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  1. You make yourself look bad. Just posting some facts. The problem is, there is harly anything that takes advantage of its instruction set including windows. AMD said that just to make Bulldozer look better. If they knew they could get better performance they would have introduced a revision with a different instruction set. You are sounding like TJ now. Time for bed and your milk and cookies. However, Bulldozer games as well or close in almost every game( core for core). Not all but most. These are facts BTW not made up.
  2. Lets get the facts straight....Bulldozer is not faster in number cruching due to the instruction set. IMF, it gets smoked by the 1100T in Trader.net which has a ton of number crunching in the benchmark. Higher score is better in Excel trader benchmark. Ganing on single threaded is rather equal
  3. A Shroud would lower temps that much on the 212. The engineering of the heatsink if the fans are installed correctly would have max air flow on the fins. Your High CFM fans may be overkill for the unit so the use without the shroud does not have proper air flow on the 212+ or perhaps you have a better set on the heat sink itself for the test. How do you apply tour tim/
  4. The sensors are not set to run higher then the center of the processor. This is called the Tcase temp. The temps shown are actual individual core temps and there cannot phisically be any sensor at the center of the CPU. The Tcase temps are generally 10 degrees or so below the core temps. That said, there is a max Tj on every processor and a max Tcase. Some run up to the max Tj and on Intel this is a nono. Most of intels chips max TCase now a day are 68 so loaded temps of 78 will be safe.
  5. This us testing on their blocks only. The results show this cause they suck. Why don't they test competitors blocks?
  6. You CANNOT run 1.48V on IvyBridge. The max you can get on custom water is 4.8GHz and low 1.3volts....... or so because of the heat. Relax skippy. Here is custom water: (Voltages in CPUZ are not correct. I ran 1.34V). Here is Dice:
  7. Tj, with a litte truth. The retailer has nothing to do with your woes. I buy tons of stuff through Microcenter. If you blowing boards like that it it you and nothing else. Your not handling them properly plain and simple. MicroCenterhas one of the best reputations around period. That said all your rants here need to slow down. It is obvious that you step way out of your bounds when debating things.
  8. Told you, should have gotten the MSI Z77-GD65. LOL
  9. You could have the PSU tested with a multimeter. If you do not have one, a credible computer shop should do it free or cheaply.
  10. There is no need to flash a bios unless the facts say otherwise FYI.
  11. Think they were released today? http://blogs.amd.com/fusion/2012/05/15/2nd-generation-amd-a-series-apu-landing-page/
  12. First of all I never insulted the OP. I stated 1366 and 115 was different and he thanked me. You had to put your smart butt comment in. Go away.
  13. Ed your right but scroll back in the thread and you will see trouble maker start his crap like usual. Waco starts the mess everytime and trolls.
  14. I assume you are. Wait, there is no assuming there. You act like you own a core i7 and every other piece of hardware. Thats the difference between you and me. I do. So lets agree on that.
  15. Read his statement better and you might understand a bit more.
  16. The motherboard is $220, where do you get $180? Find the 965 for $60 too. It is a decen deal OP.
  17. Pick up a cheap multimeter and test the PSU. A multi meter is a great tool to have laying around. Gound out the PSU and you can test it easily. Usually your symptoms are the board grounding out or the board is DOA. Build the system out side the case on the motherboard box and just plug the essentials in and see if it posts. TJ, for someone who says a lot you should know to build it outside the case in his situation. I do like the unlucky with computer title. :rofl:
  18. X58 boards do not work with socket 1155. They use LGA1366
  19. You taking too much viagra. I am in the foam business so let's end the debate. this has nothing to do with the foam being black. This has to do with open cell and closed cell structure.
  20. No car accident, I ran my scooter into a wall
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