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  1. If I had 500 to spend I would buy the Hp mini 311 with a Atom 280 and overclock it and put 2-3 gb of drr3 in it.
  2. Lol. I dont rage much but its always fun to watch.
  3. Dont get Psp Go they are a little fragile and use no phyisical media so when the unit dies so do all your games.
  4. Got to love why Ipod Touch 2g 16gb.
  5. one vote for the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition.
  6. I would get a different case either a Antec 902 or CM Storm Scout becuase they have more fans for better temps and overclocking.
  7. Get him a dx11 card if you can like 5770 if you can make it fit it the budget, trust me your coworker will thank you later. .
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