the 6 cores but a step in the right direction for AMD??? We will see. The i7 920/930 are less expensive and outperform the new AMD 6 cores.
  5. Pre benchmarks show the i7 920/930 still outperform the new AMD 6 cores and are less expensive but it is nice to see AMD come out with a new release! Hopefully the pricing from both manufacturers stay nice and affordable.
  6. Thanx! See if you can get higher with stock voltage. Take Bclock up 2 each time and do a 20 pass run on LinX or IntelBurn. When it crashes go back to last setting to get max performance at stock voltage. Remember when you take Bclock up you also increase Ram frequency too so you may need a small bump in Ram voltage.
  7. ??? I don't get what you said. The bundle is new not used...... The company is pre overclocking it..... I would get it. It is a 930 and they overclock nicely... Check the companies reputation would be the best advise.
  8. Prime95 does not fully stress the NB to about 2-1/2 hours like I mentioned. IntelBurn and Linx are great tests to see if your CPU is pretty stable on a 20 pass run but both do not max stress NB like Prime. I have crashed with IntelBurn at the 90th pass out of 100 so the 20 pass test still does not ensure stability but if it passes you should be Ok for everyday use. I have failed Prime95 7 hours in also....Even if a system passes 20 passes Intelburn or Linx or 3 to 4 hour run in prime it DOES NOT mean 100% stable. Those short runs pass but an unstable system can lead to fail enventually. The chip lasts longest when the system is a close to 100% as possible. If you want to really know if its stable, do a 12 hour run on Prime95. If it passes you are 99.9% stable. Always the longer the better. 3 passes is not close to stressing for stability in Prime95.
  9. If it is overclocked by their technical department no problem. No biggie all you do is save it in the bios and overclock some more. If you are happy with the overclock simply leave it alone. It will not do any harm however, I would stress test it to ensure the temps are nice. Most recommend to stay under 75 full load. Overclocking will not harm the chip as long as the temps are respectable. It is heat that degrdates a chip and I would think they will have a overclock with rather low voltages. If not you can tune the overclock down and lower voltage. Go for it! :thumbs-up:
  10. Post your system specs please as this would help us blind persons.
  11. I may be missing something here but you need to remove the fan when you install waterblock. The fan does not need to be connected.
  12. Sata 3 is worthless with current HDD's. They do not support it.. OP I would seriously look at this board Gigabyte GA-MA-790XT-UD4P. It is quite inexpensive and it overclocks Phenoms as good or better than anything out there. If you could afford a little more $, I would get Phenom II 965 C3 revision with that combo. If not the 940 or 955 is a good processor. This mobo would support an upgrade to the six sores comming out but I feel they are an epic fail...........GL
  13. You have the same cooling as I used with my C3 965. You can easily cool the CPU and 2 GPU's with one loop. I did and my load temps at 1.6v was about 50 degrees! I got 4.14Ghz stable with that cooling/965... Like mentioned above, DO NOT USE LIQUID WITH ADDITIVES! I use distilled with 2 drops PT NUKE with no worries....GL!
  14. Prime95 is the toughest of all on NB at 2-1/2hrs or so at 500K. if you want a quick test, IntelBurn stresses in 1 hour what Prime95 takes 4 hrs but it will not stress NB as tough. Run 20 passes at IntelBurn and if you pass, run a 8 hr overnight test on Prime95.
  15. You will need 1.4 or a little more for that overclock. Keep load temps under 55 and your golden. I needed 1.55V to get 3.95Ghz stable on my 955.
  16. As far as I have seen, there is no "bad" batches of 930's. They all are D0 steppings and are supposed to be "Cherry" picked chips. The 930's have an extra multiplier over the 920's but they are essentially the same chip. I got 4.47Ghz stable(HT enabled) on it and 4.2Ghz was easily achieved but I needed a voltage increase. 3.4GHz should be a "can of corn" on stock voltage. If not you may need a bump or 2 thats it.
  17. People have many different methods of spreading themalpaste. I have researched and tested for a long time. The razor blade or credit card method is simply the worst. The line method, X method are "OK" but the small pea remains to be the best method. Watch this tutoral and it is self explanatory. Your fluctuations between core temps is normal for your chip. Line method: As you see the tim will not fully cover chip and will ooze over the edge. Pea Method: As you see the pea method fully covers chip but you have to experiment with the perfect size pea. IC7 Diamond is rather pasty(thick) so you need a little more whereas Freeze is thin and you do not need as much. The "X" method will leave tiny air pockets. The temp difference will be small maybe a few degrees but it is a difference. Most enthusiasts will recommend the small pea or grain of rice method. All others are not the best. Here is a chart for best TIMS.....
  18. Try a different PSU or HDD. Always try simple things 1st. Unplug opticals and see if she boots.......... Try 1 stick of Ram, then switch to the other stick. Did you reset cmos????? Try unplugging computer for 24 hours, the board will reset the cmos. There are many little things you can try.
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