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  1. Hi there, I have been doing a ton research aND watched every review on the cases in the title. I know there is a lot of forums on these cases but with the Coolermaster being of more recent release I am so unsure!!! What I am wanting is a direct airflow case ideally with the psu cover and drive cages out of the way much like the Master 5 Pro. I like that there is no obstructions and with the Coiler master with the ability of 3 140mm fans can be put up front. 2 140mm fans with the 540 air but also no obstructinons I however really like the look of the 750D and the included fans. Also same fans with the 540 air I am wondering who has had experience with these cases or perhaps upgraded from one to another. can the 750D look neat with just 1 video card and one AIO cooler (for now ) ? The cooler master worries me with it lack of 280mm support up top. The 540 air good quality even with lack of dust filters on psu ? Any in sight suggestions amd shared experience would be great as I have only seen these cases online. Also note as it will probably mentioned.I have also extensively looked at the Enthoo pro and pro m, prefer the pro m due to dirext airflow but not sure about appearance Thanks for the help
  2. Hey, Also like Ai suite 3 would do. In the bios I have turned on Epu power saving? Have not any negative effects? Voltages on adaptive. Any reason not to ?
  3. Hey get_saif I did use the Asus Ai Suite 3 and achieved 4.5 with a voltage of 1.275. I am using corsair link, best not to have two monitoring programs. I set everything I'm bios as Ai suite would ..just higher clocks. I did use it and found it to be good and was stable. My Temps when gaming on Gta 5 yesterday for a couple hours were max 60 degrees. But this is the hottest part of the day where the sun shines right in my place. As for Aida 64 I will need to run another test with it fully to see about Temps, tinkered snce I used it. Thanks
  4. Hey thanks for your response. Maybe I will give Prime 95 another go. I will set the voltage manual for that test. In all other test and real world usage a short time with Aida64 too, on adaptive it has stayed at the maximum 1.250 that I set. So using this should be ok once I have confirmed stability on manual voltage right? Thanks for your help and suggestions
  5. Hi there, I am relatively new to Haswell and newer Chipsets. I came from a LGA 775 Q6600 on a Asus P5Q. I have done lots of research and read many forums on Overclocking my system. To be sure I would like to put out my results and system specs to make sure everything is all good. System Specs Motherboard: Asus Z97-A CPU: I5 4690k CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i GTX RAM: Corsair 8gb DDR3 1600mhz 8 8 8 24 Video Card: PNY GTX 560TI (Overclocked Core: 950mhz, Memory 2100mhz I have overclocked my CPU to 4.6ghz (Core Voltage 1.25v Max) (CPU Input Voltage 1.73v Max) (CPU cache 4.2) (Cache voltage 1.2v Max) I have?? also overclocked my Ram from 1.5v 1600mhz 8 8 8 24 to 1.5v 2133mhz 10 10 10 27 My voltages are set to Adaptive, with a MAX Turbo Core voltage. I originally tried Prime 95 with Manual set voltage but temps were through the roof so I stopped quick. Later I read it was not a good program for haswell CPU's.?? ?? ?I have? stable stress testing using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Gaming/daily tasks using a manual voltage of 1.250 and a Adaptive of 1.250. temperatures??? are in check, 70 degrees max give or take a few degrees depending on ambient temperature. System is stable with just the CPU at 4.6ghz. (Currently still testing system with the Cache overclocked and the Ram overclocked.) I am wondering peoples thoughts on my results or if there is anything I have missed or should change.? let me know Thank you
  6. Upgrade budget right now isnt enough to do a full upgrade, which is why i wondered if slightly bumping up what i have now would be worth it. Though seeing as i can pretty much every game very well with max or close to max settings, guess holding off till the summer when ill be able to upgrade the whole build perhaps would be better...
  7. Hey, So havent posted on OCC forums for quite a while, but my previous questions have always had awesome feedback. That brings me to my question now....a few months back i bought a used Asus P5Q LGA 775 board for about 70$ to overclocked my q6600 to 3.2ghz made a big difference for my GTX 560TI. I have been planning to upgrade my platform sometime this year but currently its been working well for me so. looking around on local sales sites i found someone selling a 750i sli motherboard not sure exactly the price but will be less than 100. Im wondering if itd be worth grabbing that and a second 560TI and then when i switch platforms take the 560TI's over with the upgrade. As it is the q6600 is good for one 560 at 1680x1050 and 1080p (second) display, but would be able to push two 560TI's ? Any input and opinions would be great, as i said not 100% on the price as it is being sold with some other parts and not sure if individually. Thanks
  8. I had this when i had a Ati 5770 the sound goes all wonky while the computer is frozen. My cousin is having the exact problem with his computer and he has a Ati 5750 I am in the midst of trying to fix his. From my testing it is the Amd display driver as i upgraded to a GTX 560Ti and all crashing stopped. I first noticed the problem On Catalyst 11.5 and up my self. So a suggestion would be to run driver sweeper and try installing Catalyst 11.3 -11.4? this is what i am going to do for now
  9. Alright perhaps i will look into getting a multimeter depending on price, if im gonna be overclocking better to be safe than sorry Thanks for all your help
  10. So after looking at the manual NB voltage 1.1-1.2 is in the blue section meaning the lower safer voltage and AIDA64 shows the Voltage of the NB and SB at 1.1V, is there another program that can confirm this ? Thanks
  11. ill check the manual see if theres anything, and no unfortunetaly i dont have anything to test the temp inside the case basing off the gpu and cpu temps its relatively cool with exception to that on heatsink over the NB. I just installed a new Corsair H60 so everything is clean
  12. Yeah i have been using Real temp and double checking with core temp. Speedfan i dont use for temps when it comes to the cpu it isnt accurate i was just wondering as i said the northbridge heatsink felt very hot and with perhaps there may have been an issue. Though to help i purchased a cheap ram cooler to help get some air in that area with my case there is much air flow in the top right corner so that should move some air around the heat sink to. Hopefully there isnt to much voltage or something adia 64 showed only 1.1v going to the NB which is within what is safe correct ?
  13. so ive left everything on auto adjusted the ram timings to 4,4,4,15 755mhz. Ive been using real temp but figured i use speedfan to see fan rpms and i know that the cpu core temps are incorrect it was incorrect on my previous motherboard to they are about 10 degrees warmer. but where it says cpu and motherboard 150 degrees assuming that is in correct to. Reason i bring it up is i was i poking around in the case and i the Northbridge heat sink? one below the cpu cooler was extremely hot to the touch almost burning. Seeing as im new to this board (Asus P5q) is that normal or could there be something wrong? everything is stable through test and regular usage? Any info would be great id hate to be slowly killing the board or something Also Thank you everyone for previous answers to questions been very helpful
  14. Not sure if you have already, but you could try reinstalling windows, then install the driver first thing after the istall? When i had my 5770 i ran into similar issues driver related. Just a thought...
  15. so i have it stable at 3.4ghz DDR 755 but runs at the 378 FSB. Vcore is 1.34 max temp on Core 0 and 1 is 61 degrees. Another question, is it safe to leave the NB voltage and any other voltages on (auto)?. I have the ram set to the spec 1.8 but that is the only one i changed. Just wanna make sure the NB or something is getting overvolts by being left on auto? Thanks
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