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  1. Every chip is different. Add vcore and you will be stable but keep load temps under 75 ish
  2. EVGA boards are far from a Farrari. And all Asus boards are not like an Audi. The ROG product may be but the P8 boards are chuggers. I have not really found Asus boards overclock higher on Sandy or Ivy. They have a boat load of extras. The Audi comparison has to be nailed to the ROG motherboards.
  3. LOL I run all my stuff at 5GHz daily. AMD and Intel. What is hte big deal? Ya act like 5GHz is the bomb and it aint anymore
  4. Should I answer. I would think you would not ask a silly question like that. Ya think I have a endless supply of dry ice?
  5. Could be but he will be more stable with 2 sticks(Cacaw, cacaw!)
  6. Use a pea size dot and let the heatsink spread it.. (Uggh). Do not pre spread the tim. 1 dot, attach waterblock.
  7. Ya think getting cas 10 at 2133MHz may be better performance?????
  8. The key to degredation is keep the temps under max TCase. There is no real way to measure the Tcase (Temps in the middle of the processor). The Tcase temps are generally about 10 degress less than the core temps. That said, the max Tcase for SandyBridge is 68 so if your load temps stay at 75 or less thats good. Using high voltages like 1.45V or over requires good cooling (custom water). Many take it to 1.6V but as mentioned, keep the load temps under 75. The Dram voltage is your memory voltage and use your memory manufacturer specs which on DDR3 is usually 1.65V . 2400MHz will not give you better performance due to the timings. Lower frequency and tighter timings will trump 2400MHz. If you can get 2133MHz at cas 10 or cas 9 that would be optimal. If you can get 1866MHz at cas 8 that is the sweet spot for memory on SandyBridge. The chances you get 2400MHz is not gonna happen on a 2600K but possibly Ivybridge. SandyBridge E processors will get over 2400MHz. My top is 2452MHz on a 3930K. I see your runniong 2T on the command rate. 1T will get better performance also. After all this, I see your running Ivybridge... LOL. I haven't played with memory with Ivy yet but they say you can get higher frequencies with IvyBridge...
  9. I don't think so, I run Dice on all most all my boards and push my AMD boards past 1.8V. :biggrin: Overclocks up to 6.3GHz.. Only blew 1 board using LN2. That shat is volitile when it boils...
  10. That card and block are very good. Nice thing is you do not have to install it.
  11. [/url]Here is JJ's tutorals on overclocking X79 platform with Asus motherboards. http://video.search....a72hgon&newfp=1 http://video.search....a72hgon&newfp=1
  12. Overclocking SandyBridge is pretty straightfoward. Set the turbo to 4.6, 4.8, 5Ghz and let the system take over. If it is not stable, raise the vcore slowly and a little PLL and stress test it. Watch your temps and keep them under 75 under load. JJ from Asus has a nice tutoral on asus boards.
  13. All your boards self destruct. Not mine. LOL
  14. I guess you have a 3930K I have had mine on 6 X79 boards FYI.
  15. There are many Z77 boards out with the release of Ivybridge that support both Ivy and sandyBridge. Asus has a slew of P8 motherboards namely the Deluxe. The best motherboard I have used so far is the Biostar TZ77X E4. It overclocked a 2600K to 5.3GHz pretty effortlessly.
  16. They have held good on Asus ans ASRock boards I have used.
  17. 3930K's are good up to 1.6v with good cooling. Keep the loaded temps under 75
  18. Why would you choose a Maximus Gene? It is a small board with limited features for a 3K build. I would choose another board IMO.
  19. at this point I would take your computer to a tech shop.
  20. It is not that easy. You need to post the specs of what you have or what your building. For instance SandyBridge processors will not benefit a hole lot from phase change. Watercooling will be your best option (custom). Koolance is not the best BTW. I have seen a few problems with their new waterblocks. Post your specs and then work on the cooling. Why spend $1000 when you can buy an extreme processor for $1000 and get better performance from the chip and more L3 Cache?
  21. If your temps 57 in the bios pal you have problems. In windows it will be at least if not more 10 degrees higher and under prime95 you will be off the charts. Run coretemp and get back to us with the temps.
  22. LOL Waco. Told you. He was putting stress on the IMC. You need more CPU oltage or CPU/NB voltage.
  23. Why are you running 3 sticks. Just use 2 sticks and see if it is stable.
  24. He is running 3 x 4G in dual channel (DOH). Read the entire post. This would lead me to belive he bought a triple channel kit or bought the sticks seperately leaving them unmatched. Yes, they will pass memtest but on the platform be unstable for some reason.
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