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  1. There really is not much of a performance boost on Ivy. gaming is equal and CPU is 5%, thats it. There is much more heat with Ivy, Much more. Ivy runs on less voltage but you can only overclock to 4.7GHz on water. The architecture stays the same as Sandy with the introduction of Tr-gate 3D Transistors. I did a test betweeen Ivy and Sandy and there was no noticable difference in performance. Memory benchmarks were rather even . the memory controller is not reall much better. The Dirt benchmark IS NOT ACCURATE. Settings were different and I caught i after the fact.... Dirt benchmarks equa between the 3770K and 2600K I did pull off a kick butt overclock though... Motherboards make no difference with IvyBridge for overclocking seeing they run super hot. You will be limited by heat. I am testing the Asus P8 boards now and you will not get any better performance from the Maximus series. The Maximus will be available in the Extreme and formula. the only one available now is he Gene. I would recommend the asus P8Z77-V Deluxe. That is all you need for Ivy. The Sandybridge E 3820K is cheap but the boards cost more and a better processor. it will not cost that much more than ivy and Sandybridge E processors have more L3 cache and would be a subsantial difference from IVY.
  2. You tested it with your static tester? Waco you still have a hard on. Quit taking Viagra. Your blow up doll needs a rest. Foam conducts static period and AMD and INTEL both ship with a box and foam. NO static bag. read above 1 more time....LOL
  3. Sounds like the card is overheating. if there is a system problem the RMA will do nothing to solve the problem. Do you have enough air flow? Do you have the fan accellerated while gaming? There are some questions to ask before going to RMA.
  4. I guess this is why INTEL and AMD DO NOT USE A STATIC BAG. AMD and INTEL ship me chips in a small box and foam in the small box......... Foam conducts a lot of static electricity. Just use a small jewelry box and line it with foam. Use the method that Intel and AMD uses or maybe they do not know what they are doing?
  5. You can run higher ram voltage than 1.65 volts. raise VTT and if I remember. The VTT should be no more the .3 volts.
  6. Although I love the XSPC Raza (I have one), The Apogee XD is a better block and cost a bit more. I think it is 2 degrees better than Raza FYI.
  7. Just sayin why replace it. Crack open the PSU. The fan easily comes out and you can leave it pluged in and simply put your ear to the fan and see (or hear) if it is the fan. it is foolish to replace the PSU if it is the fan.
  8. You can cross rem with no issues just keep the matched sticks in the same channel. I run 32G of 2 seperate kits from different manufacturers
  9. The Pstates enabled will do this and speedstep
  10. Case closed. Proof is in your reply. I give you credit on the effort though.
  11. Speculation but I see the Maximus Gene posted on Asus website do no Rampage(looks like it)
  12. Check your private message Cor......
  13. Here are things TJ makes up and makes me wonder! LOL This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Zotaz e,ploys 6,000 and Foxconn employs over 600,000 people and Zotac is buying Foxconn? LOL http://forums.overcl...pic=191420&st=0
  14. stay with Sandy for now. Ivy is a tick in Intels strategy, the next will be a tock with new micro architecture.
  15. I review motherboards and Asrocks last 2 releases were low on the overclock totem pole. Ivybridge does not perform much bettre than SandyBridge. I would wait on the CPU. I think someone who has not even touched a MSI motherboard and really has no clue convinced you against MSI. I was never really a MSI Fanboy until I reviewd the Z77-GD65 and I was unbelievably surprised. They are a small step behind Asus and were very innovative with the GD65 but there are many good boards. I am an Asrock fan but the Z68 and X79 board I reviewed we slightly lacking in the overclock department.
  16. ????? CPU's and GPU's are limited by temperatures. Would you care to elborate? (This will be fun) Waco uses cheap tim. i get all mine for free.. LOL
  17. Waco don't care about much thus he burns out hardware
  18. That is too hot. Keep your load temps under 75 or you will reduce the lifespan of the CPU. If your load temps are that high you need better cooling. Your past the degrdation zone.
  19. Asus boards get finicky sometimes with memory. Unplug the power for a few hours and let the board reset.
  20. Keep dancing. Have your cookies and milk and go to bed. Almost every motherboard has issues prior to release including ASUS Einstein Every Asus board needs a flash before the release.............. The any issues are pre release and quit making things up. MSI gave you bad service because you have no idea what your talking about. Now its bed time. They wer laughing at you surely.. You did not say Biostar was going to buy Foxconn. hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. You like to make things up as you go! Your so fuuny
  21. As of late, the ASRock boards do not seem to overclock well. I have not tested the MSI board in your link but the MSI Z77-GD65 was wonderful and a great surprise. I think the GD65 is only $45 more than the one you posted.
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