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    mainboard x58m
    cpu i7 1366 920 2.6ghz overclocked to 4ghz
    asus ngts 250 darknight 512 ddr3
    3gb memory Adata 1600 gaming memory
    250 gb hdd
    dvd writer
    620w power supply
  1. Well i am not to cluded up about the tempertures but the last i saw was that the cpu temp was at 32 degre. and i have just recently mod the case. I have just 3 system fans the both run at speeds of 1300 to 1400 rpms. the one in from blows in. the one on top blows in i think not sure though. the one the side blows out. I think that is why i get this tempretures. what i wnat to do it put another system fan in the top so that one extracts the excess hot air. on the other side i want to put the small fan to extract the excess there as well may two. still deciding. Then i would like to get the top of the ranger cooler fan tunqig tower extreme. but not to sure if it is in South Africa yet. So i am thinking that if the air flow it tight then i should be able to get lower tempretures. I will have take pictures for tempretures now and post them on monday for you. when i get a cooler. if it is not the tuniq then i will have to get the zalman cooler
  2. Yo bro this is what i think. I have a i7 920 as well with the x58m msi motherboard. with the ada 1600 3gbs gaming memory with a standard fan. i hav just recently clocked my cpu. firstly i did not know of overclocking. but through reading at overcloclers club. i found that the highst you can go is 3.4 with a mutipler of 22. my this is this i set my memory to as what the memory says. on the board there is a swicth that i chaged to 133, 166 and 200. so i set the board to 200. then i rebooted and got 3.6 (200*18) qpi at 4.800 the all i did what to change qpi to 6.400 and the i7 920 2.6ghz is runing at 4.00ghz (200*20) and this is still with a standard fan. so yes if you think that 3.0ghz is enough think again. if you that i am lying i will take snap shots from my bios tonight and post it
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