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  1. LOL You act like you overclocked them (you never touched them). I did not say the ones I overclocked .......The Asus Maximus Gene is the ONLY Z77 ROG board at this time(not on the shelf) but I guess you knew that. The rest of the ROG boards did not hit the website or any reviewers yet. There are NO flaws on the MSI board. The specific instructions from MSI was TO FLASH THE NEW BIOS FROM DOS SO THE FIRMWARE CAN BE ALSO UPDATED. I incurred no flaws in the UEFI bios whatsoever and got 5.2GHz out of a SandyBridge 2600K with Biostar getting 5.3Ghz. I question as if you knew these facts and obviously you did not. TJ tell us when Foxconn is going to be bought out?
  2. DIFFERENCE between mediocrity and excellence!
  3. I thought the same until I bumped the voltage and saw upwards of 5.3GHz on a few 2600K's using up to 1.61V(not recommended for women and small children). LOL
  4. .The MSI Z77-GD65 overclocked the best out of all the Z77 boards. Unless TJ presents these "major" flaws(which there are not......) The MSI UEFI bios was great and well laid out. The overclocking software mimicks the UEFI Bios and MSI has been very innovative with their Z77 boards. The are a close second to Asus in their added features. great boards. TJ cannot rcommend them because he does not have one. LOL There really are some great Z77 board. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and believe it or not the Biostar Z77X77E4 was a kickassk board too.
  5. IvyBridge is a bit more that a die shrink. It uses Tri-Gate Transistors(1.4 billion), allocates the resources better in single threaded applications. Tri-Gate Transistors are in its infancy but are more efficient. Also the new HD4000 graphics support DX11 and will level the playing field with graphics vs AMD.
  6. Neg, the MSI boards overclock better, way better than Asrock.
  7. IC diamond is one of the better Tims.
  8. high 80's will take it past max TCase which will shorten the life drammatically FYI. Tcase for the chip is 68 and tcase runs 10-15 degrees under the loaded core temps...
  9. Asus skipped the Rampage on Z68 but I feel it will be here for Z77.
  10. Ivybridge runs hot. The H100 will be a bad investment.
  11. A good read for you would be cold boots and PSU's
  12. Waco ur seriously trying way to hard. 150W GPU + 90 watt CPU = 240 watts. Add others periphs and your over 250W. That GPU is 22 amps x 12 volts = 264 watts. If you had any clue about PSU's, loading the PSU 98 to 100% leads to a short life and potentially a blown card. There is no guarantee and all bets are off. That PSU uses crap components and you know it. it may not even push 264 watts. I just cannot phantom a overclocking forum member recommending such crap. Some have used a 8800GT with this PSU and lived to see another day but many have not. Ask any PSU PHD and they will say your off your rocker( you just do not push a PSU with crap components to this threshhold). You do not have a very good trac\k record with hardware as mentioned and you would be the last person anybody should listen to especially on this subject. You just like to argue and your advise here is plain .... I ahve no words for it. You even think a PSU with 22 am rail pushes 305 watts. That is the funniest thing i think i have every heard you say.
  13. LOL and upgrade to a 8800GT on a Dell. :cheers:
  14. Make sure your in the intel controller port and usually it is sata 0.
  15. Ahhhemmm. Does this say 22 amps? Looks like it. :typing: Help me help you! :teehee: This still does not change the fact that the PSU is vastly under manufacturer specs. I do not draw them up. If you can calculate the exact power draw of a system, which you cannot.... A system will draw more amps on power up and it will gaming or loaded up so your calculations are way off, that is why they have MINIMUM swpecifications. The Dell PSU is cheap and pushing it limits can potentially cause a problem with a blown PSU, blown GPU or both. Blindly saying this PSU is OK is basically blind. Call Asus, EVGA, MSI, XFX and ask for an engineer.
  16. LOL Einstein. 22 amps x 12 does not equal 305 last I checked... :typing:
  17. LOL a 264 watt PSU. do the math..... 305W is a lie... BTW, it is not watts it is how many amps the system pulls.... Pushing a PSU 90-95% in his case maybe more is real smart Waco.... the system will use more than 150 watts . he said massive overclocked GPU....... OMG.
  18. Look who is calling the kettle black. A good friend of mine blew his GPU on a prebuilt when I told him he needed a better PSU. LOL. Pushing PSU well over 90% also leads to potential failure expecially with the ones they put in Dell computers with cheap compnents. it is just terrible advise to recommend a GPU with a 305 watt which second of all does not come close to the manufacturers minimum specs... :sleep: Better yet, overclocking forum persons with some background would never recommend this but .. i will leave that alone. 305W and it probably does not push that. I would bet it does not push 305W. Those PSU's have 15-18Amp rails and if you know how to calculte watts , that does not equate to 305W
  19. Asus Digi + VRM II is the best power delivery system to date. SandyBridge and IvyBridge are chip dependent for overclocking and the board makes little difference on the high endmotherboards however; Asus UEFI bios on the ROG product is far superior to any including EVGA. The Digi + VRM tab in the UEFI bios has every imaginable voltage adjustment. That said the metaphor EVGA being a Ferrari is really not the best metaphor (Not saying they are not good boards). Asus just has everyone beat at the moment.
  20. Thanx Hyper, he is somethin else. :cheers:
  21. You need to really need to really quit pretending you know computers. (Read the minimum specs on the Nvidea 8800). LOL, you think I make this crap up? #1 the minimum recommended PSU for the card is 450W and 28 AMP rail. #2 you have a 305W PSU and it ain't even that trust me. The rail in your PSU is not even 20 AMPS. So at that, someone comes here and reads YOUR MIS INFORMATION and uses their Dell with a 8800 or higher and kills their GPU when 8800 minimum specs are 450W and 28 AMP rail who is the goat. (NOT ME) If you knew anything about underpowering a system, you would not be blabbing your pie hole. Sorry to be point but after your post..... Sure the card may work but can really go at anytime. This is NOT mis information and I suggest you stick with Dell and have a nice life. There is always a noob that starts this crap. OOOH, I forgot, this is all coming from someone who wants to cool their chipsets on a crap dell motherboard.... :haha: Call it the way that is is! (Quit lying)
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