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  1. The answer is probably no......The word Bottleneck is used too much. Your good to go with twin cards. Pretty much everyone is guessing. if you are, it won't be a lot.
  2. just use Asus overclock utility in AI suite. Works like a charm without rebooting.
  3. You need more vcore.. The scrren shot is 3850K if I remember correctly
  4. I hope you realize that you sound like an immature child when you post like this. Also - what Clay said. Waco, try finding a woman instead of using your right hand. You may become a nice individual someday.
  5. I saw the preview on a Facebook link to Tom's Queer. The benchmarks were limited as it looks like Intel did an AMD on this one with specific Intel Benchmarks(the ones showing the best increases). The benchies were limited and do not show the entire picture. The reviewer did not want to overclock a "borrowed" CPU. It was rather lame.
  6. You don't have to update the bios. Put it in the other PCIe slot and disbale on board. Make sure the correct PCIe slot is chosen in the bios. Make sure the card is properly seated.
  7. Not neccesarily. It depends on what he wants to spend... AMD FX-8350 is on par with 3570K but it will do better when multi threading. A10-5800K is better than i3 3220 at the mainstream end. SandyBridge E Processors still rule the roost but at $500-$1000 that is steep. The i7 3770K is the best all around CPU at $300.
  8. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/5746008
  9. IMO, neither. The core i7 3770K will do as good job as Sandy E processors while using less expensive Z77 motherboards. X79 motherboards are more expensive. I have a 3930K with X79 motherboard and I game with my i7 3770K if that says something. If you already have the X79 motherboard, stick with the 3820. There will not be much advantage with the 3930K in gaming and you will save a boatload of cash.
  10. Samsung 840 is a great drive and uses the nand controller which isvery good. New technoogly will come at a premium so the v2 controller(which I haven't heard of) will be more $.
  11. Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus is your guy or the EVO. Best cheap air cooling solution available at $30. Does a nice job and should be better than the coolers you listed. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065
  12. Wanna see 6GHz? I could not get 4 cores stable at 6Ghz... shucks. I have 6Ghz somewhere on Intel too! -67 C will get your nipples hard in a hurry!
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