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  1. although when Windows Phone have reach 7 i still use the 6.5 ver. of it.... Can you guess what phone i have? Hint: It's from Samsung business lineup of handheld which have OS Windows Phone ver. 6.5 Standard Edition(Yes, not Touch Edition)
  2. What do you people think about the game that updated using CryEngine 3? Screenshot
  3. So far, reviews i read about RAT 9 is mostly good. Razer too a good choice, but it's up to you. Which is your fav?
  4. @Goth Yeah, the game set to 8xMSAA @IVI Nah, i use GPU-Z to check the clock and yes, it throttle back to 327MHz couple seconds in gaming then back to default after back into windows @TP I wonder how OEMs test the hardware though
  5. Thanks, the problem is gone. Turns out the AA that making the game unplayable
  6. I get a lot of that. yeah, all of eyecandy are turned to high or should i say *Ultra*?
  7. Recently, my friend bought a laptop with DUAL-Nvidia GTX580M(you know which alien laptop what i mean). Sometimes, he experiencing stuttering when playing Metro 2033 on Steam..... When i saw the adapter spec, it listed like this:19.5V = 15.4A. My question: is that adapter is delivering enough power to the laptop?
  8. You are right. Wait, did you not even care about Display Port?
  9. Without modification? What do you mean? First time i've heard of it....
  10. Yeah, my old toshiba laptop once filled with dust (at that time i'm still n00b that only know things like typing, browsing etc) and suffer from overheating
  11. Just use the difference: 5:9 (Celcius:Fahrenheit) but Fahrenheit start temp is 32 degree so you'll have to figure out how to insert those number
  12. Stable, though can't reach 1 GHz on memory(keeps getting artifacts. Also i did that because i want to know how much i can push the hardware, not really using it for 24hr operational
  13. I'd say get one from ASUS. Sony Laptop is overpriced. ASUS have one with GT 540M and i7 but i don't know about e-sata though. Barely any of Lenovo laptop have discreet video card. booting from usb isn't enough?
  14. Yesterday i bought an acer laptop with GT 540M. I wanted to know whether the club members have laptop(s) with Discreet Graphic Adapter and how much you push it. Here is mine: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Bear in mind that is max OC. Not even operable for 24/7
  15. I recently bought an Acer Laptop that has i7 2630QM and a GeForce 540M 1GB and got it Overclocked @833/999 (I don't know why but i keep getting artifacts when i try to reach 1 Ghz on Memory) Uploaded with ImageShack.us I don't know about the processor though. i'd say they can't oveclocked. the heatsink on laptop is only able to hold the stock temp(or so i would presume. Plus, even if i want to use the turbo boost, i have to manually set the affinity core to fully use the turbo core from intel.....
  16. This thread is likely misplaced..... take the AMD if SkytTe considering budget build. How much you're going to spend anyway?
  17. Wow, that's the first time i heard someone played dead space and not scared. i had played it yesterday and after that i couldn't bear to play it again
  18. I'd say crunch it with hammer to bits, then burn it till nothing can retrieved from the drive
  19. What is this thing name again? MA.....?
  20. Please set your budget and try to take a look at other thread that might sell video card that you're looking for
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